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  1. I wrote a nice post about this but I don't know what happened to it. I guess the forums ate it. Anyway, yay me. Twenty years.
  2. Some of you have been geocaching long enough to remember when there were no 'discover' logs and people would post a 'found' log and just say, "I seent it! I seent it!" This was really annoying. Then 'discover' logs were created. Somewhat of an improvement and I have resigned myself to their existence. My objection is that, for me, the Travel Bug page is a narrative of its travels. It really clutters up the story if a couple dozen people post, "I glimpsed it at an event" log. Who cares? That makes it about the person's stats, not the Travel Bug's travels. But what really grinds my gears are the ones where someone just looked at a photo. I will absolutely delete those on my TBs. I hate to see them on TBs that I follow. If a TB has been MIA for ten years and someone posts a log saying they discovered it... what the heck. Sometimes they do not confess that it was from seeing a photo and then it gets really confusing. Did it mysteriously turn up somewhere? I suspect that nobody who is reading this is guilty of the crime but if you are, knock it off! BTW, I ALWAYS make sure that the TB number is not visible in a photo, even if that means blurring it out. There is always a way to hide the number. Everyone should do that as a courtesy to the TB owner. That's something you CAN do if you are not already. ~!
  3. These users even had the exact same wording. Not sure what's up with that. Misfit Train (TB89) on your watchlist has a new log: • Logged by: Formiguetes • Log Type: Discovered It • Date: 5/9/2016 • Type: Travel Bug Dog Tag Discovered in TB gallery, thanks for sharing. Happy Caching. Misfit Train (TB89) on your watchlist has a new log: • Logged by: Mini Furmi • Log Type: Discovered It • Date: 5/9/2016 • Type: Travel Bug Dog Tag Log: Discovered in TB gallery, thanks for sharing. Happy Caching Misfit Train (TB89) on your watchlist has a new log: • Logged by: Romance Dawn • Log Type: Discovered It • Date: 5/9/2016 • Type: Travel Bug Dog Tag Log: Discovered in TB gallery, thanks for sharing. Happy Caching.
  4. After geocaching for 15 years, you'd think I had seen everything. Back in the good old days, you logged a Travel Bug if you took it and moved it. Then people just started logging them out of and back into the same cache. Lame but at least they did FIND the Travel Bug. So Groundspeak created the Discovered log to at least differentiate inaction from action. It completely removes the whole purpose of the Travel Bug but whatever. Now I am seeing Discovered log entries come through from people who merely caught a glimpse of the tracking number on the web site!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! These logs should be deleted but the ones I saw yesterday were not on my Travel Bugs. If you are doing this, please stop. It's insane. You did not find, discover, or move the Travel Bug. I can't believe that this even needs to be said.
  5. It has been many, many years since I've clicked into these forums. I am perplexed and thought I'd see what's happening these days. I've had a few people recently hint in their DNF logs that they'd like credit for a find since they went through the trouble to go to the location. I know it's a bummer to get a DNF, especially if the cache might be missing. Nevertheless, it's a DNF. It seems weird to me that people would suggest it. It could put me in an awkward position but I'll exercise the option to ignore the sort-of inquiry. Anyone have a thought on this? Are we just handing out Found logs now?
  6. I need to edit the details on some old cache photos. There is now a feature to date the photos, a feature that did not exist back then. The problem is, the drop-down menu only goes back to 2002 and there are photos--like mine--that predate this. I don't want to edit photo details if it means adding an incorrect date. Can the menu be expanded to 2000 or at least 2001?
  7. Zoinks. I just got back to read this thread I started. Now I remember why I stopped posting here! Thank you for the kind remarks. I'll ignore the others, except to say that yes, some of my geocaches need maintenance and I am quite behind in that regard. I'll do some sprucing up this weekend, in honor of the 10-year milestone. Zoltig, that Far Side is one of my favorite comics. I had a coffee mug with that one on it when I was teaching. Well, I'll probably not be seen in these forums for a while. Maybe in five years! Happy geocaching everyone.
  8. Hey, fellow geocachers. Four of my oldest geocaches have their ten-year anniversaries this month. My first geocache, Cul de Cache, hit that milestone on the 7th. That was followed by Urban Cache: Overdue (October 11, 2001), GPS? IP Address! (October 17, 2001), and Sawmill a.k.a. Your Browser's Cache that turns ten on the 30th. I remember when Adrian (then four, now 14) and I hid Cul de Cache and thinking how cool it would be if it was still out there a decade later. It would be like ancient treasure! Would you believe that there were only 8,439 geocaches in the WORLD when we hid that? That number has rocketed to 1,554,874. It has been remarkable to see this activity grow from what it was then to what it is now. In the most basic ways, the game hasn't changed, but it is quite different in many other respects. If you find yourself in the Seattle area, come on over to Kirkland and find some of the oldest surviving geocaches in the area. My Urban Cache: Overdue is a hit with everybody and the first of its kind, as far as I know. Cul de Cache is right by my house, so come say howdy. Happy geocaching!
  9. Thank you for the kind words. And for yours, Dick. Heh heh. Wrasto, I'm sure that Overdue IS the first of that genre. I'm proud of my hides and would like to grow my find count. I see people with 20,000+ finds and it blows my mind. There were not even 9,000 geocaches in the WORLD when I hid Cul de Cache. I have to admit that when I do get the urge to go on a hunt, I find that the exponential growth of cache numbers is largely due to microcaches. Back in the day, those were a curiosity, comprising a fraction of a percent of all hides. Today they seem to be the rule and frankly I don't really enjoy them. I am pleased that most of mine are good ol' boxes of treasure and hopefully kids of all ages are having fun finding them. I need to plan some more caches to hide. Thank you for supporting my old ones!
  10. Four of my geocaches turn nine years old this month, including Urban Cache: Overdue. They are some of the oldest geocaches in the area and I think they are the oldest ones in Kirkland that are the original containers, in the original spots, with the original names. I remember when I hid Cul de Cache on October 7, 2010, and thinking how cool it would be to have it around a decade later. We are almost there. Adrian has grown from a four-year-old to teenager. By some miracle, I have not gotten any older. Happy 10-10-10. If you haven't found my ol' caches, come on down. Cheers, Seth!
  11. Eight Years! My son, Adrian, and I have been geocaching for eight years now. I intended to go out and hunt for a cache this weekend but it'll have to wait until later in the week. It would have been nice to hit 800 for my eighth year (I hit 300 for three years) however I am not quite there. It is funny how nowadays people have thousands of finds. Clearly I am not out there hunting caches very often. The cache density has really gone up! Many of my friends have found more caches than there were in the entire world back in August of 2001. I'm proud to be one of the old timers and one of the few who still go on the hunt after this many years. My travels have taken me to many, many states and countries. I hope that, as the number of geocaches approaches the ridiculous, that there will continue to be a lot of really cool and creative hunts. I tried to set the bar pretty high. Thanks to everyone for the hunts and all of the finds on mine. Cheers.
  12. Thanks for fixing my link. Oops.
  13. There are four TBs at Space Center Houston. Two of them need to find a geo-home before a muggle grabs them. The other two will be there for discovery for several weeks. They are inside, so if you are planning a visit to Space Center Houston, be sure to hunt for the geocache in the exhibit. I am sure that the locals know this but for the benefit of visitors, Space Center Houston is adjacent to Johnson Space Center. You can read my log entry about the TBs on this nearby geocache.
  14. Is there some way to prevent annoying cache logs like this? Imagine if everyone did that. Constructive replies only, please.
  15. Thank you webscouter and Yossarian for posting something other than a smartass, useless reply. You two had the courtesy to include a useful link. Interesting that there has not been an "official" response. I suppose there might be some magical program that can go in and edit links on all of my web pages but I'd have to see it to believe it. Despite all of the talk, nobody seems to be able to cite one. I can't imagine that I am the only person in the world who has a bunch of pages with links that no longer work due to the recent change. After the last upgrade, Gspeak added some kind of magic redirect so that the old URLs would work. All I'm suggesting is that perhaps this could be done again. I'd like to think that the schema isn't really going to be changing every two years. My pages ARE my responsibility. I'm simply asking for a favor. Please refrain from posting any more lame replies. Useful information only, please.
  16. There are still Travel Bugs in the geocache, so please grab one and take in on a trek around the area between now and October.
  17. Unfortunately, that fix would involve changing links on every single web page where the old ones are. It's not as simple as a global replace on a single page in my case. Wouldn't it be easier to have the old style pages resolve to the new ones? THAT would be global. Anyone from Groundspeak care to chime in along with the peanut gallery?
  18. The web site has changed again! In October of 2007, I posted this message: I see that links to these formats of URLs are not working again. Previously, several people suggested that I change my links. That would be fine if there were just one instance. But I (and many other geocachers) have this style of link on many, many pages throughout the web. Is there any chance that Groundspeak might build in a redirect again? It sure would help. Thanks, Seth!
  19. If we are not exactly at the posted coordinates (a grassy area sort of in the middle of it all), then look at the picnic area to the west (N 47° 36.720' W 122° 12.368'). I don't think anyone has those table reserved, so we'll see if we get there first.
  20. In case you did not see it, there was an article in the PI this week about the youth geocaching project. Don't forget to come to the park tomorrow!
  21. For those of us west of the Cascades who are not going to make it to the WSGA campout, there is another opportunity to socialize next weekend. Come to the Downtown Park in Bellevue for Sculpturaltravelbugapalooza. This is a BYO picnic and gathering, featuring some of the Sculptural Travel Bugs from The Sculpture Launcher. If you would like to suggest other activities, let me know. I hope to see a lot of familiar faces and some new ones! Cheers, Seth!
  22. Tamaral1, that worked like a charm. Thank you for the help. Sorry for the delayed gratitude.
  23. Hmm. Okay, but then the link is gone from the page. I just want it to not be in the gallery. In the old days, this was not an issue. It should be possible to post a spoiler photo on the cache page without it showing up in the gallery. Oh, developers, are you listening?
  24. In the good old days, we could load photos to cache pages and they would show up as a link. Handy for spoilers. I just uploaded one and it landed as a giant photo right there in the gallery! And I can't find a way to delete it from the gallery. Help! Does anyone know how to do this? Cripes. The description of the photo also does not appear, just the title. I think something went wrong with the last code change to the site.
  25. There is not really a good way to know which are inside and which are outside. Generally, if it is a larger ceramic piece, you can be pretty sure it is inside. By the way, someone walked off with SeaLife and left its Travel Bug tags in the geocache. I hope that this unknown person will return SeaLife to the geocache. The sculptures are not "for keeps"!
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