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  1. DARN Yime, Thought I had ya a luggage tag. But, I'd flown into Midway, not O'Hare. Hope you get all the items you need for the scavenger hunt!!! Kelly (AKA GeoCharmer81)
  2. That is one BAD-TO-THE-BONE Coin!!! Congrats to IBcrashen--time was on your side!! And, many thanks to the Mystery Coiner for bringing so much joy to our community!!
  3. Just found this thread an hour ago-- out caching all day!! I voted and-- I got a pig. OOIINK!! Snuffle those truffles!! Blessings to everyone who voted and to all those who help our critters to become and stay healthy and happy!! And, thanks to tsun for another great cointest!! GeoCharmer81 (AKA Kelly)
  4. Thanks to opalsns for a fun Cointest!!! The captions were tooo funny. Congrats to the winners!!! And, Eartha is a winner in my book!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Today's caption: They said "three on the tree"!!!
  6. My caption for the day: Quick!! hide your legs, I see the chef coming!! P.S. love drneal's caption!!!
  7. Wow, another fun cointest--thanks!! My caption for the photo: Hop-arazzi
  8. Greetings all, My story is about a parrot!!. She is a Red-Lored Amazon named Rico. I saw her at a bird fair in late 2000 and couldn't let her stay with the "people" who had her. When birds are stressed, they pluck their feathers. The poor little girl had her belly plucked bare. And, she has a "toe" that was broken and healed improperly. I was working for my vet cleaning and feeding the animals at that time. When I brought her in for a check-up, he had two questions: # 1. Where did you get her? and after I answered, #2. Can you take her back? I asked him how I could send that little face back to where she'd been!! He was sure she had been used for breeding and not treated very well. She could answer that question herself because she talks. When I first got her, she could say, "hello" and "bad bird." Now she can say, "Rico," "I love you" and "right back"!! When I go out, I tell her "I'll be right back"!! And, she has regrown most of her belly feathers. We aren't sure how old she is, but, we think she's about 25 now. She has a home with me until one of us crosses the Rainbow Bridge. I must say thank you to all the wonderful, caring people who have shared their stories and their love here. It is comforting and refreshing to see how many good people are in our caching community!! It's a shame some humans are so heartless and cruel to our fellow creatures. And, many thanks to anne.and.eli for this great cointest. The Lil' Dreamer Coins are toooo cute. Good luck to everyone!!! Safe and happy caching to all. Kelly (AKA GeoCharmer81) P.S. Looking forward to seeing many of you at Midwest Geobash!!!!!
  9. WOOHOO!!! I got one--the antique gold. They are BEAUTIFUL!!! Glad my OCD (Obsessive Coiner Disorder) kicked in and I kept watching for them to go on sale!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Me thinks this isn't quite gambling, so I will allow myself to play!!! Gorgeous coin and fun cointest!! My picks are: 9,13,18,24 and 45 My favorite boardgames are Monopoly and Scrabble. I've just been introduced to a really great Wii brain teaser game, but I don't know the name. Thanks for the cointest and good luck to everyone!!!
  11. I would love to get one of these coins. I live in Ohio, so I won't be able to attend the Event. I saw in earlier posts that they will be available on Geoswag.com. Will they go on sale the evening of the Event?? Thanks for another amazing coin!!!!!!!
  12. Another fan of King Tut and Egypt here!!!! Went to Chicago (alone) in July '06 to see the King Tut Exhibit at the Field Museum. And, a few other Museums, too!! Great trip!! Would loooove to see the Pyramids!!!! About the coin: love it, me wants!!!! Amazing artwork- hope they can fit all the elements in and keep it looking as beautiful as the preliminary artwork.
  13. Wishing a Merry Christmas to Mike and his daughters. And, to all the generous cachers on this thread who've come together to offer their support and love for the family. And, wishing everyone Health and Happiness in the New Year... Safe and happy caching and coining to all, Geocharmer81 (AKA Kelly)
  14. I'm so glad to see River Cacher recieved one of these gorgeous coins!! He so deserves the "pick-me-up" and love that's been sent his way!! Way to go Mystery Coiner!!! And, congrats to all the other recent reciepients, too!!! GeoCharmer (AKA Kelly)
  15. Dearest YASS, Thank you for sharing your special gifts with us. Sorry to hear things are not so great for you right now. I believe in Karma and believe you do too. You've been there for all of us with no expectations except that we do our best in all things. I believe the universe will return the favor and provide for you now. I will always treasure the coin you sent me. It will remain in my small collection forever and I relate the story of how it came to me every time I show it to others. I look forward to the time when things turn around and you return to the forums. Wishing you all the best and keeping you in my prayers... GeoCharmer81 (Kelly)
  16. Tsun, for all the newbs like me please decipher GCF in SLC!! And waypoint if there is one??!! Will you have some way for those of us who don't attend the event to be sure to get them?? The armadillos are too cool to miss!! Thanks, Kelly
  17. WOW, 007BigD!! Don't know which was the greater feat-- that amazing cache or recieving the Devil Coin. Bet the Devil needed your courage to do that climb I'd love to explore the area. Not too sure if I'd be up for the climb, but with experienced climbers, I'd sure give it a go!! Congrats on the 500, too!!
  18. Finally got to reading this thread. I hope Tsun's plans to produce the coin are going forward. The armadillo is an amazing creature. The designs are fabulous. If there is a pre-order list, please add me . I'll watch the thread so I don't miss out. Thanks... Kelly
  19. Congrats to all. These are AWSOME Coins. I thought they were fu-dogs, but Jackalgirl "clued" me in as to them being fu-lions. It would be really special to have them pounce into my mailbox, too!!!
  20. Dearest YASS, I'm very glad to hear you are on the road to recovery. It was great to see all the well-wishes from everyone here. I have been having trouble keeping signed on or there would have been one from me too. Thankfully, my computer is cooperating long enough to get this through. It was nice to see you got coins in the mail. Too bad WE couldn't have sent YOU a Mystery Coin!! I send you my prayers and best wishes for a speedy and full recovery. All the best to you, always...Kelly
  21. Dear Miss-Keeto, Sorry to hear you are selling your collection. From what I see with eBay, people usually pay big money for geocoins. I saw you added the Ouija two piece coin. That is on the top of my wish list. I'd have bought that if you were selling it separately. All the best to you...GeoCharmer81 (AKA Kelly)
  22. Congrats to Li-Z for her visit from our favorite Witch!! Who needs to wait for Santa when we have Sabrina flying year-round!!! Bet I just made his Naughty List. Yeah, JUST--I wasn't on it already Thanks to everyone who keeps Sabrina flying. Maybe she'll park her broom in my closet
  23. Greetings all, I got an answer from Claudia at Sepp & Berta's explaining the Coin. Mecklenberg-Vorpommern is a state in north Germany and the center of the coin depicts their logo. The colors signify green hills, blue sky and rivers, and the sun. There is also a compass rose. She said the saying translated to "something like": "what you don't have in your head you have to have it in your feet" or "Those who can't use their head must use their back" or "A weak memory makes weary legs" The above are her translations. I take that to mean, more or less, "work smart, not hard." She didn't say what the letters on the reverse are, but, I beleive they may be compass directions. Thanks again to our friend Y.A.S.S. and hope everyone gets their heart's desire!! Safe and happy caching to all...Kelly
  24. Greetings all, Just flying by to say "Hi' and see if my Sister Witch Sabrina had landed yet!! Boy, her broom must be putting on some miles. Wonder what kind of brew she'll be recharging with next. On Saturday, I added a new county to my geocache list, then went to a Meet and Greet. On Sunday, a friend of mine who is a SERIOUS car collector had a car club meeting and car show at his garages. Then, Monday, I was blessed to be the reciepient of the Mecklenberg-Vorpommern from Y.A.S.S. Mystery Coiner. WOW, what a great start of the Spring season!!! I hope everyone else is well. Safe and happy caching to all... Kelly
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