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  1. They'll say that it's BETA firmware and if it's important you should be using the latest offical final-release firmware.
  2. You are running the latest "release" software. All the newer versions are beta and can be found on their website.
  3. Try looking here: http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/Colorado+vs+Oregon and at the respective wiki pages.
  4. Here's a copy of what I sent to OregonBeta@garmin.com: Although I have to say that they were incredibly quick at getting back to me, and asking me to provide them with some more information/tests.
  5. Yes it does, it is one of the major changes posted in this release.
  6. I did and that's what I meant (Albeit badly described) but it's worth highlighting that point for other users that may not be aware of that functionality!
  7. Ok, well i've been playing with the PQ's for the last few days and that combined with GSAK seem's to be able to provide me with enough coverage of my area so that I couldn't "accidentally" go somewhere without data for. Now I just bring my Netbook with me in the car, centre GSAK's data around the Garmins coords and voila! 1000 of the closest geocaches at my fingertips.
  8. Ok, I have now... And I'd still prefer to have access to it all locally; doesn't change my point.. or my question. Hell if it's even possible to build up that kind of collection somehow using the existing features given to Premium members, I will code something that automates it. I just wondered if such tools already existed.
  9. Yeh, I have... But surely if I'm running into these sorts of problems already and I'm at snails pace, it's only going to get worse!?
  10. I just thought it would be good if they offered a service which allowed you to download all the geocaches in a specified region ie. The British Isles / East Coast USA / West.. etc. Which you could then view all the data for (location, hints and clue) locally on a laptop or PC and then transfer to your GPS device. Obviously the database for such a cache data set would be quite large, so they could offer it as a premium member only download and even then only allow a download once per week (or even bi-weekly). Because to me that service would be invaluable, and the difference between me paying a PM sub and not. The ability to have a weekend like I just had, I live in Wales and somehow ended up over in England (near Bath for the Brits), and walked past no less than 12 caches simply because I hadn't put the POI's in for that location as I didn't think I would end up there! However, in my "cache-bag" I have my laptop, a USB cable and could easily transfer over points in the car. Now you could go one step further and use a mobile as a modem and use the website still, but then a) it's slow potentially expensive c) most caches aren't in places of particularly "great" phone reception. A 50MB download of my "regions" caches I'd happily pay for!
  11. I think I *may* have to investigate the PDA approach... Which brings me to another question; I have a really, really, REALLY portable Netbook. Is there anyway I can get a download of all the UK caches, locations, descriptions, clue's, etc. onto that? As I have a USB cable and the Garmin drivers on it, so potentially I could just transfer the closest across when I get there!?
  12. Darn. It's annoying because this weekend I ended up going for a walk with some friends to some small little village in the middle of nowhere; I get back home and find out that I walked past about 10 caches which must have been no more than 25 ft away from the path I walked down!
  13. I know what your saying about it only storing 1000 points, but surely what with me having a 4GB MicroSD card in there, must be something I can do with that? Hmmm... (Start's racking his programmers brain)
  14. Hey, I have a Garmin Legend HCx which I'm using for geocaching at the moment. The biggest problem that I find with it is that I can download caches manually to it through Geocaching.com or 10 at a time based around a location through the myGarmin website; while this is great and works well I often find myself going out and ending up somewhere that I never intended on going too. If it were possible to have all the UK's geocache locations added as locations into my Garmin, I would! (Well, the "normal" caches anyway... not much point having multi-caches without the clues, etc.) Although I can't find a way of getting this data onto my Garmin in one large "data-dump". So am I stuck with having to download them all bit by bit, 10 at a time from the myGarmin website!?
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