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  1. Why don't you raffle it? Good idea Ian, I missed the last raffle! more for CIN me thinks! I'll have any ticket except 77 (lightning don't strike twice) then if I win I'll have a raffle! Mark would think it a good idea I'm sure!
  2. Message recieved and replied too! thanks!
  3. HERE! HERE! I'll go along with that!
  4. Congratulations John & Carol on doing your 5 th cache "if at first you don't succeed" on the 30/10/05
  5. one of mine I'm keeping here the other I will release!
  6. I never met Mark, but I feel I knew him so well!
  7. Just got mine! I'm keeping one for my self to register cachers I have met, so if you have met me I'll give you the number to grab the coin!
  8. Well balanced, for walking over those slippy rocks
  9. I'm on but at the wrong side of town!
  10. Nice one Alex! look forward to the coins! much appreciated!
  11. I went with a friend on his 200th cache find & took a celebratery photo which was a spoiler, so I e-mailed the owner with the photo asking if he had any objection to me posting it! I received a positive response & posted the photo!
  12. Oh yes! missed that when I logged in tonight! whats the "my stats bar" about ?
  13. well done Noel I've been waiting for this for ages! 2
  14. congrates to elderstuart/laine & poppywalkers for reaching 2
  15. Ahh thats how you do it you can see it if you quote it I learn something every day thanks!
  16. Surely your avatar should be a YORKSHIRE PUDDING Sarah!
  17. My insperation, well done John. Come on you could soon be number 1 again mate!
  18. This could be the start of our monthly picture quiz.... B. No moderating today folks! I'm taking it easy!
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