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  1. Howdy, I'm going to be doing some geo-video taping in Vancouver, WA on Friday morning. If you are available during the hours of 7 AM - 11 AM and would like to help, let me know. It will be exciting production work--like holding a boom pole for a microphone. Okay, not thrilling but it still might be kind of fun. I'd like to get two or three volunteers. I might also ask you to appear on camera as a geocacher--if you're up for it--so bring your GPSr. You'll get screen credit and a single US dollar for your efforts. If this interests you, let me know ASAP. Cheers, Seth! email@sethleary.com 425-827-7617
  2. Wow. That was fast. Thanks, dshifter. You're the man! Cheers, Seth!
  3. Reviewing a back issue of Today's Cacher, I came across this photo: It is attributed to 'Rocky Dog'. I found no user by that name. (I did find 'rockydog'--all one word--but he/she has no hides or finds.) Anyone? Thanks, Seth!
  4. Howdy! I need a quick favor. Can someone recommend a webcam geocache where it is pretty easy to actually see the geocacher? A lot are pretty far away and fuzzy. State and country are of no concern. I just want to see the cache page, not necessarily visit the geocache. Thanks, Seth!
  5. Info on coin tracking is now at this thread. Seth!
  6. Hi there. After days of almost no sleep, the WSGA coin tracking site is ready to go. Thanks to Bob of McLaughlin's Marauders for doing the real work. Yea, Bob!!!! We have just made an important upgrade to the web site. In a manner similar to Geocaching.com, we now have Registered Users and Members. Members are registered users who have paid their membership dues and thus support the efforts of the association. (Such as keeping the web site going and having events.) Both Registered Users and Members will be able to activate Washington State Geocoins and track them on the web site. You will also be able to update your contact information so that we can keep you in the loop. IMPORTANT! If you have already signed up on the WSGA web site, you do not need to complete the registration information again. Simply go to www.geocachingwa.org and click on 'login'. Enter your geocaching user name and your temporary password. (If you did not get the e-mail with your temporary password, you are either not registered or we have an old e-mail address for you.) If you bought any geocoins, you will be able to activate them with the activation code and serial number that come with the coins. Just get yourself registered on the site (if you aren't already) and away you go. People who find the coin will be able to log the movement of your coin as well--even if they are not registered users! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Cheers, Seth! WSGA VP & Webmaster
  7. Please give me until tonight (late) to get the geocoin tracking ready on the WSGA site. It's nearly done but I'm stuck at work all day. Then I'm off to the Sonics game. I'll probably miss the TB event in Kirkland (shoot!!!) unless it goes late. - Seth!
  8. May I suggest my "Mission: Impossible--Flight to Cachistan"? You won't soon forget it.
  9. Howdy. Yes, cachewnuts, that's me and my family. I don't know what a Torry is, but there is no Torry in the picture. My son, Adrian (user name AdrianL) is holding a pig that I found in my 100th find a couple of years ago. My family got the paper today at home but I picked up my copy in Phoenix, where I was shooting footage for The Complete Guide to Geocaching which will be released on DVD later this month. It was a banner day for me--appearing in Parade and getting to interview Dave Ulmer. After taping the interview, I went geocaching with Dave and Team360. It was a great day! (I didn't even know this was a forum topic until this afternoon. Good thing I checked.) Happy geocaching, everyone. If we get inundated with newbies, we can just direct them to the DVD. Cheers, Seth!
  10. A&W, I'll have to get back to you on that. My success rate for dropping off new cars in Springfield isn't very good!
  11. Hey, I didn't know that about Marcus! Groovy. I'm originally from Springfield. I still have family there (RichardL) and I get back from time to time to visit them and check on my geocaches. Have a look at my new thread about Secret Camp Site's milestone. Cheers, Seth!
  12. Howdy! Just in time for its second birthday, my Secret Camp Site geocache got its 100th visitor. It is the most-visted geocache in the area! It has had 21 Travel Bugs pass through during this time. Secret Camp Site was placed in Springfield, IL on October 5, 2002. On October 4, 2004, A&W and RGS became the 99th and 100th finders of this geocache. Yippee! Secret Camp Site and my other two Springfield geocaches represent three of the seven oldest geocaches in Sangamon County. If you have not yet found this geocache or Paul Powell's Shoebox or Lincoln Sites I, I encourage you to pay them a visit. The last two have not been found as often, probably because they are multi-caches. But they are pretty easy and rather interesting, so don't be afraid to give them a whirl. Happy Geocaching, Seth!
  13. Just FYI, we are still waiting for the geocoins to arrive at WA Geocoin Central. The moment they do, we'll get a note posted here and on the WSGA listserv (Yahoo! group). At that time, we'll give an ETA on when they will be turned around and sent to you. It will be as fast as humanly possible. Seth!
  14. Sparrowhawk, I'm not sure that you've received an answer to your actual question, so I'll chime in with an opinion. I think your idea of having someone deposit your 'easy answer' TB in a five-star terrain geocache is an excellent solution. Good thinking! Sounds like fun.
  15. Seth!

    Tx Geocoin ?

    Yes, the WSGA is alive and well. Yes, the WA geocoins will be trackable on the WSGA web site. The site has had several updates lately and those will continue as we implement new features. As TotemLake mentioned, there is a thread on these forums for suggestions regarding the site. If you go to http://geocachingwa.org you will find a link to subscribe to the listserv. Seth!
  16. For those of you who haven't seen it yet or aren't following it, my Mission: Impossible—Flight to Cachistan mega-cache is off and running!
  17. A couple of summers ago, that school got a set of GPS receivers and hired me to take the campers out on some geocaching hunts. I'm glad to see that they stuck with it! (Can you imagine? I was out there with 50 kids hunting a multi-cache. Intense!)
  18. Traditionally, us old timers have logged finds on our own events for the reason that Moun10Bike mentioned. Since most people don't host but one event a year, it's not exactly a major leap in the old find count. Go for it. Seth!
  19. Bumping this back up since the event is nearly at hand! Yikes! I've got to light a fire under these secret agents to get the Mission: Impossible geocache finished. If you have not already put this event on your calendar, please do. The more, the merrier. Adrian and I are nearly at our goals of reaching 200 and 600 finds, respectively. (He needs three more; I need two.) Hopefully we'll be able to take time out from the preparations to hunt a bit on Friday. Happy geocaching! - Seth!
  20. Over 900 have been ordered so far! If you want some, better order up! - Seth!
  21. It turns out that Adrian's account was waiting for authentication or whatever it's called. (He's only had the account for 2.5 years. Maybe we changed the e-mail address.) Anyway, I suppose that must account for the problem, since it went away after I took care of the authentication issue.
  22. Original post: Yes, I think that would be nice. It does come up from time to time. Although, you can just as easily post a new note and then delete it. I suppose that is an extra step. Add-ons... 1) Sounds nice. Good question. 2) This would probably be a good thing for your local geocaching organization to tackle. Your state probably has one. If not, start one! You local admins are WAY too busy to be taking your idea and running with it. 3) Again, the admin are too busy to be getting an e-mail from every Tom, Dick, and Harry about every geocache. The geocache owner DOES see a link to the approver. Everyone else should probably take their concerns to the cache owner. If it's a big problem and doesn't get resolved, request it to be archived or bring it to the forums. 4) Again, your approvers (admins) are too busy for that, as lovely as it sounds. This is probably one of those 'things that sometimes happens' in the geocaching world. And it's not always a catastrophe when it does. my two cents, Seth!
  23. Fellas, that text I put in my original post was the ONLY thing that the server returned. No red stars, nothing. I mean, there aint much to fill out on a log entry: Found It Date Note I did it just fine (I've practiced over 780 times before!) yet it returned that message. I take it that this is not something everyone is seeing today... - !
  24. Seth!

    Pre-formatted Text

    Yeah, baby! That worked. I could have sworn I tried that. Maybe I used a different value for the size. Who knows. At least it's solved...at long last. Thanks, Hemlock. You hem-rock.
  25. Okay folks, I have a question for the group. When the geocache pages got changed to a new format some time ago, the <PRE> tags stopped working properly. The font is monospaced but the size is really, really small. Have a look... Here is how it used to look. The preformatted text is the coordinate info: And here is how it looks now: I've tried doing </font> before the preformatted text and then <font face=Verdana size=2> afterward, but it still does not help. Any suggestions? Thanks, Seth!
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