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  1. That looks like what I had to do in Lowe's the other day - picked up a "hitchhiker" on a cache, found him when I was in Lowe's - stuck him on the ground and stabbed him repeatedly with a screwdriver - no tape handy. My mom wants to go to geowoodstock with me - just because it's in bell buckle. we'll see!
  2. I never sign celerystalker - sometimes Amber (my real name), sometimes Amber and Riley (my dog). At first I didn't realize you HAD to sign the log - so my first "real" find (keycache! I was so proud of myself that I found it!) doesn't have my name in it. Of course, it's near my house and just a half mile walk, so if the owner ever complains, I'll go back to it. It's big and would be good for travel bugs - I might buy some and go back.
  3. I know where a cache is near me - I've known since before I bought my gps - it's in a sandbox in a park near me. but I haven't braved it yet, even though I'm female - because I know parents are going to think I'm loony for digging around in the sand!!! maybe I'll be brave this weekend. or find a random kid to use as a beard!
  4. I have a plan! Get some new sneakers, cover them with permanone. Buy some ben's max formula to keep in the car and carry duct tape so I can wrap my dog in it and send him ahead of me! Just kidding about the duct tape dog part. Seriously, though - my dog doesn't chew my shoes or anything, but is permanone and ben's max safe to use around him?
  5. Back in 1996 I wanted a change of names on a BBS and couldn't think of anything - a poster named Radish The Great posted about having a stalker, and it got me to thinking about stalking vegetables - then I remembered from childhood the Bunnicula series of books (written from the perspective of 2 dogs and a cat about a vampire bunny that sucks the juice out of vegetables - very cute older book for kids!). The second book in the series is The Celery Stalks at Midnight. So I became Celerystalker. It's stuck. I have a large group of friends on a disney message board (disboards.com - it's actually how I found out about geocaching!) and they all call me Cel or Celery. My mom joined the disboards and she's CelMama. My dad gets annoyed that we talk to so many "imaginary" friends. I don't think he knows about my new geocaching obsession yet.
  6. Hey Mrs B! Neat trackable! It's come a long way! But why isn't the mileage from California showing up? I'm new to trackables (and geocaching, actually).
  7. Darn! I was hoping there was some secret chaching anti tick treatment!
  8. Hey all. I'm new to caching and already have a problem with ticks! I'm in the Nashville area out in the woods, and ticks are pretty bad. I ended up with several the other day just for a park and grab. What's the best spur of the moment repellant? I'm used to Off deep woods for long hikes, but I was looking for something a little less smelly for those quick after work grabs. Yes, I'll be in business clothes! Any ideas?
  9. I'm one of those newbie cachers! I haven't picked up a travel bug yet because I want to make sure of the process. I travel for work, so I have great opportunities to move travel bugs wherever they need to go - but I get confused! I try to look at the cache and see what tb is there, but some seem to be logged and not really there - I didn't know people put the goal with the tb - that's a great idea - because even though I haven't picked one up yet, I keep looking at the listing to see what the goal is. What's the protocol on how long to keep a trackable? For instance, I'm in Albany GA right now and there are some trackables near me that I was thinking of taking home to Nashville. I won't be traveling again until the 18th when I'm headed to Cincinnati. SHould I put the bug in a Nashville cache and then if it hasn't been picked up by the time I get ready to head north, pick it up again? How long is the average to keep a tb before placing it again? There's a really neat travel bug resort and drop off near where I am now (gcwfc7) so I don't want to miss an opportunity to help some along their goal.
  10. Thanks Nordic - now we can tell if it's bad before we load it!
  11. I had work stuff and end of the semester school stuff to do, so this is the first chance I've had to play with it again. I've saved my personal addresses, so here goes! cross your fingers! I'm traveling for business this week and I already know there's a cache right across the street! it's a busy intersection with no crosswalk, so I'll wait until tomorrow to go grab it. IT WORKED! WOO! The only thing I did different was not encrypt and picked "Caches I have not found." I also limited it to 50. Hmm. Trying again! It worked two times in a row - maybe they fixed the pocket queries?
  12. I'm still having my problem where it doesn't load all the data. I'll try a different computer soon that doesn't have GSAK loaded and see if that helps. How do you delete the waypoints without deleting your personal ones?
  13. I tried it again today. this time I ran a small pocket query (deleting 100 files manually yesterday was a pain!) of 25 and I did not zip it. I pulled it directly from my email and put it on my desktop. It does associate that file type with GSAK, but I can't believe it changes it! Hmm.
  14. I've only found two and I've been disappointed! There's a really easy one to find in my hometown - which means a lot to me since it's across the street from a business my parents used to own, plus it's a very historical site. I'd be HAPPY if there were mctoys in it - I love silly toys! But it's GARBAGE! A broken balloon. a pacifier. a plastic car that doesn't roll, etc - What's the protocol on dumping junk? This cache is so fun to find that I think it's great for newbies - and I'd like to leave several fun things for new cachers - is it bad form to trash all the junk? It's not MY cache - but I feel like it could get kids excited about the game. Should I contact the owner and ask permission to get rid of the junk?
  15. nordic - thanks for all your help! I didn't even think that I don't need a card reader! I followed your directions, but all the chaches are named "geocache file generated by Groundspeak," and the icon, size, hint, etc isn't visible. I used a pocket query I did along a route - I figured out that I had to unzip the folder. When I convert a cache individually, it works fine, so I'm confused.
  16. Thanks, nordicman! I'll probably go buy a card reader today so I can get started! Highlander - are you doing pocket queries yet? I downloaded GSAK yesterday and I'm figuring it out - I'm assuming that the link nordicman posted has the capability of taking the GPX file from the pocket query and putting it on the XOG. So far I'm just carrying my laptop with me in the car and entering the coordinates of the caches I want to find manually.
  17. Hey all - I'm a GSAK newbie as well and didn't want to start a new thread. I figured out how to download pocket queries and even figured out cache along a route - but now that the cache along a route is in my GSAK, what do I do? Does GSAK recognize it as being along a route? How would I go about using GSAK so I know the next cache? I figure it has something to do with the arc/poly filter, but I'm confused on it. Any help would be appreciated!
  18. I bought my XOG today! But I'm confused. I've never done geocaching before - I entered the coordinates into the XOG and it is showing me where to go - but how do you switch from road mode to "trail" mode? I drove home from the store using the turn by turn navigation and it is great - if I start driving with the coordinates entered, will it automatically direct me? any way to help make it paperless?
  19. Yes! This is just what I wanted to hear! I've never done geocaching, but I think it will be fun - but I've been wanting a portable GPS to use on business travels - Thanks for the recommendation! Any other opinions on the Lowrance XOG?
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