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  1. I saw this yesterday and posted it on facebook for a fellow cacher that lost her wallet while out caching. My friend thinks she knows where her wallet is and is hoping to get it back today. Nice to know that some people still have morals and will do the right thing.
  2. What I find is interesting is they registered the same day the "found" this cache. They even took the time to mark that they "moved/discovered" the three travel bugs that were in the cache. It's the ONLY cache they've found. Could it be someone that wanted to place a cache in the area and was upset that there was already one there?
  3. I generally just tell my daughter I'm going geocaching and she wants to come...however, we just drag her friends with us without giving them much of a choice. *grin*
  4. I generally don't put a mission on my travel bugs. I just like to see where they go wandering like gypsies.
  5. It was a SUPER COOL dude that listed it, that's for sure!! *grin* I figured there aren't enough caches in Lancaster to begin with, I'd make it available to everyone. Once we hit the GeoCache Dash and the Girl Scouts get to make a bunch more, I might make some premium caches with those. But for now I just want more caches over here. Now...there are ten bazillion caches being posted over in the Randolph area, but I rarely head that way. I'm still waiting on the FTF
  6. What kind of camera do you use? Brand - Canon Model - XSi (450D) MP's - 12.2 Shutter speeds - Depends on the lens Lens - Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens - Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS Techniques...I try to bring my tripod, but it's a little on the big size for serious hiking. Then I bring the Gorillapod, but I actually have a cheap knock-off one and it's not very good. It's not all about the camera either. I've seen awesome photos taken on camera phones too. Not my best photo, but a nice one I've posted here....
  7. I'm getting that this is the Crowley's Ridge Conservation Area. Correct? Will this work... 36.945, -89.9836111 You can always pull up GPS Visualizer for converstions and other things.
  8. Hi again Nathan. Simple curiosity it is then. And here is the Knowledge Book article addressing your question. How can I tell who is watching my cache? Thanks. I hadn't seen that.
  9. Why would I want to know...curiosity. See if it's someone I know or not. *shrug* Mainly the curiosity factor though.
  10. I've just hidden my first hide GC263C9. I have two people watching it right now. Is there a way to find out who those two people are?
  11. As a premium member you have access to some of the hardest caches in Geocaching. Any of these will give you a run for your money.... Psycho Urban Cache Series Specifically the Vinny & Sue Team ones.
  12. Every cache I've found has been with my daughter and usually 1 or 2 friends of hers.
  13. I don't, as I drive a school bus. If I were to stop on the side of the road to grab caches, I'd get fired.
  14. It works just fine on Google's Chrome. *shrug*
  15. I just dropped off a TB, after having it for 9 months. Why did it take me so long? Because my daughter lost it in her room and we didn't find it until now. The original owner did e-mail me, but I can't remember how long he/she waited. Personally, I'd give them a month or so. They could be saving it for a get together.
  16. You can always do what this guy did... http://www.parkingenforcementforum.com/vie...php?f=3&t=3 He bought four car dolly's and just pushed his car into his garage with the boots still in place. I know you're from out of town, but it would still be funny to move the car. The above link is a compilation of the one person's posts and not the full 60+ pages of comments from everyone else. It's actually pretty funny reading.
  17. I have the 1500 also. I haven't had any problem caching with it. However, as soon as you change ANYTHING in the GPSr you can no longer synch with Vantage Point software. You have to clear the memory. Which means you lose some functionality. They SAY they are coming out with a fix, but it's been a LOOOOOOOONG time in coming.
  18. So, what's been going on with PUC 13 since the last update?
  19. This same thing was posted to another forum I belong to this morning, for Photographers. You might end up with a bunch of people there taking pictures.
  20. My wife says we have a momma and baby bear skulking around in our backyard the last couple of nights. Why can't they come out during the day and let me take a picture of them? *pout*
  21. Vinnie, I agree the PUC cache's should not be made public. If for no other reason than safety. I'd hate to think someone would try them that isn't properly prepared. I'm not saying that paying members are safer than non, but if anyone and everyone can try them the sheer numbers of people attempting these will just beg for someone being hurt.
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