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  1. Okay folks, I have a question for the group. When the geocache pages got changed to a new format some time ago, the <PRE> tags stopped working properly. The font is monospaced but the size is really, really small. Have a look...


    Here is how it used to look. The preformatted text is the coordinate info:




    And here is how it looks now:




    I've tried doing </font> before the preformatted text and then <font face=Verdana size=2> afterward, but it still does not help.


    Any suggestions?




  2. Greco, I am not watching any of your geocaches, so you can eliminate me from the possible-watcher list. Does this help? :rolleyes:


    Sorry, I couldn't help it.


    Maybe you can post a note saying that you put a $100 bill in the geocache. Then you can go sit on the geocache and see who shows up.


    Okay, that's also stupid.


    I think you're just going to have to wonder, dude. I, too, sometimes wonder who is watching mine but (as was said earlier) it's also just nice to know that someone cares. {sniff}


    Wouldn't it be REALLY helpful if you picked up your phone receiver and it said, "5 government agencies are bugging your phone" or if you went to your mailbox and there was a note that said, "3 spies have read your mail".


    In a dorkish mood,


  3. Dr. B--


    I see that someone else already took a jab at "offence". Beat me to it. :rolleyes:


    Back in the day, when I was an admin, I used to correct some of the errors as they came through. But sometimes I'd get one that was written by some rube who had no concept of the Engluch Langwhich.


    Personally, I think it's kind of rude to just toss up a geocache page without checking the spelling--or at least making an attempt. Of course, it's also pretty sad that so many people get so far in life without being able to write a decent sentence.


    That said, I would appreciate it if people gave me feedback on my geocache pages, including spelling errors. I am ssure that it has happened and that I was grateful. I feel like my geocache pages are a reflection of my abilities. I mean, eff i spel lik dis, how kin u be sher that i even no how to uze a gps reseever? :)


    Anyway, what was the question? Oh, yeah, approvals. Well, I didn't feel very comfortable asking some bumpkin to fix his entire page when I was an admin. I figured that other geocachers would draw their own conclusions if it was too horrible. Although, as I said before, I would usually fix the occasional typo or misplaced apostrophe. I'm just too anal to let that stuff slide. :rolleyes:

  4. The list looks good so far! Will the members' location map be updated?

    The answer to that is yes, but...


    I need someone to help me develop a 'user account interface' and other, similar, web-based database control features. I know that -somewhere- out there we have some members with more skill in database development than I have.


    If that person is reading this post, please send me a note!




    (We use MS Access for the db.)

  5. Hydee--great suggestion. We'll do that.


    The web site was just updated, bringing it to a 'current' status. The features that Moun10Bike mentioned—as well as ones yet to be proposed—will be implemented as soon as possible.


    This will be a team effort, so if you have skills that you would like to contribute toward our goal of a Great Web Site, please let me know.


    - Seth!


  6. Marcus, in case that was an actual question (hey, I never know) the event is from noon until 4 PM. That info is on the cache page. <_<


    Soup, glad to hear you'll be in town. Come on by! :D


    All, if you'd like to post a note on the geocache event page, that might help those who are considering attending but don't read the forums. It'll also help give me an idea of how many to expect. The goal: Lots and lots of people! :o


    I'll be adding an information page about the Mission: Impossible geocache soon. I realize that many people don't remember my first one and may be wondering what in the heck is the deal! :blink:




  7. [*]Maybe (insert wishful thinking) the WSGA would be willing to have a custom sleeve with the association info in return for not having a large presence on the coin itself, and maybe it would satisfy the gc.com decision about only organization sponsored coins being tracked.

    My onions:

    • I like the sleeve idea.
    • I think that the WSGA can be involved without incuding the logo on the coin. Perhaps just a mention on the sleeve. The organization is operated by and for Washington state geocachers. By default, this will be the official state geocoin. The WSGA will not compete with its membership for "coin rights".
    • Tracking is something we'll wish we had if we don't. On gc.com would be nice but I'd not want to change the design of the coin. I'm also not tickled about the distribution requirements.
    • The WSGA web site will be seeing an overhaul. Anyway that it can be used to the benefit of the coins will be considered.

    - Seth!

    WSGA VP, expressing a personal opinion not the official opinion of the Board.

  8. Gosh, this thread really got cruising fast! Of course, I got bored after reading the first few posts and skimmed down to the bottom. :o


    As you know, I'm about to hit the three-year mark. That makes me one of the 'old guys' in the area. (I think that Moun10Bike, EraSeek, and Jester are some of the few active geocachers that predate me.)


    I did slow down some time ago. I found my 500th in April of 2003 and am just now closing in on my 600th. I still enjoy hunting them but at a more relaxed pace. I've intentionally avoided 'cache machines' as you know. Finding geocaches with Adrian (my son) or friends can make a hunt more fun. Sometimes, though, I like the solitary hunt.


    Now, here is your temporary solution, Travis. Mark your calendar for August 29th. This is when I am having my next event. It is also when I launch my next Mission: Impossible geocache. Please come to the event and participate in the Mission: Impossible hunt and let me know if it bores you! If it does, I'll buy you dinner. :o



  9. We are waiting on Jeremy!


    He is a busy guy ya know.


    I understand I am ready to get this thing moving myself, track or no track that is the question.



    Sorry if my last post was ambiguous. Jeremy has said that tracking will be available to the WA geocoins. He could not give us an exact cost during our hike on the trail, but it will be a reasonable amount. It's safe to proceed if tracking was the only question mark. Again, the numbering should start wit WA (so we can include that in the design) and the remainder needs to be alpha-numeric. This numbering can be done by hand after the coins are minted.



  10. Since you are the cache owner, why not remove the YJTB from the cache yourself, and place it into an "unknown location" so that future seekers are not disappointed? It's just a couple of mouse clicks to use this relatively new feature. And, unlike a "Travel Bug Graveyard," if the bug ever reappears, its mileage isn't screwed up.


    Anyways, I hate to say it, but after more than a month, it is a pretty good bet that someone just wanted a YJTB as a souvenir. :laughing:

    Lep, my thought was that I would post here first, to see if I can get the person to jump in and log it. A long shot, I realize. If that hasn't happened by tomorrow, I will log the Jeep out of the geocache.

  11. Oooh, tempting. I'm starting a Saturdays job this weekend, so I probably shouldn't call in on my second Saturday. Now, if it was a Saturday night sleep over and a Sunday hike, I might be able to... :laughing:

  12. I think M10B must be busy having a baby with Mrs. M10B.


    Based on some discussion that took place on Saturday with Jeremy, I think it's safe to say that the coins can be numbered and tracked on geocaching.com without too much hassle or expense. Unless a lot of people have very violent objections to trackable numbering, I think that route will be an easy one to take. The numbering will most likely be in this format: WA++++, with the ++++ being a combination of numbers and letters.


    My plan is to buy several, keep one or two for myself, track some, and put others out there just as FTF prizes or whatever.


    Groovy? :laughing:

  13. I met Heidi and Bryan at that same quilt event but didn't get engaged to either of them. Probably because I brought my whole family! Yep, lots of meeting went on that day. Who knows what great meeting of the minds and heart will take place at "Party of Three!, which is what my event is now called.


    Check out the event page and plan to be there, one and all!





    (The Moun10Bike family will be a party of three any minute now. The ddog-n-ma/rothstafari merger will be a party of three. Adrian and I will have been geocaching for three years. It's a big Party of Three! Wheeee!) :rolleyes:

  14. Howdy,


    So I brought a couple of Yellow Jeeps to Springfield last month, thinking that I'd jump-start the Yellow Jeep scene in Central IL.


    I put one of them in my Paul Powell's Shoebox geocache. Someone promptly picked it up. That's great! The problem is, they did not log it out.


    PLEASE, if you are the geocacher who has it, please log it. Even if you are not going to pass it along to another geocache (which you should, since it's a TB and there are not many of them in the area), please do log it out of the geocache.


    Other geocachers are going there expecting to find it. Leaving it logged into the geocache isn't very fair.


    Thank you,


  15. fractal...Woohoo!


    Nolenator...Um, er, ....


    Wienerdog, no tricks?...


    "No Springs. Honest Weight". - Toledo Scale Co.


    ...that's as close as I can promise.


    Other things to celebrate that day: Adrian's and my August birthdays, Laurel's upcoming birthday, the Bryan/Heidi geomarriage--and, as mentioned previously, Moun10Tike's arrival.

  16. I still THINK that we are coming. It now probably depends on if I can get myself and the boys up and out the door on time.


    We will have an FRS or two with us. We'll be on channel 2.


    Here is the forecast if anyone is interested.


    Any ideas yet about shade/no shade?

  17. Hey gang,


    I'm still planning to go on this with Adrian. We may also be joined by Trey who just returned from two weeks of hiking in Costa Rica. However, I have not told him about the early rise-and-shine!


    Questions for the group: I'm trying to get sense of how Adrian will do on the hike. He's a good hiker but I don't want to bite off too much. (The uphill first, downhill last appeals to me.) Any estimates on how long this will take us? Any idea what this trail is like in terms of shade/no shade? The temps are forecast to only be in the 80's on Sunday, but a few hours in the sun could make it pretty toasty.


    I sure appreciate the maps and such that M10B and RWW posted. Thanks, guys.


    Lucyandrickie, if you decide to go, give me a holler. You can ride up with us in the big ol' Monster Truck. Don't let me forget shoes for Adrian.

  18. Thanks for the coin links, Jon & Pepper. I had no idea that there were so many. I hope that I can find some of these in geocaches.


    I'm excited about the WA coin. Although I didn't mention it initially, I had a similar reaction to the hiker that Slinger did. However, Moun10Bike's point is a good one--about being outdoors and all. I'd also like to see a version where the staff is replaced with a GPSr. I realize that it won't look like much at that size, but I think if the hiker is holding a small bump, we'll know what it is. (Hey, we can all spot a geocacher at 50 yards, right?)



  19. Is it screaming one-month-old baby friendly (worst case scenario)? :P

    Of course! That's best case scenario, though, isn't it? (Well, I guess not the screaming bit.) :P


    The event would only be enhanced by the presence of the (by then) three-member Moun10Clan.

  20. Oooh! This is looking good. Count me in for five or more.


    Say, does anyone have a list of the various (cast metal) geocoins in circulation? Off the top of my head:


    Moun10Bike (two versions)


    USA Geocoin

    Canada Geocoin

    Oregon (?)

    and those ones with that leafy guy on one side and the compass rose on the other


    If there isn't already, there should probably be a web page showing all of the different ones. Then there could be a page for the wooden nickels...


    BTW, I just picked up my first USA geocoin TB the other day. I think I'm gonna buy one for myself. Time to start another collection... :P



  21. Howdy, neighbors. I am planning my next event. It will be held on August 29, 2004. That is the third anniversary of my geocaching career. My goal is to get to 600 finds by then. Adrian (who also started geocaching then, at age four) should be nearing 200 finds. (He is at 160. Not all are logged online.) I just found my 100th Travel Bug, so that benchmark is checked off. :P


    The other reason to celebrate is that I will be launching Mission: Impossible II. That's not actually what it will be called but it is the sequel to my first Mission: Impossible geocache. It's been two years since I archived that one and I decided I needed a deadline to get myself to finish the next one! :)


    Details about the event will be posted here (and on an event page) soon. The short story is that it will be held at my house, in Kirkland. Hopefully this will be another record-setting event. Mark your calendar for Sunday, August 29! :P


    - Seth!

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