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  1. I went on the site at 1PM EST and it "let" me put in one Midnight and one Arctic.

    Then the site didn't recognize my password and by the time a new one was sent, the Midnight version was gone.

    I ordered two Arctic. Is there anyone willing to trade an Arctic for a Midnight??? Pleeeeaaase!!!

    LOVE there great little guys!!!

    Thanks, GeoCharmer81 (AKA Kelly)

  2. I think all the Mystery Coiners are just amazing--spending their money and time to make others happy!!!


    Yes,big companies do pick on the little guy, but they do "pick their Battles"!!!


    Especially, if it's a not-for-profit venture.


    And, if we're going to worry about Disney, what about the Star Wars aspect???


    Don't those companies frown on copyright/trademark violations???


    PLEASE, no need to pick up on this comment--just my opinion!!!


    Just let the Mystery Coiners and all the lucky recipients ENJOY the coins--the making,giving and receiving!!!


    PS: congrats to above mentioned recipients!!!

  3. OH, YEAH!!!!!! Must have at least one of these for my collection.

    I've gotta wait until April???!!!

    Is this a cruel, early April Fools' Day joke???!!!

    Just kidding, all good things come to those who wait--

    but, not for toooooo long...


    avroair, I LOVE your designs!!!


    Kelly (AKA GeoCharmer81)

  4. First, THANKS for the fun Cointest :anicute:

    Second, I'm loving all the stories of how everyone has become addicted :wub:


    1. I saw my first coin on the dreaded e-place. It had a motorcycle on it and I HAD to have it even not knowing what "Trackable on Geocaching.com" meant. After my purchase I checked out caching and, well, we know what happens from there!!!


    2. Here is part of the Coin's Page (SPECIAL-FX):

    "Current GOAL

    I got this coin, my first, on 1-6-09. I've decided to activate it so I can take it traveling with me.


    About This Item


    This coin is from Geocachemates to commemorate Daytona Bike Week. The goal for this coin is to see as much of the world as possible with me.

    Then, to go with me to Bike Week.

    Edit to add:

    The name SPECIAL-FX is to honor my Motorcycle---

    a big, red 1986 FXRS-SP (Lowrider Sport)!!!!!!


    Tracking History (16702.2mi)" as of today, 2-12-2011, just dipping in all my finds


    BTW, haven't made Bike Week, yet!!!


    3. I have ideas for a personal coin, but am not working, so I'm dreaming and hoping right now!!!


    4. I have been gifted a few coins (MANY thanks to those folks--mystery and warm-hearted alike), but have not made any trades, yet. MINE, ALL MINE!!! Seriously, I have bought some coins, too, but very few extras.


    5. My curious little mind found the pretty, shiny things first!!! Squirrel...oh, sorry...now, what...oh, yeah!!!

    Although, I am enjoying the forums very much and love all the wonderful people I've "met" here!!!

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