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  1. This is the exact question I was looking for an answer to, so thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one who wants to do this!  I bought an "official" geocaching t-shirt from the Geocaching.com shop.  It's literally called "The Official Geocacher t-shirt".  You add your geonick, your very first find (name & code), the date of the find, and then you can add a trackable code - which I did.  I added a photo of the shirt as the default image but it still shows that ugly gray bug icon next to the trackable name.  It would be great if the default image could be substituted as the trackable icon.  

    official t-shirt.jpg

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  2. I will be vacationing in Ireland - Galway, Belfast, and Dublin - later this month. Would love to meet some Irish geocachers and get some recommendations for the best geocaches to find.


    Galway - 8/22/15 - 8/27/15

    Belfast - 8/28/15 - 8/29/15 (heading to Scotland for a few days)

    Dublin - 9/2/15 - 9/5/15


    My email address is ktsmom@comcast.net.

  3. On my souvenir page, I have several US States - GA, SC, FL, OH, etc... All of these are the plain red, yellow, & blue ones.


    Yet when I look at the souvenir link there's the nice artwork. Sorry if this is a "simple" question - but is there a way to get the nice artwork on my profile? If yes, how?







    GA Cacher

  4. Thank you so much for replying!! I will arrrive on Sept 17th in Rome. We'll stay here for 4 days, then on to Tuscany. I'll also be traveling to Bern, then to Paris for a few days.




    Hello Joy,

    I live in Rome, and can help you with the local caches, and also trade some TBs. When exactly are you going to be here and how many days do you have?



  5. I may be (tent) camping alone if I can not get a room- is anyone ok with letting me know what site they are on so I can try to book beside someone? I am terrified of being by myself.


    <font color="#006400" size="3">I have a campsite reserved for Friday & Saturday night. I would be willing to share my camp site. I will be along too, well sorta. My dog will be with me. My personal email is

  6. I will be traveling to Rome, Tuscany, & Cinque Terre in September. I do not speak Italian. :anicute: I am looking for some good geocaches to find while in these places. How do I look up caches on the website? I usually use the zip codes in the USA. Any advice would be appreciated. I'm also up for meeting and exchanging items - - I have personalized geocaching trading cards and wooden nickels. My personal email is ktsmom@comcast.net.



    Thanks so much!!




    aka Ktsmom

  7. Have a good collection of coins that I'm offering for sale, individually & in groups. Have too many bills now that my wife has had surgery. Located in central California. Let me know if anyone is interested & I'll post a list of the coins.


    I would be interested in a list, also are they activated or not, more curious as I have no problem adopting.


    What is the "law enforcement" coin you have look like? Can you send me a pic? What are you asking for it?

  8. :rolleyes: I purchased a new Oregon 550 and for the most part, love it. I encountered an error message that says "this area has no routable roads" even though I'm in the middle of a major city - like Atlanta, GA. I was out of town doing some geocaching a few weeks ago in several smaller cities in South Georgia and got the same message. I don't understand this. How does a this GPS not have routable maps for US cities? The maps that are enabled are: OSM World Routable map & Worldwide DEM Basemap, NR. The stranger thing to me is that I live in a city about 3 hours from Atlanta and it works fine in this city. What do I need to install, change, or do to get this to give me a route. I use this GPS for geocaching only. Any help would be appreciated.



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