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  1. So my question here as a new cacher, then if 5 people in a car nearby is not OK, then how about two at the cache site? my friend and I often cache together, it's much more fun that way. most of them we actually do solve together. Most we could not find by ourselves but in the joint effort find together (I can list many examples). But some of them it is either him or I that clearly find it. With the other person right next to the other looking for it too, can they not log it then? I was led to believe by those who showed me the game, that if two are present it's OK to log it. Is this not right? Then since I just saw it being found, and know where it is, can I never log it then? so then if this is indeed ok, then where do you draw the line? Three people not ok? Two people more than 20 ft away if they are not looking for it? And where does the "this is just a game who really cares that much" come into play? SS
  2. This is always a tough subject. It's gone? The way I found out this one was gone was I e-mailed someone who had found it in the near past and asked them if it was where I thought it should be. Happened the woman I e-mailed had gone back to find it to show the unique container to her friend and confirmed it was indeed gone. This was an easy one because it's in an open area: a fake rock. It would be easy to find if you knew what it looked like. So my next question, is how do I contact the reviewer for this area to let them know about this cache being gone when the owner seems to have abandoned it? People do quit caching and lose interest after a while. If they have no interest they should pass it on. This person has not logged on since I think Oct 08 someone told me. I suspect they have changed their e-mail address, or they just aren't interested. How do I contact the reviewer? I'm new to this game.
  3. Yes I'm having this problem and don't know what to do about it. Some cache owners have responded well. I have put new logs in many caches, but there's only so much i can do on site. One ammo box needed a new seal. I don't carry those. Another: GCQ31K is one where the object is a fake rock, or I should say, WAS a fake rock. It has been confirmed stolen. It needs to be replaced or disabled. Do I put out the expense of a fake rock into a cache that is not being maintained? No. If they want to turn the cache over to someone who will maintain it, that's another story. But I'm just not up to pouring good money into something that is not taken care of. (It's too exposed of a site anyway. I would put another type of cache there myself.) I've written to the cache owner. People keep listing they try to find it and then get mad when they come home and read the logs to find it is confirmed Gone. What do I do?
  4. My favorite bear story is about some hikers who ran into a few bears on the way back to their car. They were stymied on how to get back with the bears blocking their path. They were just standing there trying to figure out what to do, while waiting for the bears to leave, which they weren't doing. Soon, luckily for them, a couple of rangers came down the path. When they found out what was going on, one of the rangers walked ahead down the path and gave the magic bear removal word: "Shoo bears, shooo!!" and the bears walked away. Now while I am NOT suggesting you try this yourself (remember these rangers are trained in what to do in case of bear attack, which I recommend everyone find out about), but it just made me feel much better about running into bears. This is a true story. PS, these were NOT grizzlies!!!! Black bears are pretty benign. Grizzlies are another story altogether
  5. If you're a backpacker, then you may go by the adage: always be prepared. Expecting the airlines to always have a plastic bag available for you does not seem very prepared. If they don't have one, have a new employee who doesn't know where they are, you are late and can't wait for the new employee to find one, etc. what do you do? Just get a nice big duffle bag from your local surplus store and call it a day. I know some people who travel with their backpacks around the world all the time and they recently came to me to get their dufflebags repaired that had thousands of miles and many years use on them. They swear by them. If the airlines could damage a duffle bag as badly as theirs were, I would Not want to put an expensive backpack in a baggie. Use something that will protect it. It's worth the price of saving your pack, or having to repair it at a strange location before your trip.
  6. Hello, I use tent hammocks a lot that have to be secure all night as I toss around. (as if you could do much tossing in a tent hammock!) The best thing by far to secure a hammock without knots are rafting straps also known as cam straps. http://www.strapworks.com/Straps_Tie_Downs_s/19.htm this is a website that has a picture of what I am talking about. They are the first straps listed here: the metal cam straps that are shown in a rainbow of colors. We used to use these for rafting because they were rated for thousands of pounds and could hold heavy items to the rafts while flipped at high speeds. There are a number of different ratings on cam buckles so pay attention to that when you buy them. Don't bother with the cheap plastic ones. I admit these are not ideal for backpacking because of the weight of the metal, but I did not get it that that's what you were using them for. If you're going backpacking with your hammock then the best knot is the easiest knot there is. What is the absolutely the strongest knot there is? A knot that uses 100% of the strength of the rope? It's called a "no knot". It is a rope that is wrapped around a tree (or something) that does not cross itself. Just wrapped around many times (at least five). Then tie it off with a bow if you want just to keep it from unraveling. Also called a knotless knot, www.pikezander.co.uk/predpics/knotlessknot.gif has a picture of one used in a fishhook. Good luck.
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