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  1. What were your search parameters? I tried the very basic search - in the first entry field I searched Norrbotten, Sweden (this defaulted to the 30km radius, with no other additional filters), and there are caches visible around the Lulea airport . I then tried to world map - centered on Norrbotten, Sweden, and all the caches on the map around the airport match with the search results above. Are you sure the cache is not archived? GC5M7Y4 I presume? Thought -- I presume you logged it as found yesterday? When you did the search, did you add a filter to only show the caches you haven't found? If so and you didn't change that filter option to "All", the map won't show that cache. Yes it is GC5M7Y4 that I logged yeasterday. The only thing I searched on was Norrbotten, Sweden. No other filters in advanced search. I just notised that I got the same result again. The only cache in this area that shows is GC1ZD6C. Several is still missing.
  2. Next question how to make this work! Late yeasterday I came home with a plane from Luleå. Some minutes before I left Luleå I logged a cache and dropped a TB. When I came home I wanted to logg it to make sure the TB was dropped in. I searched for Norrbotten, Sweden and made it show the mapp. Zoomed in the airport and looked for the cache. Well, it was not there, it was no geocaches at all close to the airport (the civilian one). I did not have the GC-code or the name for the cache but I know where it was supposed to bee on the map. So I had to start my GPS and look for the found ones. There I got the GC-code and typed it in. Now I found my searched cache. From the geocache site I chose to take a look at the Geocaching.com map. Now it was three geocaches in the area where I did not anyone at all when I searced from a geocaching.com map that was opened from the advanced - Search only in. I had both maps of the same area beside eachother and in one a lot of caches missed. None of the caches was premium member. It should not be a difference. I a plan a trip, I often take a look at the map and I expect them to show the geocaches in that area. I prefer to start och the state/region level and concentrate in smaller parts after a while. You have a lot of work to do to get this acceptable.
  3. Today I was trying to check if I could logg a challenge. I checked my founds in GSAK and then I needed to take a look in loggingdates for some archived caches. I wrote the GC-number and nothing happened. I could not find it. It is possible that I could find it if I first searched it among my found geocaches in my profilepage. But that is getting difficult (takes a lot of time) if you have more than 5000 founds. How am I supposed to find an archived geocache if I cannot use the GC-code?
  4. I did try this and found the event in Dalarna I was looking for. Now for the next one. I was looking for an event in Germany but I do not know in which state it is. How do I do that?
  5. Unfortunately this does not work. Please get the old seach-possiblities back!!!! I have logged most of the caches in my area so I have almost no intreset in the nearby ones. When I search I most of the times uses country and then state/region. The possibility to use the map from that list is what I use most of the time. I tried to search for Sweden, I got 109 caches in southmiddle Sweden. There is a lot more of them here. I tried with my state/region Jämtland and ended up with 82 caches a very long away from Jämtland. I was going to Will attend an event in May about 500 kilometers from home. I dont know how to find it. The planning of a trip to Germany or Great Britain - How do I do that? No! Please get tho old search back!!!!
  6. I have a character that I would like to use in two different zones. I have tryed to have Display on properties checked and unchecked. I have used Set Sg.Display = True in both zones as well in just one of them. (on Enter) I can not attach him to more than one location. I have tryed to have none as location. Is it not possible to use the same character in two zones?
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