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  1. Thank you to those who have already visited this geocache and picked up some bugs! We'll put more in the geocache soon--but don't worry, it's not empty! Come by tomorrow and grab one.


    As for not seeing the bugs, some will be more wrapped (and more fragile) than others. It will be kind of a grab bag for the wrapped ones, so just pick one and see what you get! We do have some that are a bit less fragile.


    I should point out that beginning on June 16, you'll be able to see a bunch of them on display on the second level of City Hall, so be sure to come have a look. I'll post a photo when it is ready.

  2. The cache page is up and running. Please note that we are requesting only Grab or Drop logs on the Travel Bugs. Because we are tracking 200 bugs, Discovered logs would overwhelm us. Plus, the sculpture pieces are fragile and we don't want folks rummaging through the geocache trying to record tag numbers. Many are wrapped and in baggies for their protection.


    I hope that a lot of people will help us get these on their way starting tomorrow morning. Please take and post photos! Thank you.


    Oh, and a clarification: The photos that you see at the Bellevue Sculpture Exhition site are not the Travel Bugs! Those are the big sculptures. The travel bugs will get their own photo page here. So yes, you could take the Travel Bugs on a hike. :)

  3. If you live in or near Bellevue, you can help with this fun Travel Bug project.


    There will be approximately 200 new Travel Bugs launched over the next couple of months in Bellevue! The starting cache is The Sculpture Launcher, a simple offset cache. These Travel Bugs are works of public art created by local teens. When the cache is up, please come by and help get a Travel Bug started on its journey.


    The sculptural Travel Bugs were created using a variety of recycled materials as a teen project for the 2008 Bellevue Sculpture Exhibition. The theme of the exhibition is Sculpted Green. Many of the works to be on display at Bellevue City Hall and the Downtown Park from June 14 to Oct. 5 will relate sculpture to sustainability and provide artful inspiration for green living through their message and materials. Visit the second floor of City Hall to view an evolving exhibition of select Sculptural Travel Bugs.


    Each TB wants to travel throughout King County and visit a particular location. Please check the goal! Once that goal is reached, the TB wants to travel some more and return to The Sculpture Launcher geocache later in the summer. Please check for the return date!

  4. My new Colorado 300 is pretty sweet but it's a lot harder to use than my trusty old eTrex H. I can't figure out how to use the compass page to locate a geocache--as in, the way it does on the eTrex. The geocache page is useful only to a point. I'd like the compass page to show me how many feet to go to the geocache. Anyone know how?



  5. Back in 2006, this question was posted but I don't think it was ever answered. For reasons unclear to me, the thread was locked. I am going to trim it down and hopefully the offending bits will be removed. Surely other folks have this question, too.


    "hi i was thinking of having coins minted...and i wanted to add some type of tracking software to my web site to allow...people...to track where they have been... Any one have any ideas where to get software like that?"


    My Google search turned up software for tracking coins in one's collection. This person and I are asking about tracking coins we make. I know that the WSGA set up tracking for our state geocoins. That was a lot of work, though. I am hoping that by now someone has developed a more turn-key solution that I could put on my web server and >blammo< be tracking coins in minutes.



    Seth! <_<

  6. I really liked having the option of the new and old maps. Given the choice, I find that the old map style was much more useful and interesting. The new one is nearly worthless--except to see the TB path in detail when the caches are close together.


    Please bring back the old map! If possible, it would be nice if it were zoomable, too. :(


    - Seth!

  7. Both of those are fine suggestions but would involve changing a lot of links on a lot of pages. It seems like it would be a simple enough matter to tell the server to recognize the original format as well as any versions since then.


    One nice thing about the old URL is that you could readily see that geocache 9000 was the 9,000th geocache posted on the site.

  8. Back in the good old days, cache page URLs looked like this:




    This link survived many versions of the web site but I discovered today that these links no longer work. I have created MANY web pages with HUNDREDS of links that use this format. Can the site be fixed so that these links still point to the cache page?


    Perhaps this was a temporary outage, but I have a feeling that it is not. Thanks.

  9. Hi all,


    I am seeking two types of GPS receivers. First, I am looking for some really cheap (e.g. dead) GPS receivers. I would prefer models less than 10 years old, like the Garmin eTrex series. I'll pay for shipping but I'd like to get the units free or really cheap. They are for an educational display.


    Second, I'd like to get some working eTrex Basic models. They're the yellow ones. I often get asked to do classes and having a few of these would be helpful. I'd like to buy some used ones at a good price.


    Let me know what you have! Thanks a bunch.


    Seth! :P

  10. I hit my #700 at the WSGA Campout two weeks ago, near my six-year anniversary of geocaching. Is that some kind of record? How many people have been geocaching that long and "only" have 700 finds? :D


    For perspective, I hit #600 on my three-year anniversary. It took me another three years to get the next hundred. No wonder people think I've been slowing down. Back when I hit #500, there were only a few people in the state (country? world?) who had 500 or more finds. Those were the days before numbers mattered and there wasn't a microcache every 500 feet. :blink:


    The game is still a lot of fun after all this time. Adrian and I had a blast at the campout. But where were the other oldtimers? Lucyandrickie? Moun10bike? Wienerdog? I haven't seen you guys since the holiday party or something like that.


    So I probably should start a pool to guess when I will hit 800. I think if we make a graph, it extends out to 2025. I bet I can beat that. :anicute:




  11. It's the latest number padding scheme. Cachers pass around lists of geocoins, and travel bugs, just so they can discover them.


    The function was originally created for geocoins that had unique icons. It helped stopped the old practice, of electronically grabbing a geocoin from a cache, than electronically placing the coin back into the same cache. This reduces the number of logs from (two or three) down to one. The icon hunters are happy, and the TB owners get numerous, but useless logs.


    I agree with the tone of Kit Fox's reply. It's a scheme that doesn't do anything for the trackable's travels. If someone wants the icon or the tally, then he/she should be willing to move the TB/coin from one cache to another. If you're too lazy to do that, then tough beans. If a "discovered" log showed up on one of my TBs, I'd delete it.*


    I love TBs. I move them whenever I can and I also snap photos about 90% of the time, since that is part of the travelogue.


    On a side note, who are the jerks who take TBs from caches and then don't log them and keep them? It happens a lot! Unlikely that it is muggles, because they'd probably take the whole cache or other stuff. They wouldn't know the significance of a TB.


    - Seth!


    *Exception: Someone accidentally did that when they actually were moving the TB. I left the log, of course.

  12. They don't make mistakes. They are in the business of lies and deception.


    Huh? <_< I think it only qualifies as "lies and deception" if they invent facts and call them news. Otherwise, it's entertainment. Entertainment doesn't have to be true. (See also: Fiction, Artistic License, Interpretation)

  13. Seriously? Nobody knows these geocachers? They are two people--Gab and Mike. They have at least one child, apparently, because they refer to Gab as mom. They have four logged finds, in CA, AZ, and NM. I really, really, really, really want to get my Travel Bug back from them. I will pay $50 to anyone who can give information leading to a successful recovery of my Travel Bug "Draggin' Cache" that gabandmike grabbed from a CA geocache back in January but did not log.

  14. Hi,


    I am hoping to get in touch with gabandmike and am wondering if anyone here knows them. (Yes, I already sent a message through gc.com.) They are a family with just a few finds logged but have done at least one other cache without logging online. If you do know them, I would be grateful if you could ask them to contact me. Thank you!



  15. Howdy. My dad says he saw a treasure show on TV the other night. Jeremy was on it because geocaching made the top-ten list of treasures in North America.


    What was the show?? I can't find a listing that sounds like it. He said History Channel but a search of their site came up empty. FYI, the list was...


    10. The El Salvador ship wreck off the NC Outer Banks

    9. Art works stolen from the Gardner Museum in Boston

    8. The Lost Dutchman Mine


    6. A gold mine in Utah

    5. A silver statue of the Madonna in New Hampshire

    4. Oak Island treasure

    3. Gold panning in California

    2. The San Miguel ship wreck off Florida

    1. D.B. Cooper's cash (almost $200,000) in Oregon




  16. Geocachers in the Syracuse area may have noticed that the Museum of Science & Technology has a new treasure hunt in the community. The info is on the local TV station's website.


    It looks like geocachers (and other GPS users) have an advantage because the lat/lon coordinates for each stop are included. :rolleyes:


    The hunt is part of the exhibit that the museum has visiting through January (Treasure!) that is about treasure hunting...and geocaching.

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