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  1. We are getting ready to camp there for a few days, I intend to try and hit the caches in the area. ANyone ever done them and how are they? Can you get from one park to the next one on the trails or do you have to go from one park to another?? Just curious..
  2. Is it OK to go back and try again to find ones you could not before? I post even those I could not find and then if I see that someone afterme has found it, I woudl like to go back and try again. Thats acceptable correct??
  3. From former 3rd ID to you, welcome home.!! And yes this is a great Father Son thing. My son and I get up early on Sat morning (letting mom sleep in!!) and head out to different parks nearby or caches we can get to and back by the mid afternoon. Mom loves the time alone and CJ and I have a great time. I have heard him say "I Love you." more during cache hunting then just being at home! I place US Army pins in the caches usually or mini departmental badges (my PD) and CJ has a collection of mini frogs and dinos he has put his initials on, and love looking through the "treasure. We call it treasure hunting. He has started a clear Tupperware collection of his (treasure finds) and love is. You will have a great time. CJ's longest hike is 4 miles in one morning so far, working him up to more.
  4. My son CJ (10) is always with me and loves picking an item (usally a small toy of some kind) and replacing it with his tell tale frog or dino. LOL He also likes to be the one to spot the cache before Dad, makes him feel good about it. Go Kids!!!
  5. My son and I are new to this but we look at everything in a cache, and sign every log, fix every bag thats torn, repair when needed (carry a backpack full of stuff) and then come home and log into and log every cache we find on Geocache. I have not seen any laminated signature cards or such, but hey If they left it Ill look at it, I am in no rush, that half the fun is taking your time and just enjoying the walk, and time with my son. He looks at everything as "treasure" no matter what it is. LOL.. Be well and good hunting..
  6. Geez guys! CWagoner even said that it was a typo... if you read the entirety of the first post you would have seen that! Why do you have to jump to conclusions??? It is almost like someone has to have a thick skin before they post on here... Relax!!!!! CWagoner... please just ignore those the seem to have to create drama to get their thrills. I hope that between all that nonsense you did answers to your question. Please feel free to continue to ask questions and to take part in the conversations. Not all of us will do what a few do. Although it is those few that make it an uncomfortable, unfriendly and not welcoming place!!!!! There are lots of people that would be more than happy to help out without attacking you! Thank you, really thank you. My son and I just came back from finding another nearby our home. I crossed out the miss-spelled word and wrote the correct spelling in sharpie.. Thanks for all the help from everyone..
  7. Folks please relax, it was a mispelling, and I even said it in the original post! Gosh I am new to this and was asking for comments and suggestions on something I thought would be fun, almost sorry I asked now..
  8. Thanks for all the great comments and suggestions and "constructive criticisms". I think I will give it a try with a few and see what happens, if I don't give it a shot, will never know if it works, and I don't expect them all to work anyway. Thanks everyone!!
  9. Well I sure meet the use standards, thanks for putting them out there anyway.
  10. Well I have to say I am hooked, and so is my son! I decided to try and find a cache that was listed on Garmins geocache link, and it was right on my way home from work. It was literally 200 feet from the road I drive every day. LOL!! I stopped, took my Garmin C550 Streetpilot and put it on its highest setting. It took me directly to it, 100 feet, 50 20 and then right on the money within 5 feet of the cache! So I T1L1, and I was hooked! I then went home, told my son and showed him the TB I got (we are going to take it to central Florida to start its trip) and he wanted to go find one. There were two near our home so I loaded up my son, wife and some things to leave, and we found 2 more!!! 3 in one afternoon near our home!! AT one a micro, we left the first item for the next person to have, a US Army lapel pin! We left more than we took and logged everything. What a great time my son had. We are planning on doing a few more this weekend. We plan on doing some more later this month when we go camping. TFTC everyone!!! We are hooked. Going to put a cache in a perfect spot we know and its gonna be loaded with unique items!! SO watch for the posting!!
  11. Is it OK to leave a custom trackable that you have made? I see others have made wooden coins and some other things, I happen to be able to make customized cards for myself and made these: Front Back.. Are these kinds of things OK or are these frowned on?? I also have some other things to leave along with these.. But want to check before I insult someone. OH and I know I spelled Geocaching wrong..hey its a first attempt..
  12. You know you can DL the cache locations right from the Garmin website, its linked to Groundspeak, onto your 550, then when you get close, set the resolution to its max and you can just about stand on top of the cache.
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