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  1. Missed the new years day event because I was working! and I can't make this event either for the same reason
  2. A simple thank you Paul, I look forward to hearing from you, I'll pick you & DRC up at the start & you can drive us round! or I'll drive! what ever! I'll be in touch, StevieP and DRC, if/when I go ahead with it. DRC, I'll do a full list closer to the time, but we'd start and finish in Aylesbury, and do a big circle around town. P.S. DRC's at school so there's no question of him making a petrol contribution, before anyone suggests I'm fleecing a kid... grumble!
  3. I think it's a fine offer Paul, I'm very interested, I've been looking to travel down your way for a while now so this could be the perfect opportunity for me!
  4. Congrats to Seasider on passing 1600 last week!
  5. Well done KevW on 600 today, a newbie I adopted after SP's country file a yr ago ( dosen't time pass quick when you enjoy yourself!)
  6. Well done Mikeg on 700 today, I've been chasing this guy for nearly a year but can't seem to pass him!
  7. N 34° 08.580 W 118° 01.813 UTM: 11S E 405019 N 3778491
  8. Traveling from A to B along some motorways! but I need something to break the journey up! (need to do some caching) also need to convince the Mrs it's not too much added to the jouney! (she quite rightly thinks I'm mad!) advanced planning required! (lots of work ( little time)) plan the route! ( a mile off course here, half a mile off course there) I know! (MM cache's on the journey will do nicely) problem solved! I'm happy! (content) The Mrs is content! (happy)
  9. Yes! Milton, I need more cacher's to race against, most just give up thankfully! I love a challenge! (keeps me on my toes)
  10. Welcome dave to this crazy past time.
  11. Well done Ian from me and the butty box hunters
  12. Was on my way for that one, but got distracted by the 2 new ones on the M62 J36/37 this morning
  13. Nice one Ian, I've contacted black pig to look at his spam mail. Can I use the link please!
  14. Just noticed some cachers have where there from ie- Andys101 & Redfrock Today, 02:43 PM Post #37 Premium Member Posts: 98 Joined: 14-May 05 From: Canterbury
  15. Those would be mine! As soon as I got a FTF they became free for all! It's just the way I play the game
  16. There are also 4 placed on the M18, just waiting for me to put them forward for review
  17. Hey Milton I'm in llanberis from the 10th till the 13 Feb, that gives us an extra week to plan for the record!
  18. I think most cache's in 24hrs may be possible, but I'm to impatient to wait!
  19. I've found a few cache's (500+) but when ever I take mrsp (30ish not her age! )she always finds the cache before me! It must be a female thing!
  20. No! someone ain't going for the counties records someone is trying to provide a good series of cache's along a few boring motorways to break others journeys up! my advice to you is wait till there all planted then retain your title I am waiting I thought you might mate!
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