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  1. i agree with kbooth on this one the cache sounds like a very nice one for a mile stone cache.i bet you don't pick a drive by for your iminent 100th
  2. i live close'ish to kingston upon hull but can't help till 3rd dec if that's any good
  3. a big well done to the semi retired seasider & penny & tiger, the arrk's & rutson on there stats for oct
  4. video released 26 nov 04 available for shipping 1st week in dec $16.95
  5. just buy the reviewers a pint i did not mention any names
  6. this cache box's are for evil hider's i;ve ordered 2 of them
  7. it does say by devious methods to find the cache if required
  8. help required in locating new cache in london.i have co ords for harry's other place which requires a code from harrys place in derbyshire if any one would like to exchange info please email me if we can help each other
  9. hi kew friends move close'ish to doncaster i'll get it with in a couple of hrs
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