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  1. My guess there is a lot of abuse of the system by people who are trying to get certain GC numbers. To get a certain one they may have to get a lot, and then all the rest just sit with no intention of being used. I would imagine the active database would be different than just the storage space used for archived caches, but I'm no expert. It doesn't make sense to have a lot of caches lying around in the active database that no ones going to use. If they say it helps them to archive them, then what the heck. Archive 'em. They have kept premium membership prices the same for years, so I'm all for keeping it the same and keeping their costs down.
  2. With a Garmin and a MAC you can just drag and drop the caches into the folder if you've got the cable hooked up right. I've never used a magellan, but I would imagine it would be the same.
  3. ClarinetQueen, don't take this on. This is not uncommon and has nothing to do with you. It is good these issues come out. You can post in the Getting Started Forum and have a much friendlier exchange. I'm sure some of these people are having fun by debating this stuff, so let them have their fun and don't take it on. As far as my opinion on the original question, We've got a series near my house where the cache owner wanted to hide a monopoly game series. He decided to let others help him, and left cards for other players to create those caches (like railroads, or utilities). The problem was a lot of the cards were removed from the cache (probably with good intentions) and the caches never created. Only a few in the series ever were made. Now it is a few years later, and we have an incomplete series and the original cache owner is no longer even playing. He had promised a 100.00 prize for the one who won the game (although I don't remember what that entailed) and it all has fallen apart. Some of the caches created will be beginning to be archived soon, if some haven't been already. So we have a small handful of monopoly caches with instructions that make no sense, and a final that people can log, but no one can complete. I like the idea, that if someone has an idea they should play it out. If you'd like to create a series with other caches, try finding some cachers at local events or on your local forums. Otherwise, you came up with one great idea, I'm sure you will come up with some other great ideas too.
  4. Last time I was at Groundspeak they sold a few things but it wasn't really a store. I haven't seen their latest building. Do they have a geocaching store in it? If they don't they really should!! I'd sure go there!!
  5. I already have a GPS game I'm into. It's called geocaching. I like it.
  6. And then, as someone else mentioned, a new guy comes along and thinks it's a great idea and copies it. That cache should be archived. Like someone else said, I don't know why we're even discussing this. Is the cache still active now?
  7. The difference is one in a hundred thousand light posts might have electrical issues. EVERY SINGLE rat bait trap is going to have dangerous poisons in it. A lot of them have arsenic. That will cause brain damage in low doses. High doses will kill you. So a little kid learns to check rat bait traps, opens a real one when the parent isn't looking and gets it all over his hands. Or maybe he and a parent search a few of them together. Later he goes and eats french fries at McDonalds. You don't see a problem with that? Children geocache. They are a lot more susceptible to toxins than adults. We need to not be exposing our children needlessly to poison.
  8. I guess I'd first have to ask you how you know that it contained those things? If you found the cache to be so inappropriate, why did you dig into it in the first place? Aside from that, I would have to agree with you that it probably is not appropriate. I have been tempted to dig into a couple of them, but quickly decided that it either wasn't the cache, or that if it was, I was willing to take a DNF for it. Apparently you weren't as willing. The picture is not the actual cache but is picture I found of the container that was used. I often saw those containers when we cached in California and I never tried to open them, even if it meant a DNF. I do not ever recall seeing one around our area. In this case, we spent about 10 minutes looking around an area where there were no good hiding spots. We had completely ignored the bait station, not even thinking it could be the cache. Finally, I got tempted to check it and I daintily touched it and it easily opened. I guess I tried it because we had never seen one around here, and it seemed out of place. I wasn't asking where you found the picture. My point was that you still went ahead and opened a cache (and I presume, logged a Find) that you are now reporting as possibly inappropriate. Please don't take this wrong, but it strikes me as being a bit like somebody watching an entire movie before declaring it pornographic. How could they complain about it if they didn't know it was a rat trap? How could they know it was a rat trap if they didn't find it? Why would they not log it once they found it? It would make no sense to complain about it if they hadn't found it and weren't sure of the container it was in. Now that they know, I'm glad they are bringing it up. I find it a very inappropriate container. I think this definitely goes under the "Dangerous cache" clause. I do not think we should be teaching children to try to open rat traps or to poke around in the openings of them to see if a cache is there.
  9. I got the coolest travel bug evah!! It was created by one of the forum moderators here, and was purchased by the person who gave it to me, by trading an entire case of homemade beer!!! It's one that can be used as a bottle-opener. travel coin I actually haven't opened it yet. I'll wait until Christmas day, but I saw the pictures of it when ownership was transferred over to me. It's the coolest coin I own, with some great history!! And I love it that it's useful. I love functional things!!
  10. My car was broken into right in front of a police station on a visit to San Francisco. A friend had left her backpack right out on a back seat without my realizing it. They smashed the window and took the pack and that was it. I've never allowed anyone to leave backpacks out in plain view in my car again. I've had people question me on it, and I won't let it happen. It will be me paying for the broken window. No backpacks left out in the open. Period.
  11. It seemed to me that Jellis was giving her view of caching, not anyone else's. I did a power trail I enjoyed. It was in a forest. It had creative containers that got a lot of favorite points. Any power trail that has a number of caches with a whole lot of favorite points is worth checking out. Guess not all power trails are equal. I would probably get bored with a power trail along side of a highway though. I'd try it to be sure though. Maybe. My experiences with the police have always been great as long as I'm kind, friendly and polite with the officer. Well except that one that pulled me over during a torrential downpour and I couldn't find my insurance card (I had a light that JUST went out). He got pretty wet while waiting and was pretty mad about that. When I later sent in a copy of my insurance card I included a note saying I was very sorry he had to come to my car in the rain and I would have been happy to come to his, but I know that's not allowed. I also said I'm sorry his job takes him out in bad rain like that, but it was he who pulled me over, not me pulling him over. I wrote that they should listen to the recording. It was obvious the guy was really in a foul mood in the foul weather. They retracted the ticket. Most of the time they ask me how I'm doing if I'm pulled over, and I say, "GREAT!" because I usually am in spite of them pulling me over, and they always seem surprised and happy to hear that from someone. It pays to be friendly.
  12. For the cemetery, or any other privately owned property, you need to ask the property manager or owner. Be sure you get the name of the person who gave you permission. Some cachers have someone sign something, because it has happened that the person who gave permission moves on and gets another job elsewhere. That leaves no one knowing that permission was obtained. You want to get it from a manager or owner rather than, say, a store employee. Get their names at least.
  13. IMHO.... if others are leery of FB, that is their problem and loss. Doing a mass mailing each time you organize something may be construed as spamming by your provider and blocked. Use the social media sites. Those that want to be a part of the group will join. Facebook is unpopular with a lot of people, and becoming more so. If the people he knows don't like facebook and he's just starting the group, why alienate some just to force the group onto facebook? There are so many options out there these days. Facebook is not the only option. I'm on some Yahoo groups that also have facebook sites. The Facebook site is never used but the yahoo group gets a lot of action.
  14. I like Facebook, and would have done a page for this,but other people are leery of FB, so I don't want to go this way. I think that emailing each and every one each time we want to get an event going is probably going to be the way. Tedious, but most effective. I might try starting a thread on the geocaching forum, where others can find the group and someone to contact if they wish. Thanks for your input. for mass mailings to the whole group you can start a yahoo group. With that you can send emails to the whole group and only send one email. You can do what you want with the settings too. Most groups have them set so when people respond they respond to the whole group at once. It makes group communication really easy. The only difficult part is getting everyone to sign up for the group. I believe you can add people if you get their email addresses, but I'm not sure. That would be the easiest way to do it. You have to get a yahoo account if you don't have one, but that's not a big deal. They're free. If you have an email account with someone else, you can set the settings to send your group mail to your other account so you don't have to check two email accounts.
  15. Thanks for taking the time to come to this forum and answer questions Keystone!!
  16. You probably need to click the "watch this topic" button in the top right corner at the top of the thread to get notified of replies. B. As the OP, he should already be subscribed. It's probably something buried in the general forum settings. I know that it is automatic for ever topic that I start or reply to. It could be buried in your personal settings. I don't get subscribed to any topic, even when I start the topic, unless I check the "watch this topic" button in the top right corner.
  17. Meetup.com is good, but I find it a bit pricey for what they offer. You can also try using the Canadian forum pages here Canadian forums link And start a thread for a geocaching group forming in BC and use the forums and a thread there to keep up with the activity of your group. More geocachers might see it than they would on the meetup website.
  18. There is a way to search for site specific through Google's search engine. Hopefully someone will read this and write it in, or I'll search for it and post it when I'm on my computer soon.
  19. Thanks very much for posting that. I still print cache pages when there are complicated multis or puzzles, so this is good to know. Thanks!
  20. I agree with avoiding high power electrical equipment, but that is a very clever and creative cache. I saw a small ammo can outfitted to look like a surveillance camera, placed high up in an alley. It was really well done. If you looked closely it was obvious, but no one ever looks closely, except cachers. That one was also safely in full view.
  21. What exactly do you mean, "a geocached tour"? Do you mean you want to create your own caches to take her to, or do you want to create a tour out of caches already in place? The latter would be easiest. If that is the case, I would suggest finding the caches in your area that have the most favorite points. Then choose those she would like. Does she like scenic views? Does she like malls? Does she like public art? Does she like to hike? Pick out the places she would like to visit, then create a route. Let us know what you end up doing and how it goes.
  22. The few, the proud... Few are chosen. They contact those who they're interested in. You've got to imagine that they have hundreds of thousands to choose from. Who are they going to want? Most likely they're going to pick people who have a lot of caching experience both in hiding and finding. They're likely to pick people who are well respected in their communities and on the forums, if that person comes here. As someone mentioned, yes someone whose caches are well maintained. They have a whole lot of people to choose from.
  23. I have to agree. In some areas cache maintenance is a big problem. I hate it when I go to a new area, all excited about the freedom of finding any cache I want, then I start finding them and every one of them is missing. I just started caching in a new area recently. None have been found in a few months. I've found a few, but have about a 50% DNF rate. One of the few I've found is one that no one else was able to find and it was disabled by the reviewer because the owner is missing. It's frustrating to find a pocket like this, but I've seen it before. There seem to be areas of well-maintained caches, and pockets that are being ignored. But there doesn't seem to be much to do about them except complain here, so we might as well get it out of our systems. Post DNF's, Needs maintenance's, and Needs Archiving. That's about it. One day for maintenance wouldn't work for those with 200 caches spread across a wide area. Even a few caches spread across a wide area. Heck, if you pick one day a great deal of the people will be out of town or working.
  24. Here's the link to the event: New Years Celebration with cachers
  25. The "Needs Archived" logs have been deleted, and I wouldn't expect any more similar logs. The local reviewer and Groundspeak are very much aware of the cache listing. Thank you Keystone, and thank you Groundspeak. Normally I hate caches being used as a memorial, but this is a pretty huge exception to me. I agree with Planet that any and all love pouring into the community is a good thing right now. It's good for cachers to have a way to add their love to that. People need to know cachers care too and are there with them in spirit too.
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