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  1. Well done Stuey. A big congrats from all of us.
  2. Love this coin. Please put me down for a set. Thanks.
  3. Credit where it's due Mr G!!!! and you know where the iron is
  4. Have to keep in her good books or I shall be ironing my own shirts/cooking my own dinner/hoovering the house. We can't have that. The football is on and the golf course is calling.
  5. Congrats from all of us. Can't believe you got there so fast. Did she get her whip out?
  6. I gotta take the kids ice-skating so will miss out
  7. I am now!!! Can't believe she has put this on here. She should be making my dinner!!
  8. I have noticed that when people log caches that we have hidden all credit goes to my husband. People always thank Kevin (including my brother-in-law from FTC's!!!! ) and forget the rest of us who have walked for miles and miles! Do other people notice this
  9. Nice one Mike. Dont think I'll ever forget the tale of the White Jeep or the state of your legs after The Beast!!!
  10. Or you could post it to me in the UK!!!!!! We could do with a few coming this way.
  11. Well done guys and great to meet you all last weekend. Thanks for making the journey up.
  12. Looking at the amount of logs attending on the Shropshire one it is 42 where as our event 56 groups of cachers attended although not all have logged yet. Most of the Shrops logs are coin drops. Where can we go to get this verified???
  13. Yes there are several great pictures listed on the page. You can find the listing on our page.
  14. What a great day. Weather and company excellent. Still cant believe that my new cache got muggled before being found but there you go. Thanks to everyone who attended and next year is definitely on.
  15. Yesterday our Party in the Park event in Bradford on Avon, Wilts attracted some 120 people and 55 groups of cachers from around the country. (final numbers still to be counted). Is this a record for the amount of groups/people attending??
  16. To anyone attending, may be a good idea to wear name badges/stickers with name and team name on to help with introductions. Is this a bit sad?....
  17. Can anyone afford not to make this event with all the big names promising to be there?
  18. Just a quick reminder. Only 2 and a bit weeks to go. Any more takers? Stonefisk?
  19. Hopefully it will be warm enough to go 'au naturel'.
  20. Just come back from Disney ourselves. There are 3 in the park - 2 virtuals which are easy and 1 35mm canister which I think is missing. We hid 4 ourselves over there not far from the complex so keep an eye on our profile for when they go live.
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