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  1. I may have asked about this before, so forgive me if this is a rerun.


    I seem to recall seeing a geocache where there was an old steam train lying headlong into the brush where it fell years and years ago. Does this ring a bell? Can anyone point me to that cache?







    P.S. Four of my geocaches turned five years old last month. Isn't that cool? I remember when I placed my first one (Cul de Cache; still around) and hoped that it would be active years later. Lo and behold, it is.

  2. I think I have this beat! I found my first on 10/5/2001 and my 10th (yes, only tenth) on 5/29/2006. :lol:


    Congrats on 5 years Seth, here's to 5 more!


    Wow, it's slightlynorth. Holy sh...cheese. It was so nice to meet you and Erin 4.5 years ago at the picnic event in Marymoor and then I thought you fell off of Earth when your GPSr was stolen. It's nice to see your post here in the forums. Cheers!


    - !

  3. It's cool how a post like this can flush out the old timers. And just look at how everyone has aged over the past five years. I'm pretty sure that when W7WT joined, he looked like this...




    Now look at 'im! It's incredible what geocaching will do to a guy. :laughing:

  4. On Tuesday, Adrian and I join the ranks of Moun10Bike, the Jester, and very few other PNW geocachers. We'll be part of the five-year club because we found our first geocache on August 29, 2001. If you look through the logs from that summer, you won't find many familiar names. Adrian was a little guy back then, having just turned four.


    Two years ago, we hosted an event at our house to celebrate our three-year milestone. This summer is just too hectic for me to organize something like that. I would like to do something to observe our fifth geocaching orbit around the sun but I am not sure what. Maybe I should finally get a signature item! Any suggestions?*


    The game has changed a lot over the years--some for the better and all reflecting the nature of an exponentially growing sport. Sometimes I sit in my rocker and reflect on the good ol' days but usually it's just neat to see how much people are enjoying it.


    Thanks to everyone in the geocaching community for making this a fun part of our lives.



    Seth! & Adrian


    *besides "make another Mission: Impossible cache."

  5. I've noticed that a lot of times people will quote entire forum posts in their replies for no reason--even if it includes a giant picture. Here is an example and it's fairly tame. I've seen people quote quotes of quotes.


    It's not like we don't know that the reply refers to the original post. If there is a specific comment that needs to be referenced, it is possible to edit the quoted segment to only include the pertinent information.


    I just find it a pain to scroll past the same picture or text over and over again, trying to find what bit of insight was added by the reply.


    This is my small vote for taking a moment to reply carefully. This is only my opinion and probably does not reflect the opinion of thousands of other people--just so you know that I know. :laughing:

  6. I'm putting together a presentation about the Global Positioning System and there seems to be a dearth of photos of the six monitor stations. I found this very low res photo of the one in Hawaii...



    ...does anyone have a better, high res image that I could use? I thought maybe someone in Hawaii could just run out and snap one. :laughing:




  7. Well, that went nowhere quickly. I guess the answer is, no, there really is no other place where geocachers from all over can post freely. I (speaking only for myself) think that's too bad. It seems like, for $30 per year, I should be able to post in the forums from time to time without some [insult omitted] person deciding to delete my post. It's not like I--or most other folks who have their posts closed/deleted--are here to post porn, tell lies about our neighbors, sell Viagra, offer our wives for sale, and so forth. Most people who post are just trying to connect with the geocaching community and that should be allowed with pretty darn wide latitude. It aint hurtin' anybody! So, moderators, please consider backing off a bit and letting people (especially since many of us are paying customers!!) utilize these forums.


    For the record, my post in question was simply an attempt to find a geocacher in Syracuse, New York who had a digital camera and could help me gather information to put together a multi-cache for a museum out there. I think that was a lot more innocuous than many of the trite and mean things that appeared in this thread.


    I'm closing this thread since nobody was able to answer the original question. :)

  8. Are there other geocaching forums (non-geographic specific) elsewhere? It sure would be nice to find one that isn't patrolled by an army of admins with nothing better to do than close threads and otherwise meddle in the online lives of others.


    I tried to get help setting up a multi-cache yesterday and an admin decided to shut that down. I've seen things like that happen time and time again here. It's really getting tiresome. We need another place to hang out.


    - !

  9. The question: Finding this cache requires very specialized knowledge, skills, or equipment. This is a serious mental or physical challenge.




    It seems like there is a lot of overlap in the D/T if you choose to use the exact wording of the rating system...Maybe a revision to the rating system is needed to clarify either way as that is the defacto standard these days.


    Lightning Jeff:


    A "5" in terrain means you won't even get to GZ without special equipment, etc (e.g., climbing gear; a boat). A "5" in difficulty means once at GZ, you'll need special equipment, etc. (e.g., a magnet; a screwdriver). If Criminal's cache - sitting out in the open - is a "5 difficulty" cache, then the rating - and the differentiation between difficulty and terrain - is meaningless.


    As AndrewRJ, Map Only, and Lightning Jeff said (or at least implied), the question seems to be a limitation of the rating wizard--and possibly the semantics of the labels. There needs to be distinction between Difficulty and Terrain in order for them to be useful to us. The grueling physical effort to arrive at GZ should, in my opinion, be reflected in Terrain. A level 5 terrain should be implicitly challenging (or 'difficult ') for most people to physically do. This leaves the DifficultY rating to describe some other aspect of the hunt.




  10. Hey, Alaska...


    Do you folks have a website (e.g. state association)?


    What are some of the most interesting or extreme geocaches up there?


    What are some fun but not too extreme ones that you'd recommend to someone visiting Anchorage?




  11. Three things to add:


    1) Killer cacher, Criminal! Your efforts are appreciated. I hope I get the courage and strength to attempt it.


    2) I think RK has a clear interpretation of the ratings. If it is a 5/5 now, what would it be if you added a puzzle and made it a micro? The answer: Harder to find! So it's probably a 1/5 or a 2/5 by virtue of the fact that (a) it's an ammo can (;) signal is probably okay up there © you don't have to perform any mental magic, etc. Regarding 'specialized equipment', I don't think it includes flashlights or anything else that most people own, know how to use, and might reasonably have in their backpacks. SCUBA gear, helicopters, ladders, grappling hooks...that's specialized gear in my mind. Again, I think Renegade Knight explained it pretty well.


    3) If anyone is aiming to go after this one in the next couple of months, I'd love to get some video footage for the next geocaching DVD. That doesn't necessarily mean I'll join you; it just means take a camcorder!




  12. I finally laid out my summer calendar and our family reunion is the same weekend as the Champoeg event. Frankly, this would be more fun but blood is thicker than geocaching, so I have to give up my super campsite. :P I have it reserved for Friday and Saturday (July 14/15) . It's site A30 and it is $50 for the two nights.


    Post a note here or contact me if you would like the camp site.



  13. No incluiremos probablemente el webcam o "caché urbano" porque son algo...domésticos (¿fácil? ¿ordinario? ¡No hablo español!). El vídeo tendrá solamente tiempo para aproximadamente los geocaches una docena.


    ¡Someta por favor los nombramientos!


    Aquí está un acoplamiento al sitio ma's constest del Web. Aquí está una tentativa de traducir la misma página a español (por Babelfish).

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