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  1. For the Forums in general, I get notifications for new threads. Don't remember how I did that, though. For the individual Forum threads, you have to have seen the original post and be Following it to get notifications for the individual one. I will try to remind you next year.
  2. ...or, don't even realize (or don't care) that trackables should me moved on
  3. Valarie, the Halloween Mission is announced in the Forum at least a month and a half before the actual holiday. This year, it was announced September 6 and the names were sent out on September 25---as stated in the Forum announcement post. I also posted the link in The Addicted Geocoin Group on September 8. So, October 1 was too late to join.
  4. Start your Log a Cache as you normally would. In the drop down, choose a Found It if you are logging the Cache as well or Write Note if you are just dropping the trackable in the Cache. At the bottom will be a drop down of the trackables you have in your inventory--- both yours (if you have any) and, those to be moved along. Then, choose Drop when you put it in the Cache. This link may also be helpful... Geocaching > Trackables Safe and happy Caching to you
  5. Updated my list for your one sent and one received
  6. Some Geocoins have the tracking number on the rim/edge. Have you tried sending a PM to the person who gifted it to you to ask about it? You may also post a photo in this Forum to see if anyone knows what it is.
  7. Nandi108 gets the Orange Pumpkin Award for First to Receive their Mission and Ms Marvelous gets the Orange Pumpkin Award for First Outgoing Mission to Arrive at its Destination.
  8. I'll use the Funny react when Incoming Missions are confirmed and will use the Surprise react when Outgoing Mission Arrives at Destination.
  9. Jake, I could tell by your tone that it was just a warning... even though you were loud you got George's attention, for sure!!! I know you wouldn't hurt anyone who wasn't trying to hurt your family.
  10. When it is confirmed that Missions have been sent out, I'll use the Heart react. This year, the Gets the Orange Pumpkin Award for First to Send
  11. I need a drink...of coffee All emails with Partner's information have been sent out. It gives me grey hair hoping I didn't mess anything up. When I confirm that you have received your Partner's info, I'll use the Thumbs Up react. Happy Haunting, Ghosts and Ghouls!!!
  12. EMAIL SENT: Added myself September 21, 2022 NAME RECEIVED BY ME: didn't email, but got it (early) September 24, 2022 MISSION SENT BY ME: OUTGOING MISSION ARRIVED AT DESTINATION: INCOMING MISSION RECEIVED BY ME:
  13. Well, Ladies and Gents, I had the names all paired up on Thursday. But since the Grinch doesn't come till Christmas, I felt badly leaving jenniferw2001 out. Name pairings are being redone. Emails will go out tomorrow, Sunday 9/25. EDIT TO ADD: By Grinch, I am not referring to our Dear Claire who hosts the Christmas Mission. I just meant I would feel horrible if I left Jennifer out.
  14. Halloween Greetings, I've started working on pairings for this Mission. I have three requests for everyone: Please make a new post (rather than an edit) when each step is completed If you are doing more than one Mission, please use the Mission number assigned Please do not post tracking numbers on the Forum as personal info shouldn't be shared HAPPY HAUNTING TO EVERYONE!!!
  15. A little late adding myself to this ghastly Mission EMAIL SENT: Added myself September 21, 2022 NAME RECEIVED BY ME: MISSION SENT BY ME: OUTGOING MISSION ARRIVED AT DESTINATION: INCOMING MISSION RECEIVED BY ME:
  16. Hello Getzie family, I did not receive your email. Will you please resend it? Thank you
  17. NO, thank you. Sadly, it would probably be a losing bet if I bet that everyone would follow this request.
  18. Thanks. I put it in the description... hope everyone listens
  19. When I see both a post here in the Forum and an email with requested details, I will use the thumbs up react
  20. My favorite holiday --- HALLOWEEN --- is coming soon and this is the perfect time for me to host another MISSION!!! Nothing too complicated this time. Just send an unactivated 'full size' Geocoin and a card to your Mission Partner. Additional goodies appreciated, but not required!!! As usual, names will be chosen at random, and you may take on more than one Mission if you'd like. If you take on more than one Mission, please use the Mission number provided to help me keep track. You may consider adding a note (online in the Forum) with your favorite types of Coins to help your Partner. Please make a new post in the Forum with updates as the Mission progresses. If you join the Mission, you may have to send a package to an international destination. In 2022, the Autumnal Equinox brings the fall season to the Northern Hemisphere on Thursday, September 22 at 9:03 pm EDT. I'm sooo ready for cooler weather, leaves changing colors, Pumpkins, Ghosts and Goblins!!! Please "enter" by sending an email to me at oescharmer@aol.com with the following info: your GC name, "real" name, and physical address. Please put HALLOWEEN MISSION in caps in the subject line. And, by posting here in the Forum with the following info... EMAIL SENT: NAME RECEIVED BY ME: MISSION SENT BY ME: OUTGOING MISSION ARRIVED AT DESTINATION: INCOMING MISSION RECEIVED BY ME: Please "enter" by September 21, 2022 Names chosen by random and sent to you approximately September 24, 2022 HAPPY HOWL-O-WEEN, GHOULS AND GOBLINS!!! LADIES AND GENTS, YOU ARE NOT OFFICIALLY ENTERED UNTIL YOU POST HERE AND SEND ME THE EMAIL WITH YOUR INFO
  21. If the OK coin is the one J&J Team is asking about, by MtnGoat's formula the OK coin should be from 2005 or 2006. I have one also and here is part of my trackables list...
  22. Unless it is on the geocoin, it is not always easy to know. The really old ones have less alpha-numeric characters in the code. If you post the name of the coin and/or a photo (without showing the code) it's possible someone here would know the history of the coin.
  23. I should have specified... I did mean their own trackables. Goldenwattle was asking about using their own trackables in that manner. That's why I didn't specify when I responded.
  24. That is fine to do. Many people activate a 'special-to-them' trackable to keep track of the caches they've done and to see how many miles they've traveled. Not putting it in caches ensures that it won't go missing, too--- unless you accidentally misplace it. You may also take it to Events and allow people to Discover it.
  25. Yeah, Claire --- The Bunny has finally completed his Easter Tasks!!! As always, thank you for hosting I wonder how far ahead of time I should start the Halloween Mission this year. I'm also considering adding an option to allow people to just send to their own area---US, UK/Europe/Canada. Anyone still watching this thread, please comment on that.
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