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  1. I think Mopar & GeoHo did do something. They posted to the caching page that we look at when we go caching. It's important that they did it because there's nothing preventing a needle from showing up there tomorrow and I'd rather no it's a likely possibility since it's happened before. The warning they provided in their posts is a tremendous benefit to other cachers. I think I'd do exactly what Mopar and GeoHo did and I see nothing wrong in what what they did, nor do I feel they should be chastised! Well, I'll thank Mopar and GeoHo for being responsible geocachers but as far as being responsible citizens and showing concern for anyone other than geocachers, I'll hold my applause.
  2. I agree. I wouldn't necessarily skip it, but I would go more prepared than I normally would. Maybe taking my husband with me instead of my daughter. Are you sure you'd want to take your HUSBAND? I think he'd be in more danger than you. HA! Actually, if you could see my husband, there would be no doubt in your mind as to whether he was gay or not. And if you decided to find out anyway, he would probably be quite happy to show you the quickest route to the closest emergency room. He said if anyone ever finds a park where PlayBoy Bunnies participate in this kind of behavior, he'd like to know the coords ASAP......lol
  3. Okay, if it had been me that found those, *I* would have called the police and waited there. I don't want someone getting hurt because the needles were there. BUT since the people that saw the needles DIDN'T call the police/paramedics, if I was the cache owner and once I was made aware of the situation, *I* would have gone to the site and called police myself and disabled/archived the cache. I am not saying that a cache owner has to take care of medical waste just because it is near their cache. I am saying that if no one else would have called the police, I would have gone to the site and called them myself because I believe that is the responsible and safe thing to do. How is that showing no concern? I totally agree.....I was speaking more about all the people that were there and didn't do anything. As a responsible cache owner AND a responsible, concerned citizen, the cache owner did the right thing that the others couldn't seem to muster up the "concern" to do.
  4. I agree. I wouldn't necessarily skip it, but I would go more prepared than I normally would. Maybe taking my husband with me instead of my daughter.
  5. Since when is it the cache owners responsibility to take care of trash that is at their cache location that wasn't there before they placed the cache!?!? What happened to being a responsible citizen and taking care of it yourself instead of leaving it for the next person to take care of? What about other kids or cachers unaware of the situation that came behind you? Have you no concern for them? Funny how people want to gripe about it but not doing anything about it themselves. Using the "Ewww....a hypodermic needle!! I'm not touching that! It might be contaminated!" isn't an excuse for not doing ANYTHING about it and waiting for someone else to remedy the situation. What if the cache owner hadn't be able to go out there and remove them?? They would still be out there if he hadn't been able to go get them. That's pretty sad after three people had already been there and could have done something right away. Stuff like this confirms that I couldn't trust anyone other than myself to keep an eye out for my kids or my dogs. How would you feel to know that your child was walking and playing amongst a few dirty needles and you found out that several people knew about it but didn't do anything about it?
  6. Couldn't find it either. I know its been discussed here. Close as I could come was this page. Mainly about html but it does have a little snippet about making backgrounds. http://nozen.com/geo/html.htm
  7. Next time, it might be better to remedy or at least leave the situation safer for the next geocacher than to post something that not very many people are going to see.
  8. Geesh...some people must be way more paranoid than I am. There are right ways and wrong ways to pick up a needle. Don't pick up the stupid thing BY the needle. Even I trust myself enough to pick one up by the handle and walk a few feet without tripping or sticking myself in order to place it somewhere safer until I could call authorities. (I'm pretty sure I can walk and chew gum at the same time too!) I wouldn't do it barehanded, mind you, but with a stick or a leaf or rubber gloves or something. No way would I have left them there for another unsuspecting cacher to come upon. I've seen hypodermic needles in WalMart parking lots. It's no more the cache hiders fault for placing a cache there than it is your fault for someone placing needles there. Maybe the needles weren't there when he hid the cache. At least you could find something to use to move them to a safer place until the authorities could get there to remove them or wait for them to get there. Don't leave it up to the cache owner to take care of them. Do something....be proactive about it instead of letting someone else do it for you.
  9. Hmm... I don't know exactly what you mean... but most women I know would be at least slightly concerned about being sexually assulted when going alone to a park late at night... but most guys I know would not have that same concern. Then why warn? Maybe warn isn't the best use of a word here. Just tell your honest experiences and describe the things you saw and let others make their own decisions. I wouldn't ever tell anyone that they shouldn't go but I'd be sure and let them know what I experienced and what I think in order to protect them or their family. If they still decide to attempt that cache, that's their perogative.
  10. We all perceive things differently. What one neighborhood or one behavior conveys to one person will not be the same to another person. There's always some situation that will make each of us uncomfortable at some point. Just post in your logs your experience whether good or bad and let someone else make up their mind whether it's uncomfortable to them or not. I posted about a cache that made me uncomfortable. The uneasiness was compounded by the fact that I had my daughter with me at the time. A bunch of homeless people hanging around the area of the cache. And in order to get to the area where we needed to approach the cache, we would have had to go right through the middle of them. I decided not to do that cache that day. But there have been other geocachers go right through there without incident and others who have been approached by the homeless people there. So go ahead and post your thoughts and feelings about a cache location. Some will take your advice and some will not. Either way, it will at least allow people to keep their guard up and watch their surroundings a little more than they normally would. (thinking of buying some pepper spray to keep in my backpack)
  11. If you've got kids, then you've most likely already got all the stupid McToys you could ever need. My daughter doesn't find one that she doesn't already have very often. Not that we eat there all that much, but my family and friends that eat there save them for her when they come to visit.
  12. If I was brought to that spot for a reason, I'd consider hunting it if I didn't have to put myself in any danger to get to it. But if its just a fake cross on the side of the road and there's nothing there to see, I would probably pass it up. Would there be any history behind where the cross is placed or something worth seeing while I am there? A clever hide is great, but it just isn't that interesting for me unless there's something cool to see while I am there.
  13. Ditto what he said! I always look forward to the next issue too! Thanks!
  14. RK! RK! RK! RK! That's my vote and I'm sticking to it!
  15. All the time! For the longest time, I thought you were a guy!
  16. For example: (bottom of the page) http://www.geocaching.com/about/finding.aspx No emphasis on trading up, trading equal or not trading at all. Just take an item and leave an item. Now you can see where most of the cache trashing and inappropriate trading comes from. No emphasis on not moving the cache no matter what, otherwise the coordinates will be off for the next person. Instead of mentioning to a newbie about logging your find on the cache page, it says email the owner and let them know you found it. No mention of also logging if you didn't find it. So this is where I think most newbies "don't get the whole story" on finding or hiding a cache unless they visit the forums. More detailed instructions would help in curbing alot of the problems in the future. I won't even go into all the things not mentioned on the hiding a cache page....ugh. http://www.geocaching.com/about/hiding.aspx
  17. I think reading the forums gave me the best examples of etiquette on every aspect of hiding a cache, finding a cache, what not to put in, how to trade up or equal, etc. Sometimes I wonder why such rules of etiquette are not put in a more prominent place on the geocaching website or the Discuss Geocaching forum link is not bigger so more people might be inclined to visit that link and find out more information on what to do and not do. Currently there are 4 different pages pertaining to hiding a cache, finding a cache, the glossary of terms and the FAQ's. Personally, I think they need to all be put on the same page and updated with more emphasis on cache etiquette as well as other issues. There also needs to be more emphasis on getting people to visit the forums to ask questions or obtain information.
  18. I agree with CyBret. Give them an inch and they'll take a mile.
  19. All I use is my Garmin yellow Etrex and a Delorme Atlas and Gazetteer map ($20 at WalMart). It shows the topo of the land and major highways as well as the back roads of the whole state. I haven't been on any long backwoods hikes yet but I can't think of any other kind of map I would need if I did do a long hike. For me, half the fun of getting there is by trial and error. I don't think I would like geocaching as much if I had a GPSr that told me turn by turn directions. Sure, it would save me some time and gas, but I've also discovered some pretty cool places on the way to finding a cache. I'm sure my map collection will expand as I get farther and farther out to find caches. PDA!?.....we dun't need no stinkin' PDA!
  20. If you've got a good approver like I do, then you don't worry about it. He checks on caches in our area pretty often and if it looks like one is having problems, he contacts the owner and leaves a note on the cache page. Other than that, if you email him asking him to take a closer look at a cache that might need archived, he takes the appropriate action. I too would feel bad leaving an SBA on a cache for fear of insulting the owner. Even though they are in the wrong for neglecting their cache, I wouldn't want to create hard feelings between myself and another cacher. An approver is the middle man between you and a fellow geocacher. Use them, but use them wisely. No one gets hurt feelings that way.
  21. Go ahead knuckle under , If I were to comment on that statement the way I would like to I would be kicked out of the forums. Why should it be "appropriate" to give up ones freedom. that statemnet is so *(&^%^& stupid . Do you know what country you even live in, This is Not NORTH KOREA, it is NOT CUBA. It is the USA it is never appropriate to give up your freedom. Wake the hell up open you &**&(( eyes. Go ahead let the flaming begin
  22. I must say this is the silliest thing I have heard all day. Well, the day is still young. Maybe it is because I spent 20 years defending this country, got my first taste of terrorist attacks in 1982 before most Americans learned to spell terrorist. Or maybe it is that most people are so stuck in their day-to-day rut that they never comprehend the "big picture". I dunno.... As to being safer.... when was the last "hit" on our soil? George W has done (once again) exactly what he said he would. He took the fight to the enemy. "Bring them on" he said. And they brought it on. But on their ground, not ours. As my son Army_Scout writes, "You can't kill them if you can't find them... but we found them!" We took the fight to their country, thereby sparing our country as much further trouble as possible. This being said, for the U.S. to continue to keep the fight off our land, we must do it right every time. For the terrorists to hit us again, they only need to do it right once. A simple fact that every military man learns, defending your position is something quite different from attacking a position. If you have never picked up a rifle and headed toward the sound of the battle you probably won't understand much of this. Those who have - do. We sleep safe at night because young men - SOLDIERS - are willing to do great harm on our behalf. And they are doing it OUTSIDE our borders. I would join them if they would have an old retired sergeant once more. God bless them. And if Kerry gets elected, and brings them home, only a few things will change. The fight will then be back on our soil, and your taxes will go up. As long as George W keeps the fight over there, WE ARE SAFER! Anybody seen Osama Bin Laden lately??
  23. Hey, wait a minute! I'll be in Missouri in 2 weeks.
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