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  1. THIS cache was not found for very nearly 1 month & the FTF came from Holland.
  2. Well done kevW on breaking 400 at the Liecester bash on Sunday
  3. Invoice received, transaction complete, looking forward to the end of October! Thanks Alex for providing the service I'm well happy! Steve
  4. Well done mongoose on 5 finds & thanks for picking my torne in two series on this great milestone
  5. Well done mongoose on 5 finds & thanks for picking my torne in two series on this great milestone
  6. Well done crazy frog on reaching 1 finds in less than 2 months of starting this crazy game & well done on your 7 ftf's yesterday!
  7. Yes! but I lost it again! in a lake! as usual! I'm quite good at finding cache's but hopeless at finding golf ballsunless there in a cache
  8. Excellent achievement you guys well done
  9. way hay to go Mikeg well done mate 5
  10. Well done nette on your 100th find, a true milestone
  11. Bye eck thats reasonable can you send me the link!
  12. was that a jet plane! as it just flew over my head?
  13. Cheers HH & nediam & marinor done that deleted gpx view. now no problem with memory message! Thanks Steve
  14. does it need to be connected to my lap top!
  15. At a guess I was going to remove gpx view as they both have exactly the same info, but I'm frieghtened too!
  16. The programs Ihave under remove programs are =(geo)gpx sonar, memory map pocketnav os 2004, strandberg gpx view, checkpoint software checkpoint2.0, tom tom ~gps, tom tom wizard, tom tom navigator voice, tom tom navigator, & great britain navigator map
  17. don't know how to transfer programs! have gone into settings tapped system, tapped memory & I have allocated 37.55mb in use28.77 free 8.78 program alloc 19.54 in use 11.09 free 8.45 & the slideing scale bar is nearly 3/4 to the right. Have not got a clue what I just said
  18. I have a hp ipaq pocket pc 2210.which I got with tom tom from pc world with a 286mb sd card, then I ( well someone did it for me!) added poi for all speed camara's, and then cache's from guk but the memory was not big enough so I sort advice & bought a 512mb sd card which was ok then I added a portion of memory map still o.k! Now I've got gpx view , but can't open because "not enough memory" darn thing! now I need another sd card with even bigger memory, so I went to my local computer shop to enquire about these 1gb sd card & they said there is also a 2gb sd card available but I need to check it is compatible with my ipaq first as no refund or exchange availabe when opened. So do I go ahead and get the 1gb, 2gb sd card or buy another pocket pc. Please be gentle with your replies as I know very little about computers. abacus yes! calculator no! Steve cringe "hope above makes sense!"
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