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  1. Ok..yes, I think you hit the nail on the head there, mtn-man. I guess the reason I have been wondering why everyone is always debating the same things over and over and nothing ever comes of it is because there hasn't been much input on it from the people higher up. I understand their reasoning for the lack of response but it just seems that more input from someone other than just regular members would squelch some of the threads that keep popping up about the same old dead horse topics that annoy some of the "Forum Old Timers". When regular members discuss an issue, it just seems like the same old bellyaching from one thread to the next. But when someone higher up chimes in with either a "We're looking into it" or "It's been discussed in the past and wasn't resolved" or a "Here's why it wouldn't work......" post, it seems to calm down those that have the biggest issues and it seems more official and might stop some of the same subjects from being repeatedly asked. I think most people think that debating an issue with regular members who don't really have the authority to make changes is a waste of time. But if someone official steps in, it seems to go over more smoothly when they are denied or told the reasoning behind why a change can't be implemented.
  2. Then I think this sorta gets to where my question was originally going. Why keep debating a topic over and over for days or years and just get some sort of ruling on it (by whoever) and be done with it? The ruling on locationless caches most likely went from debate to guideline amendment. (Although, this might be more of a site issue than anything else.) The guideline about food in caches most likely went from debate by the members to guideline amendment by TPTB. (I wish I could remember some of the more recently talked about topics to use as examples right now.) Why can't it be like that on more recent issues? Get some sort of official ruling or majority rule on things and then when a newbie asks next time, we can all say "It's not allowed" or whatever pertains.
  3. Perfectly??? I seem to remember a flaw in the system back when there was an issue with a member, his unapproved cache and the Geocaching Memorial Plaque in Oregon. Like I said, it's a great plan but getting it implemented when it needs to be and before action is taken seems to be a bigger issue.
  4. You'd think the approvers have already thought of this plan before now. Implementing it is another issue.
  5. You're probably correct. Also, there is no gain in siding with one side or the other in most of the discussions. Lastly, there is the automatic "we don't want rules" reaction to ANY suggestion. A forum poster could suggest that killing other geocachers and using their skulls as cache containers should be against the rules, and one of these posters would erupt with some vitriolic diatribe about why "we don't need any more rules and cadaver caches are my favorite kind, and you dirty so and so just want to ruin geocaching for the serial killer crowd, blah, blah, blah..." So, TPTB realize that coming out in favor of banning cadaver caches would just get them flamed. HAHAHA! I think I just realized something........ In geocaching, I am assuming the only thing you have to do correctly is meet the guidelines for getting a cache approved and listed through this website. Once that's done, you are free to do whatever you want. Am I too far off with that assumption?
  6. So when they do make a decision on a guideline or an amendment to a guideline, where do they go to get the opinions of it from the geocaching community?
  7. Why do we bother to Geocache or why do we bother to post in the forums? Why do we bother to discuss topics, get all heated over an issue and try to come to some sort of resolution about things when nothing ever gets decided upon and the same issues are on the table at the end of the day? I agree, geocaching and posting in the forums are two seperate things. I was mainly talking about discussing issues or known problems in the forums. I know why I geocache......I'm glad you do too.
  8. True again...but I don't see how placing an MOC makes one a bad geocaching citizen. It's just another version of how the game is played. Somebody must have discussed and voted on bringing MOC caches into the game, right? Geocaching isn't the old grassroots game it used to be, no matter how much people want to think it is or want to keep it that way. It's evolving, just like nearly everything else in this world.
  9. It's not that you use it. It is how you use it. True.....but that still doesn't give anyone the right to tell me how to use it or when or where or whatever....... until I break a law with it. Last time I checked, making caches MOCs wasn't breaking a law. It's a priviledge and we pay for it. I'll probably never make a cache of mine an MOC but it's there if I ever need to, no matter what the reason for doing so. It's also available to anyone else that pays for it, no matter the reason for doing so.
  10. Thanks...I'll let them know. I got my logging in issue resolved....I use CookieWall and there was one cookie that I didn't accept (doh!), so it's not really going to be a problem anymore. But in the future, it would be nice to have the previously viewed feature. Sometimes when a site does upgrades, it causes everyone to have to log in because they were automatically logged out because of the upgrade or software change. I don't know how I lost my last forum cookie but it was my fault for not accepting it when it popped up in CookieWall.
  11. Oh...I'm not saying it's the site that's causing me to have to log in. I'm saying I wish after logging in, I could be taken to the page that I was looking at instead of the forums page and then have to search for the topic I was wanting to make a reply. No biggie really...just kind of annoying.
  12. Maybe a nationwide panel of jurists would be better then? I don't see how anyone that doesn't want a jury of peers to lord over them has anything to say when they come to this website and abide by the GC.com guidelines for geocaching. What's the difference?
  13. If I pay for a feature, I should use it. It's like buying a new car......just because you didn't pay for it, doesn't give you the right to tell me I can't drive it.
  14. Why do we even bother? I've been reading these forums for a few months now. Every suggestion, every problem, every debate or argument to resolve a problem or bug goes unanswered or is never addressed to a final resolution. Makes me wonder how virtuals and locationless caches came to be decided upon or how certain guidelines came about. Who made the decisions in the past on how the game should be played.....the community or the people running this site? Were they voted on, discussed or polls taken before they came to pass? How many times does a new problem need to be addressed or a new situation in the game arise before some action is taken? How come it doesn't happen very often now? We could talk about some of the problems here until we are blue in the face and nothing ever seems to get resolved or addressed through the discussions and debates in the forums. So where or when would it happen?
  15. Well it would definitely be nice to see a resolution or a discussion on topics without the usual chiming in of those out to derail the topics with their smartaleck remarks. Getting a straight, serious answer on anything by posting it in the forums is a futile attempt.
  16. I check the forums several times a day. I have to log in every time I leave and come back if I want to reply to something or look up information. I don't know what's causing me to have to log in every time.....cookies are set, etc, but it would be nice for the site to take me back to what I was looking at previously instead of taking me to the forums page after I log in. Very frustrating to have to search for what I was looking at without having to use the back button. BTW..dialup sucks!
  17. I feel like a caretaker of a TB when I find one. It's not mine to sell or keep. It belongs to someone who has sent it out into the community to reach a goal and trusts that everyone will take care of it and help it reach the goal. Anyone selling a TB or keeping one should keep in mind how they would feel if they sent a TB out into the world and someone decided to keep it or sell it. Some of these TBs are sentimental to people and it's no wonder they get so upset when it goes missing. Granted if it's so sentimental, maybe they shouldn't have let it go but when you trust that there are good people in the world with the same goals as you, you don't think that anything is going to happen and you anticipate a TB reaching its goal. I have one TB that I will never let go. I know that not everyone plays the game the same as I do and the risk of it being swiped or lost is too great. Kinda puts a damper on the TB game in that respect. I don't like dealing with TBs really. I worry about someone swiping one that I placed in a cache and not logging the cache or the TB. That leaves me stuck with the suspicions from the owner that come with that situation.
  18. As long as they were wrapped properly and someone couldn't blindly stick their hand into the cache and get cut, I don't see anything wrong with it. You have to remember the kids that go geocaching when considering an item to place in a cache. If it's safe for a kid, then it should be safe for anyone.
  19. Well, since I didn't get any replies, I'll post a couple that I found for future reference to others. There might be better ones out there that I didn't know about but it would be hard to beat these two. GCJTX0 - Dark Side of the Moon GC938 - Dumbo Cache
  20. How did the wrecker guys get the car off of there? Was this on active railroad tracks? Bet this incident cost you a pretty penny....lol Glad you weren't hurt!
  21. None. We are all the same whether we have 10 finds/posts or 1000 finds/posts. At least that's what I've heard.
  22. Why only put these containers in caches? You could alter the label a little and leave them on park benches or other places that always seem to need a little trash pick up.
  23. I went by Super WalMart today and they gave me 30 which I made into CITO kits. They would have given me as many as I wanted....for free. (boy, I had hesitation in even divulging that information for fear of prompting or promoting micro cache proliferation...eeks!)
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