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  1. Is it possible to order two coins? As usual, I am getting in on this late.
  2. I would like to get in on this! Put me down for 3 brass coins please. Email will be on the way.
  3. Good luck with the virtual! I would be amazed if they approved it. They used to approve anything as a virtual and have really clamped down now. I actually did a cache in Washington state that was a virtual and it was a fire hydrant. A local cacher here recently tried to get a virtual on a well known memorial. They presented the history, the significance of the statue to our region and the reason why it should be a virtual and the approver wouldn't take it. I think there should be a happy medium between the two extremes of approving everything and making it impossible to do one. My suggestion would be to make it an offset, puzzle or multicache where people collect info from the spots you wanted to get people to.
  4. I just filled up tonight after a day of placing caches. Price was $0.64/litre in Chilliwack, BC, Canada. That should work out to: 1Gal US= 3.785 litres ---- Canadian $2.49 per gal With the exchange rate today that will work out to $2.05 US/Gallon. Crooks , although that is some of the cheapest gas in Canada right now. I try to combine a few caches together before I go out to save on the fuel a little bit. Oltimer Wrote: Not right now. Our gas prices are at $0.64/litre. Diesel is at $0.89/litre. My father has a dodge diesel and I know he isn't happy about it.
  5. I have bought similar items at the local pet store. They are meant to be put onto dog collars for when they get lost. They are even smaller than the bison tube and can make for a challenging find. Most pet stores around here have them for $1 - $3 each.
  6. Here is mine. My wife isn't real impressed and I almost got grounded from caching the first time she saw it.
  7. My wife and I went to her hometown to visit the inlaws and we decided to go have a drive down memory lane and visit the home she grew up in as a child. As we pulled up to the old house she got excited to see the old place. I got excited because outside the house there were vehicles with geocaching stickers all over the cachemobiles. She wanted to go up to the door and say I used to live here can I look around. I wanted to go up to the door and say, "Anybody wanna go caching?" Small world sometimes.
  8. Santa brought me the Magellan Mapsend software. Loaded it up and it works great!
  9. Looks great. I will go through it and use it after Christmas when some free time might appear.
  10. I too have logged coins at the site and never received any info or email from them. It should be just fine.
  11. This is where it all began, although it isn't the true original cache. (If I'm wrong, I'm sure some kind cacher will correct me) This is where the first one was placed and a plaque has been placed in it's honour. The Cache
  12. Man....it's going to take a long time to pay off those sats with our membership fee of $30.00! Interesting article. Thanks for posting it.
  13. Our population is about 1/10 of the U.S. with more land area and unused wilderness. We are working on expanding it one cache at a time. Interesting how the two coast lines (NB, BC) are popular caching areas.
  14. I love coming home and seeing that I have 3 new emails from people that have found my caches. Don't get me wrong, I love hunting them too.
  15. I'm 27, married with no kids. Can't wait to take my first born caching someday!
  16. I agree WH. Once it is listed on GC.com, it should be open to all. It is a shame that this beautiful caching area is getting a bad name over this problem.
  17. I put counters on all my cache pages. It is amazing to see how many times they get looked at. The one that I use is at Keen People.Com. I think if you use this link, it is under free cache ratings. You will have to become a memeber to access this tool and it is free. It also allows your caches to be rated by the users. It is interesting to see what people think of your hide.
  18. Sorry for the loss. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  19. We had a pair of these for sale where I worked this summer at an outdoors store. They weren't great for either use. They were OK binoculars and not that great at taking nice clear pictures. Get them seperate would be my suggestion.
  20. Looks good to me. I tried to edit some of my current caches listed to make them a little more accurate in sizing but I couldn't change the sizes from micro to small. Is this only an option for new cache listings?
  21. I have done this using fishing line in a tree with pulleys. Instead of using a monofilament fishing line I use a braided fishing line that is 80 lbs. test but only has the diametre of 10 lbs. line. I have had good response from my cache. People seem to really like it.
  22. Chillibusher


    I work in the school system and I would definately suggest that cachers stay clear of school grounds and areas. It would be a shame to have the geocaching game given a black spot over an incedent around children. There are so many better places to put caches than around schools. As an employee at a school and being responsible for child safety, I don't like seeing people snooping around school yards. Just not a good idea. I think most cachers are aware of this and use common sense.
  23. I was looking at doing a similar cache where I am. I bought several containers such as swimmers capsules and bison tubes. They seem pretty water proof and I even put the log in small ziplock bags. My only concern is that I know I will put the lid on properly and tight but I don't know if every person who visits the cache will take the same care I did. I haven't placed mine yet because of this reason. It would only take one person not taking enough care to wreck the cache.
  24. Welcome LS! This is a great hobby! I'm jealous of how close you are to a great store that supplies some great products for caching. If you are looking for some caching goodies check out www.gpscentral.ca. Welcome to the community and like others said....the addiction.
  25. Do they have them in stock in Victoria or do you have to order them through the store? I think you can also get Canadian Geocoins at Capital Iron as well can't you? How much are the travel bugs in Victoria? Does Capital Iron have other geocaching goodies? (shirts, stickers...)
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