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  1. Does anyone know if there is a rule of thumb for how tall a walking stick/staff should be relative to your own height? I seem to recall that ski poles are supposed to come up to your armpits or your knees or something like that. Is there such a standard for walking sticks?


    "Whatever size you want," or "whatever feels good," are the obvious replies. I'm asking for a different answer, if there is one.



  2. The smaller orders (ones and twos) went out last along with non-US orders. They are in envelopes with bubble wrap. I would expect most US orders to be delivered by Wednesday but don't hold me to that. (As we used to say, don't go postal on me.)

  3. I have Washington State geocoins. Both 2004 and 2005. I'd be interested in trading for other high-quality coins. I'd particularly like to get state geocoins.


    These photos don't do the coins justice, but you can see that they have enamel color and clear epoxy fill. If you think you have a coin that might make a good trade, please let me know!








  4. If you have questions or comments or gripes about WA geocoin shipping or orders, please direct those to me. Moun10Bike worked has tail off getting the orders processed and sorted. I have the vast majority of them in my living room and ready to go the post office but it'll take me much of the morning to get the rest of them done. I'm not really sure how efficiently the actually shipping can be implemented, so bear with me. That's why I am not promising that they will all go in the mail today even though that is my goal. Cool? :lol:

  5. Hi,


    If you ordered WA geocoins and did not pay via PayPal, we probably did not receive your order. To verify that your order was received, please send an e-mail to me ASAP. I'll need your name (user name is okay to include but I need your real name, too) and the quantity of coins you ordered.


    If you want to place a NEW order, you may continue to use the PayPal order form. It is working just fine.


    Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.



  6. flgAZ, yes, that's how my question originated.


    Team Shing, thanks. That worked. But having to enter a particular zip code is stupid!


    Elementary Watson, sure, that would work. But I shouldn't have to toss my cookies just to get the AAA link to work.


    I stand by my original claim that the folks at AAA are punks or at least don't know how to run an ad campaign. I wrote to complain and the AAA of Washington state has no knowledge of this Route 66 geocache project. What a well oiled machine AAA is! I'm starting to rethink my membership in the auto club.


    - !

  7. What punks. If I type in a zip code (even along the route) that doesn't have a geocache in it, I get a loop of redirects that take you to some generic AAA page with no mention of geocaches. B)


    What's worse is that there must be some cookie that memorizes the zip code I put in and won't ever let me try another one.


    Does anyone have a URL for an actual page that tells about this Route 66 geocache business?


    The link from team...in NM (posted above) redirects to this:



  8. I must have been washing my hair when fractal made this announcement.


    The only three campsites in the park that are available right now are handicap accessible. Which means that you MUST be handicapped in order to reserve them. Obviously, it would make sense to set those sites aside for the handicapped until the other sites are full, but that's not how it works. So, there are three empty sites in the park and I can't reserve one because I can walk. Talk about discrimination! (The same thing happened to us last year but we got a site in the B-loop, which was just fine. Now even the B-loop is full--except for the ADA sites.)


    Adrian and I would like to come down for the fun. If anyone has reserved a large tent site and would like some company, please let me know. We have tent and just need somewhere to pitch it.

  9. Just to the right of that green box on your search result is a size icon. If you want to skip the micros, ignore this one: micro.gif


    So THAT'S what that thing is. I thought it was some kind of bar graph. Sheesh! Thanks, folks.


    - !

  10. I often run a search for geocaches in a particular area, looking for ones I want to hunt. I guess that's pretty normal, huh? Well, some places have TONS of micros and I often want to skim over them in favor of regular size geocaches. (Especially if I have Travel Bugs to drop.)


    I think it would be really helpful if the little green box icon (i.e. the "regular geocache" icon) had some variation for microcaches. Maybe it would just have a little M on it.


    Any chance of that?


    - Seth!

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