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  1. The gun show recommendation is good. I got two mid-sized cans at a surplus store, so it might pay to shop around a bit.
  2. Just piggy-backing on TimeTravelers's questions. What GPS are you using? Are you sure it's set to to WG84 map datum? If your GPS is WAAS-enabled, is that turned on? I recommend, as others have, to start with 1/1 rated caches and stick with larger sizes- ammo cans and small lock n' lock sized containers. Nanos and micros can be very tough. Don't be afraid to decrypt any hints and use them, either. Sometimes valuable info can be gleaned from the previous logs, too. Keep hunting and don't give up. Yours is a very typical experience. Good luck!
  3. Those are some cool ideas, Clan. I love the idea of the baggie & leaflet with the coin info. I think there are a million ideas out there for unique swag that doesn't cost a lot of time or money- it's just hitting on the one that brings the most enjoyment.
  4. Whatever you do, don't get too frustrated! I'm new, too. The best advice I have seen so far was "Don't look for the cache, look for the spot." Many times, you will have little to no idea what you are actually seeking. Don't rule anything out, and keep your mind open. I've already seen (in just over a month's time since I started caching) some unique containers/spots. Have fun and good luck!
  5. Hi Digi, Don't let the PC language scare you. Your GPS will work just fine with a Mac. I have a Macbook I bought in 2007 and a Garmin eTrex Vista HCx. I use MacCaching to download waypoints to my GPS. It's been extremely easy to do so far. There are lot of good GPS units out there- Garmin's eTrex line, the 60CSx, and the Delorme units are popular. I would recommend, as time-consuming as it might be, to read up on the Garmins and Delormes (and any others that interest you) before buying. It took me a couple weeks to narrow it down. I also talked to my REI folks locally and they helped me choose the GPS I have. Good luck!
  6. Right now, I use a Camelbak that is a tad small, but works ok for what I need. I ordered one of these but it hasn't arrived yet.
  7. This. I'm new to caching but have been very disappointed with the quality of swag, overall. However, I kind of view it as an opportunity to 'cache by example' and leave good swag wherever I go. I know the economy plays a part in what people choose to leave right now, so I don't mind. I see some intriguing items, but I'd love to see more travel bugs, geocoins, and whatnot. I collected coins as a kid so I am just loving all the cool geocoin designs out there!
  8. Many thanks to all of you who have, do, and will serve. Your efforts are greatly appreciated, always.
  9. You might also consider the eTrex Vista HCx, which is a step below the 60CSx but very nice in its own right. All of your choices are good, but I do sense a lot of the experienced cachers seem to prefer the 60CSx and the Vista over the newer, flashier Colorado/Oregon models.
  10. I have to recommend the iPhone. It's almost as accurate as my GPS in many urban settings. Plus, the GC app is amazing. As for the pricing on AT&T, therein lies the rub. New customers get spanked on the iPhone cost. I paid about half of what you probably saw for the phone because I've been a customer for 5+ years. The data plan is $30 extra but the actual minute plans vary a lot. The AT&T site SUCKS. I would recommend talking to someone in a store to get all the details. Good luck!
  11. Looks like you did the exact same thing I did. I didn't read the directions or FAQs as close as I should have either. When you save the PQ you CANNOT change the file name before sending it to INATN. I'm not a computer geek so I will try for a 'plain English' explanation. Inside the zipped file is the 'subfile' that has the exact same name as the original zip name. These must be exactly the same for INATN to 'open' it correctly. If they are different you will get the reply both of us got. Try it again with the original name and it should work correctly. Hmmm... I don't think I changed anything, actually. If I had, the file name would have been letters, not numbers!!! I'm guessing I did something somehow, but what I don't know. Can't run another file for a bit, so I guess I'll have to wait.
  12. I'm new, too- welcome! It hasn't always been super easy, but I have now found all caches that I could not locate on previous attempts except for two. One I think has been muggled, the other is just in a tough place- lots of tree cover in a deep gully. My GPS has been mostly spot on until the last couple caches, where it alerts me way early to ground zero. Not sure if it's me, a setting, or what, but I've still managed to find 4 caches in the two days with minimal problems. Bottom line, be patient. Some of the best advice I've seen here is look for the spot, not the cache. It really seems counter-intuitive, but it's true. Good luck!
  13. Ok, here's what I get when I uploaded my PQ to INATN: Total: finds Total days since first find: 14345 - Overall find Rate: 0/day, 0/week Total days with a find: (Every Warning: Division by zero in /home/krugdm/public_html/stats.php on line 103 0 days or 0% of your total days) - Average finds per caching day: Warning: Division by zero in /home/krugdm/public_html/stats.php on line 103 0 Best day: 12/31/69 - finds Most consecutive days with a find: from 12/31/69 to 12/31/69 (Current streak!) Longest caching drought: days from 12/31/69 to 12/31/69 Average total cache difficulty: - Average total terrain rating: Average physical cache difficulty: - Average physical terrain rating: (Traditional, Multi, Unknown, Project APE, Letterbox) Active Caches: of the caches you've found are still active ( Warning: Division by zero in /home/krugdm/public_html/stats.php on line 118 0%)
  14. Hi Skelly- is INATN pc only? I was unable to get this to work when I tried it a few days ago, poking around. Thanks. It shouldn't be, it doesn't run anything on your computer. Did you do a PQ of all your finds? Did you choose it at INATN? Where excatly did it go wrong? What did you get? Error message? Hi Skelly, missed your reply earlier. I did download the PQ and on the INATN site I was able to submit. But it gave me a query string of nonsense with some kind of exception error repeating. The date 12/31/1979 kept coming up, too. I haven't tried again since but I think I will now to see whether the error comes back.
  15. Gof's right- and I thought your question was a fair one. Some good insight came out of it, and personally I am trying to learn as much as I can being new. So thank you for starting the topic.
  16. Thanks, Bear. I did try recently, so that may be true of what happened to me- I was able to submit my PQ but I got no data. The lines defaulted to some weird date (1979 if I recall) and had some error messages. I'll try again soon. I just want to be able to see the finds on the map- it's cool to see where one has traveled and reminisce!
  17. Hi Skelly- is INATN pc only? I was unable to get this to work when I tried it a few days ago, poking around. Thanks.
  18. Yes, I can hear the outrage of the non-placed cache even as I type this. The frustration and angst would be totally understandable. I'm not ready to hide yet, but I want to do all my homework before and leave nothing to chance! A good hide is a gift that keeps on giving and I want to do it right. Thanks again for the advice & clarity, it's very helpful.
  19. I think s/he meant flashlight. You have a good start going, and I recommend the traditional compass. I bring: -pen -pencil -ziplock with assorted trade items -camera -first aid kit (if not urban caching, otherwise it's in the car) -Camel bak for extended hunts -gloves -pocket knife or leatherman tool
  20. Thanks MrsB; this answered a lingering question I had about whether to actually place the cache before asking for review. It sort of seemed counter-intuitive to place the cache then ask for the page review, but I can see how easily chaos would be created if the reviewer approved it too quickly for the hider to return to the spot and add the cache.
  21. Namiboy is right, you can't get the hints. I use my iPhone to do the paperless aspect. It means using two devices, but I'm ok with that. Otherwise, I either memorize the hint or forgo trying to use it at all.
  22. This happened to me this weekend. Actually woke up at 10am, scrolled through and was like crap a new listing. Got dressed real quick and told my wife Id be right back. Sweet- congrats!
  23. Is there a Mac alternative to Cachestats?
  24. That's where I got mine, REI. Love their stuff and their service. The rep there really helped me when picking it out. REI also has a good return policy, which helps.
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