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  1. Globalgirl's solution for the tracking numbers should work.
  2. Regarding the map side of the coin: Set-up charges are a mute point. Changing the image on that side will cost less than a nickel per coin. As has been pointed out, the year will change anyway. The URL on the coin should be the URL for the coin tracking. In this case, it's the WSGA web site. FYI, the coin tracking on the WSGA site is undergoing some improvements. The WSGA board has not discussed tracking the coins on Geocaching.com this time because that was explored last year. Assuming that we do change the URL, we'll also need to remove the Geocaching.com logo from the map. Perhaps we can replace it with the generic G logo.
  3. My Aunt Helen. She would look great on a coin. What? Oh. Nevermind. I think a billowing volcano would be good, too. - !
  4. The NFS hasn't had a global policy about geocaching. I've found some on NFS land. However, I did have one ranger pull a geocache of mine that was on NFS land. I'm still steamed about that—it was not in an environmentally sensitive area and was a darn good hide. (BTW, I find it interesting that RWW has Lincoln on his avatar. Lincoln was a Republican, but in 1861, that was certainly not equated with Right Wing Wacko-ism—especially in Lincoln's case. It's a funny little drawing, though. Just seems a little incongruous.)
  5. I had no idea that he erupted in 1980. What was that like? Moun10Bike, care to explain? It seems like the subsequent anger management program has worked, though.
  6. Isn't there one in an old car at the bottom of Lake Chelan (WA) at a depth of 150' or something like that? That sounds extreme.
  7. Yeah, now that's what I'm talkin' about! What else have we got out there? I think that some scuba caches must qualify as extreme. Share some others! Does a person have to risk life and limb for a geocache to be extreme? Do painful mental challenges count?
  8. Hey gang, over the years I've tossed around the term "extreme geocaching" in conversation and maybe you have, as well. The question before you is, what makes a geocache an "extreme geocache". At first blush, it might seem like a 5/5 would qualify. But are any and all 5/5's extreme? Can a geocache be a 1/5 or a 5/1 and be "extreme"? I'd like to know what you would expect if someone invited you to go on an "extreme geocache hunt". If you can cite specific, existing geocaches, that would be great. But hypothetical geocaches are also welcome. Let's go to extremes, people! - Seth! (A quick search tells me that there are ten 5/5's here in Washington and thirty in California--just as a point of reference. They make up a pretty small percentage of all geocaches.)
  9. If you want to see an interview with Jeremy, there is one on the geocaching DVD. There is also an interview with Dave Ulmer and another with Moun10Bike.
  10. Yippee! I still put a camera in some of my geocaches. It's fun to finally see photos from one that I found--Burning Bright II. Boy, that find dates back to August 22, 2002. Print number 3A is not tgonser, by the way. I don't think that tgonser is in any of those photos. Thank you for posting them, Moun10Bike.
  11. This one of mine: Mission: Impossible — Flight to Cachistan and its predecessor are the most complex hunts ever, as far as I know. Seth!
  12. There is no reason that you shouldn't, since it's an event. The log entries for those are now "attended" instead of "found", so if you attend, you attend. Some people don't log events at all, and that's okay, too. By the way, this topic comes up frequently. You might do a seach on the forums to see previously expressed opinions. Again, it's a personal choice. I probably wouldn't unless it was going to keep appearing on my 'nearest geocaches' list and I just wanted to clear it out. But there's no harm in logging a find if you were actually there and signed the log. Some people might feel uncomfortable logging at as a find but the occasional team geocache isn't going to pad your numbers to stardom, right? Happy geocaching, Seth!
  13. I created a mirror of the original site after Fox took down the official Project Ape web site. Incidentally, it was through Project Ape that I learned about geocaching.
  14. Spencer, did you try using the "go right" arrow/button > instead of the up ^ or down v button? For some reason, some menu items only highlight when you do that sideways manuever. I could say it was by design, but it wasn't.
  15. I sent one in on December 15th and it's not there. In fact, I only see one entry from the 15th. Surely there must have been other procrastinators who waited until the last day. I've been looking here. Did the contest end on Greenwich time or something?! There's also one in there from July and another from 2001. What's up with that?
  16. The trailer is an mp4 file and seems to play fine in Quicktime. The problems seem to occur when using another player. (The reference to Windows Media Player has been removed from the page.) (By the way, Merry Christmas, everyone! Below is a picture of Adrian in his new Herb Fincher shirt that he got this morning.)
  17. Oh, we could surely send some north, too. (Sorry for the oversight.)
  18. Howdy. I think that the WSGA could probably front the cost of one of the lots. I was thinking that the three pallets of .30 cal cans would be the most useful. Since it sounds like there is already bidding going on from within the group, I won't place another bid. I'll check with the other WSGA officers, but I think we could go as high as $2 (or maybe $2.50) per can and feel comfortable with that. We could then resell them to individual Northwest geocachers at cost. I think that we could get a few distribution points--e.g. Seattle, Spokane, Wenatchee, and Vancouver/PDX. I'd be able to pick up the three pallet order in my Expedition--if I had another strong arm accompany me. Seth!
  19. Team Tillery, I've got a gorgeous Washington coin that I can trade with you. Send me an e-mail: seth@geocachingkids.com If anyone else has a really nice coin that they would like to trade for a WA coin, let me know. Seth!
  20. Bumping this up, in case someone still needs the instructions. So far, it's working really well. There have been four people who had to ask me to fix an activation code but out of 1,500 coins, that's not bad!
  21. I seem to recall hearing of a device that transmits an artificial GPS signal which would fool a GPSr (indoors) into thinking it was actually somewhere outside. Does anyone have any details about this or related web links? Thanks, Seth!
  22. "Is there a way to locate a WA state geocoin, besides stumbling on to one in a cache?" "...able to log where you left them, not just where you found them[?]" In a word, no. Okay, I'm sure it could be done (anything is possible) but don't look for that happening on the WSGA site any time soon. This is more like "Where's George" in that you can see where a particular geocoin (or dollar bill) has previously been but not the geocache (or bank) in which it resides. On the other hand, if someone steps forward with a server and the time/technology to develop such a feature, we'll be happy to get them started. As for the other error messages mentioned above, we'll get our crack team of Bob and Seth! working on it.
  23. It's not too late to join the fun. I'm heading down there in a few hours. I'll have my phone with me. I think we are going to be at 45 41.874 122 39.751 but I'm not exactly sure. Phone me first.
  24. Cool. I found it here. People can reply to me off-list, in this forum, or on the PDX forum. Whatever works! Thanks again.
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