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  1. This is just my opinion...

    I think you'd do well listing and selling them individually here.

    You'd most likely get more selling them individually rather than bulk.

    It seems your collection is older and probably more desirable coins.

    You could do a few "blocks" with different prices-- as some coins will

    fetch a better price than others.

    I believe you are only able to sell the trackable (activated or not) in these threads.

    Someone who knows more info is sure to read this and offer suggestions as to where you can sell the ones that are not trackable and the other goodies.

    Then, if you have time and patience, there's that e-site!!!


    I'd love to know what you've got for sale!!!

  2. I went on the site at 1PM EST and it "let" me put in one Midnight and one Arctic.

    Then the site didn't recognize my password and by the time a new one was sent, the Midnight version was gone.

    I ordered two Arctic. Is there anyone willing to trade an Arctic for a Midnight??? Pleeeeaaase!!!

    LOVE there great little guys!!!

    Thanks, GeoCharmer81 (AKA Kelly)

  3. I think all the Mystery Coiners are just amazing--spending their money and time to make others happy!!!


    Yes,big companies do pick on the little guy, but they do "pick their Battles"!!!


    Especially, if it's a not-for-profit venture.


    And, if we're going to worry about Disney, what about the Star Wars aspect???


    Don't those companies frown on copyright/trademark violations???


    PLEASE, no need to pick up on this comment--just my opinion!!!


    Just let the Mystery Coiners and all the lucky recipients ENJOY the coins--the making,giving and receiving!!!


    PS: congrats to above mentioned recipients!!!

  4. OH, YEAH!!!!!! Must have at least one of these for my collection.

    I've gotta wait until April???!!!

    Is this a cruel, early April Fools' Day joke???!!!

    Just kidding, all good things come to those who wait--

    but, not for toooooo long...


    avroair, I LOVE your designs!!!


    Kelly (AKA GeoCharmer81)

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