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  1. New partner to get a free coin. Upon booking a stay in Gjesteheim Havdal (B&B Norway), you get a geocoin for free! More information at http://www.getafreecoin.be/v1/en/partners/gjesteheim-havdal.
  2. (double posting due to refresh, sorry) Set for sale on eBay: Geocoin Set - Belgium Ghent (4 coins)
  3. Set for sale on eBay: Geocoin Set - Belgium Ghent (4 coins)
  4. For the dutch speaking forum people, there's now a dutch version available of the Get a Free Coin website: http://www.getafreecoin.be/v1/nl. Still two sets available of 4 coins for €32.00 + shipping, including the limited polished silver version (~ $41,00)
  5. For those interested, the new website is online: http://www.getafreecoin.be
  6. For those of you interested, I have decided to provide a way of buying the coins as well (next to providing them for free as an incentive when buying something from the partners of getafreecoin.be). The partner action will start within the next coming week at http://www.getafreecoin.be. As for the sales: the antique versions of the coin are for sale as well. They are priced €8.00 each, including an own icon (example on TB3RZM5) and of course a trackable number of geocaching.com. The coins are in a small plastic cover, including a label where you can fill in your name and mission if wanted. Possibilities: antique gold, antique silver and antique bronze. Sending (non-insured) and packaging: - within Belgium: 1 coin for €2.00, between 2 and 6 coins for €2.50 - within Europe: 1 coin for €3.50, between 2 and 6 coins for €6.50 - internationally: 1 coin for €4.00, between 2 and 6 coins for €7.00 The first three interested people who buy a coin of each finishing, get the choice of buying a (non-antique) silver version as well. The other silver coins will be distributed via special actions at getafreecoin.be or will be put into geocaches (activated). If interested, you can send a mail to info@getafreecoin.be . Payment via bank transfer or paypal.
  7. Today a big surprise in my mailbox. A package from the US? Strange, although I now and than order something (often coins) from the US, I can't remember I'm still waiting for something. Opening the package it appears a coin and a strange message. Great, a mystery coin, my first! http://cointact.net Thanks for the mystery sender! SOSv2
  8. The labels arrived as well. Last step on the to-do: get the new site up and running (hopefully in the coming week). After that: off the free coins go! I will post Ians coin asap, and let the others travel as well. The coin for GATOULIS is TB3RZJB. The one for drneal is TB3RZP3. Thanks all for participating! SOSv2
  9. Hurray, the coins arrived yesterday and we are now waiting for the final cards that will accompany the coins. All of this means that the coins will be available end of this week or latest the week after (at our two partners and some for sale). I also decided that I will go ahead with the icon. I have adapted the icon of Ian1959 a little bit and added "Gent" to the 32pixel icon. I will soon submit it to be added to the coin itself (currently it's still the custom icon). The icons will be: I have also released the first coin of the final batch. You can find it back under this link. @GATOULIS & @drneal: let me know which cache you want your coin to be heading to, and I will release them asap. Cheers, SOSv2
  10. June 30th is history so it's time to announce who won the cointest. It was not an easy decision, but I like the design of Ian1959 the most. Therefore Ian1959 wins cointest 1 and will receive a modern silver version that I will send by mail once they arrive (estimated to arrive somewhere within the next two weeks). @Ian1959: Just let me know your address (via PM or info@getafreecoin.be) and I will let you know when posted. There were not so many participants, so as a thank you for those who participated, I will put two other activated geocoins into the game (I will drop them somewhere in Belgium). I will give them the goal to arrive in a cache of choice of GATOULIS & drneal. I will let them adopt the coin as well. When they are able to pick it up (in the defined cache or in any other), they may keep it or let it travel (up to them). No-one participated to cointest 2, so no coins distributed there. Coins were sent from the US beginning of this week, so they will be available very soon!
  11. To summarize some things: I currently have 6 proposals from 3 people for Cointest 1. The photo proposal is not participating due to copyright. Beneath the overview. You are still welcome to send your proposals until end of June 30th. Less than 2 weeks to go! Next to visiting our website http://www.getafreecoin.be (to be updated in the next month), you can now also become a fan of 'Get a Free Coin' on Facebook. Become a fan on this link.
  12. The small size is a little bit too large, but heck, I will not discuss about only one or two pixels :-) It's in for the competition :-)
  13. Decisions have been made and the order has been placed. In total, 150 coins will be produced, they will be distributed as an incentive (free) at two shops. Antique Gold, Antique Silver and Antique Bronze will be made with a soft enamel coloured back. Currently, each will be minted in an amount of 45. A Silver edition will be made with a hard enamel back. It will be minted in 15 pieces (not distributed via getafreecoin.be) Except for drneal, there has not been much reaction yet to the cointests. So if drneal provides his proposal in 16*16 and 32*32 pixels, it looks good for him :-) Sizes of the images should be: & To drneal: thanks for participating. The pixel limitation actually means the width and height of a picture. In most painting programs, you can define this width and height. This is a limitation made by Groundspeak. Often a picture looks great in high measurement, but if you make it 16 or 32 pixels, you can hardly imagine what the picture was supposed to be. The pictures might be used as an icon for the coin. But by sending a 16 and 32 pixels proposal, you are in for the first coin. The coins that will be given away, are silver edition coins. They are currently limited (although there's no commitment that it will be a LE). Cheers, SOSv2
  14. Two sample coins have been released for discovering and retrieving. Beneath two links to their pages. The last samples probably arrive in the coming two weeks. This means the free coins will be available somewhere in June/July. Geocoin Belgium/Ghent (Antique Silver) Geocoin Belgium/Ghent (Antique Gold)
  15. To the moderator: Is it possible to change the topic title and description, as it is no more accurate. Preferably: Topic Title: Belgium City Series: Ghent Geocoin Topic Description: Cointest on #26 You can remove this entry once done (if possible). Tried to find info on whether I can do it myself, but did not find something. Thanks!
  16. Hello all, having watched the geocoin forums for some time, I believe it's time to do some Ghent Geocoin Cointest. Although the coin is still in production (some additional samples being produced), I am seriously considering to provide it with a custom icon. Before you rush into the two cointest (or only the first one), it might be valuable to know what's actually on the Ghent geocoin. The coin contains (as can be seen on the sample) the three ancient towers of Ghent: Saint Nicholas' Church, the Belfry and Saint Bavo's Cathedral. The towers are well known and make the skyline of Ghent very recognizable. The city council even uses a drawing of the three towers as its logo. There's not yet a guarantuee that there will be a custom icon or a second coin in the "Belgian City" series, but I do give the guarantuee that the best proposals of both cointests get rewarded with this coin. You are free to send as many proposals as you want, as well as being able to join both cointests. I will update the topic from time to time to post some of the incoming proposals (feel free to post them yourself in the forum as well). The "mass produced" coin is expected to be available somewhere in July (considering that I am waiting some additional samples + production will need to start after approval + shipping) The cointests will end on June 30th, after which I will announce the winners. If you want to be updated when this coin is ready, you can subscribe yourself on http://www.getafreecoin.be. You can send your proposals to info [at] getafreecoin.be Hope you like the cointest! SOSv2
  17. Hi, asked the vendor to have coloured back samples minted, as I want to have the best result possible for my coin I also asked to have some other samples minted to see how other approaches work out, but not sure yet that they will get minted as well. Beneath artwork for the coloured back sample: The picture of the sample concerns an Antique Silver coin. Cheers, SOSv2
  18. Nice looking coin! Looking forward to see the other finishes and to see a picture of it when you have the samples. Name proposal: geoauw (think miauw )
  19. Nice coin! Would be great if it ended up in my mailbox one day :-)
  20. I like the design and might very well consider to order one or more.
  21. Nice looking design. Looking forward to see how it turns out once you have a sample produced!
  22. Hi, currently discussing with Mike to have a coloured back sample as well. Kr, Frederik
  23. Nice, modern, design. I like them. Immediately ordered some. Hope I can get a black nickel or matte silver as well. Kr, Frederik
  24. Hi CCWashburn, I have considered doing something additional to the back, but in the end I wanted to keep it simple, so the main attention goes to the front (the back would be generic if I would do other belgian cities as well). The coin will indeed be trackable (tracking number will be in front of the "trackable at geocaching.com"). If you look closely, you might see that I removed the tracking number of the sample. Kind regards, Frederik
  25. Hi all, got some pictures of the sample coin today. I've been told the actual coin looks better in real life than the picture, so from my point of view that looks promising The golden version is visible on http://www.getafreecoin.be. You can let me know if you want to be notified once the coin becomes available. Cheers, SOSv2
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