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  1. I'd like to go, as well. I'd be happy to carpool/rideshare. Thanks!
  2. Bless me Father bflentje, for I have sinned. *makes sign of the GeoGod in front of myself* In no particular order, I have: -Felt keen and unrelenting jealousy over the number of hides belonging to local cachers. -Been frustrated enough by certain puzzle caches to beg for hints and/or solutions. With tears and quivering lip. -Taken my GPS' name in vain. In front of others. A lot. -Held onto a TB a liiiiiitle too long, but did get back out into the wild with an apology. -Been night caching in a park that was technically closed. And yea though I walk through the valley of bouncy signals and lame cache placements, I will fear no evil. Amen.
  3. Hi JBnW, I don't recall if I did search by name, but I have a feeling I didn't. After doing some more searching and forum-scouring, I closed out all of the programs, my browser, etc and closed Basecamp along with the GPSr and left it off overnight. I was just able to import the NW Classics list now. Who knows what the deal was. Very, very odd. But it seems to be working now. I'm going to try to upload a different PQ and see what happens. The only other question that remains at the moment is that it still seems to send the data to both WP's and Geocaches. Am I off-base, or is that not the intended behavior? Thanks!
  4. Wow, I didn't think it was possible to feel any dumber. I downloaded Basecamp, and imported a GPX of the Northwest Classics bookmark. I tried to import it into the 60Cx, and it said it transferred. So I checked- under both waypoints and geocaches, and nothing. All that showed up was my original list of neighborhood caches I'd managed to upload on my Windows laptop. And I discovered the data from my geocaches was being duplicated under WP's. Tried deleting all WP's and GC's. Tried to upload again. It keeps resurfacing the data from my 1st GPX. No matter what I do, the data from Basecamp will not upload. And the data from the 1st GPX has been completely expunged from my Macbook, too. Contacted Garmin support, because I'm stumped. I just wanted to update you kind folks and thank you again for your help. Hopefully I'll get something figured out. At least I have my PC, but it seems dumb to have to use two systems when one or the other SHOULD work.
  5. Yup, nothing to update. I'll check again to be sure when I get home, but Garmin says the unit is updated. Thanks again for your help, I really think the Basecamp thing will do the the trick!
  6. Nope, according to Garmin it's up to date. But what do I know?
  7. With the 60CSx I need to put it manually into USB Mass Storage mode to see it come up as a drive on my Mac, but don't know about the 60Cx. (Menu>Setup>Interface>USB Mass Storage) On the other hand; Basecamp do the work pretty well. I've used it since I've got the 60CSx. I don't think the two models are very dissimilar. I definitely will try Basecamp. In the interim, I DID get GSAK to work on my work computer, but I would prefer not to be reliant on it.
  8. Great info, coggins, thanks. I did have it set up as USB, but still no drive. I'll keep playing with it. And I'll definitely try the Basecamp tonight when I get home.
  9. Well, with my Oregon 400T, it's a simple drag-n-drop of the GPX file gotten from the PQ. I don't know why, but when I plug the 60Cx into my Mac, it doesn't come up as another drive- but it does on my PC. Super strange. I've seen references to Basecamp, but never knew what it was- and never needed it. But you're right- you don't know till you know. And now I can tell others!
  10. *facepalm* Why wasn't I able to find that on Garmin? Nevermind, don't answer that. *crawls back into sleep-deprived hole* Thanks for the reply, coggins!
  11. I know someone else has posted this before, but the search function on the forms seem FUBAR right now. We just got a 60Cx as a backup/secondary GPS and I cannot, for the life of me, get geocaches to appear in it. I'm using a Mac with Tiger OS, and I've tried uploading via MacCaching and nothing is showing up. It does says the files transferred whenever I try. When I registered it with Garmin this evening, it said it was all up to date on firmware. Any guesses? I was able to add a geocache manually by clicking "send to GPS", but ugh.... that would be time consuming to do for trips, etc.
  12. Welcome! I know Lorain, I'm from Wayne County originally. Have fun caching out there!
  13. I can only imagine what the punishment would be for revealing the details about how the Cache Crapper was rendered 'inert'. *shudders*
  14. These do work pretty well, yeah. We encountered one recently that was super tough to open, but a little WD40 and it opened smoothly. Thankfully we had that in the car or I think it would've been a DNF.
  15. A word to the wise, a friend of mine got canned from her job of ten years for the same thing. Recently.
  16. The Hardy Boys? I thought they retired. Very true, of course re: their own "hobby". As someone else said, hopefully they'll tire of it quickly. Or even better, Karma comes along and bites them in a sensitive area.
  17. Nice FAQ, StarBrand! I have an iPhone and the app myself, and it's usually a lot less accurate than my Garmin handheld. I'd say 30ft off is about average. The GPS in your phone is simply not as strong/accurate as a regular handheld. That said, with practice, you will find it useful. Be patient and keep trying! And if you phone keeps saying you're within 30ft of a given cache, put it away and just try using what we like to call "geo-senses". Good luck and have fun!
  18. That's a pretty spiffy idea right there, I think. Really ties in with the object itself, and I think would be a rather fun hide for anyone getting to hunt it.
  19. The CO(s), for one. Groundspeak for another, IF the OP feels certain enough that another cacher is behind it. I had a similar thing happen here in Seattle, where a cacher now banned was placing racist literature blaming African Americans for the AIDS epidemic. Groundspeak took action in that case.
  20. My thoughts exactly. I wondered about permission/impact when this first came to light.
  21. I recently bought a Rite in The Rain logbook from Amazon so I could keep better notes about TB's, coins, ideas I had when visiting a unique cache, etc. If we do a lot in a day -like when we cached from MT back to WA last summer- I cannot keep everything straight in my head. It just makes things a ton easier. When it's full, I'll probably keep it for awhile. But it has definitely helped me to remember the order of things and the little 'aha' moments that happen.
  22. That's how I feel, too, and what I practice. I try to leave swag that meets the guidelines and is worth having. It's the "leave it better than you found it" concept of swagdom. Do I have to do it? No. Do I enjoy doing it? Yes. And if it makes the next few finders smile, then fantastic. Paying it forward, geocaching style!
  23. Something similar happened to me, recently. I had emailed a cache owner local to me known for her devious, tough hides/puzzles, asking for a hint to onesuch puzzle. I got back a ranting screed about how dare I hunt her caches, when most of mine were PMO's. I was floored, to say the least. So I thought about it for a bit. I decided to make a few of my caches non-PMO's. After I did that, I got an email from another cacher who asked me why my last couple caches weren't PMO's anymore? And then he proceeded to lecture me about why PMO's were better. Rock, meet hard place. As another poster said, you cannot please everyone. I think with any future hides, I'll go on a cache-by-cache basis. Bottom line, I will try to place good, solid hides that will enrich the game and not detract from it, regardless of PMO status or not.
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