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  1. Hi, can someone tell me how to transfer the ownership of a geocache to someone else? I am getting ready to move out of state and want to let someone else take over my caches. Thnaks
  2. Hey everyone, I just had a stupid question. Why is it that geocachers take caches? I have had 5 caches taken from an area, and it has to be a cacher. They even left a note. Just don't understand... Anyone have any theories?
  3. What a response! Thanks to everyone for their comments. I've had internet problems the last few days and was surprised to see the increase in posts. Thanks again, and to let everyone know i appreciate the other suggestions for activities. Also, I just ordered a eTrex Camo from eBay, it was really cheap, and I still have my Nokia N95, which I can add maps to. I figure I'll look for something better when I get home (2 weeks Left), that way I can give my son the Camo for him to use / play with. I'll look at bring back some swag / trinkets from Iraq, I'll just have to place them far away from where I live.... too many military who already have swag like I would bring home. Thanks again, I'll try to get out this weekend and go caching in Iraq
  4. First of all thanks for the words of encouragement, it' nice to know people still care. I'm about a month out form getting home and have started buy purchasing some swag, logbook and other stuff online. But, I'm having trouble picking a good GPS, have been looking at the eTrex Vista HCx, but it's comes with a steep price. I'd hate to spend that much and have the kids absolutely hate the game. Ant suggestions on a good GPS for someone just starting out? Thanks
  5. What kind of trinkets are acceptable? I read no knives, matches etc... nothing dangerous. But what is good? Small toys, I'm kind of a loss. Also, the TB, once I setup the page we just add it to a cache? thanks
  6. Thanks for all the positive feedback. You all have convinced me to give it a try The one thing I noticed was everyone seems to enjoy it. I'll keep my girls in mind too. Thanks again
  7. I'm getting ready to go home, from Iraq, and am looking for something me an my son can do. A just the boys activity. He is 6 and has 5 sisters... he's and I need something to do together. Is anyone out there in the same situation? What do you think about this for a boys day out? Thanks
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