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  1. It was the solid I was after so that's a good solid ding! Nice to have some easy ones occasionally on here to try and keep the interest going. Take it away talkytoaster!
  2. I only ever seem to get these right when I'm busy working. Perhaps if I answered more of these questions I'd earn more money! OK. A dram is what fraction of an ounce?
  3. Rather like Alan Davies on QI, I'll go for the obvious answer which is bound to be wrong and say...... Doris Hare
  4. Pretty certain last time I was in France you couldn't use sat nav traffic camera POIs. I couldn't remember how to turn the dm things off and covered quite a bit of mileage only seeing one camera. It's on the road out of Calais. I suspect they don't have any others either!
  5. Is it based on the number of years of the monarchs reign?
  6. The numbers basically. They don't want a ratio of Finds/DNFs that is less than perfect, or at least "decent". I agree with you though that some of the more memorable hunts I've had have been DNFs. Annoying, but enjoyable in retrospect! Another good reason to post DNFs is that it gives other cachers the chance to decide whether to avoid it (in case it's not there) or to go for it (the glory of getting a cache others have failed to find).
  7. Calling Keehotee.............Calling Keehotee..............
  8. And I should reckon it's Bristol because of the slave trade. Aaaargh, beaten with typing time by Forester!
  9. Well, date dependent there could be up to 4 of us heading over from Richmond and Isleworth.
  10. Remember to make a note where you've left things, then, in 4 years time when everything is buried in dust, you can "hunt" for them and 'cache within the comfort of your own home!
  11. This is the view from near the cache site. Typical I should miss the one photo in this thread I stood a chance of recognising.. That'll teach me to work rather than keep an eye on the forum.
  12. Toot Toot Showboat it is. And no recording, no-one should suffer having to hear the results of my warbling.
  13. Sorry for the delay in setting the next question but I got sent to Coventry, literally. Anyway, back now and another entertainment question but not films. I recently took part in a concert and sang Ol' Man River as made famous by Paul Robeson (and murdered by me! ) . From which musical does the song come?
  14. Ding! It was Mr Lineker. 1996 it was issued. Didn't know the whole team had appeared on one. The Gambians must be very short of stamp ideas if you ask me. Over to Simply Paul
  15. Spencer Percival? DING and he is in fact the ONLY British PM to have been assassinated. I knew he was the first but I thought I might have been bunking off school the day we did assassinated Prime Ministers. T be fair, I was bunking off most days! Right, I hate football and I'm no stamp collector but I liked this question from a recent quiz I did. Which former England international footballer once appeared on a national stamp of Gambia?
  16. Well, if it was Wellingtons horse was it's name Copenhagen? If it wasn't Wellingtons it was someone elses so the horses name is Copenhagen. That's my guess
  17. Day of the Daleks Geocache of the Daleks ? Return of the Daleks Revenge of the Daleks Recycling of the Daleks
  18. So people can make sure the bodies hadn't been dug up and the holes backfilled for either grave robbing reasons or for voodoo.
  19. So, if I read this right, an OP can request a topic closed and a moderator can use their discretion as to whether it be closed or not. In my opinion that seems sensible. If a topic is getting a little out of hand and the OP requests closure then they can comply and if the discussion is civilised and still debating points the topic can be left open and the OP be given a reason for the decision. I realise that if things are out of hand there are other rules to close it but I can see cases where an OP might not want their topic "hijacked". This seems like a better idea than just making it either/or. As long as people respect a moderators decision then things should be fine. Whether people will respect a moderators decision is anothr matter completely.
  20. Not bothered posting to this before as it's going round the same old subjects of the moment but it's interesting to note, rather like children poking a dog, if it turns round and bites the kids somehow or other it's the dogs fault. It's perfectly obvious from this and other threads that the idea is to push things and you have. You have a reaction. Of course, we could just go back to talking about geocaching like evryone keeps saying is all they want to do? Right, I shall now don my flame proof suit to await the flaming I'm bound to receive for not being in the gang.
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