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  1. If your solution cannot be used by EVERYONE, don't suggest it. If I don't have a premium membership how does your contribution help me? Ask not what your premium membership can do for you, ask what you can do for your premium membership.
  2. You have the ability so that if the question is answered or the thread has been derailed beyond recovery you can put it out of it's misery. Not meaning this in an insulting way, but isn't that a mods job? That you can unarchve a thread so to speak is just funny given the topic that brought up this question. You're a stickler for that search feature, aren't ya? Quit picking on me, dangit! A question pops into my head, I ask it....haven't you figured that out by now??
  3. No...it would not stop...and if the mods did unarchive his...they would have to do it for all. It always pays to think before you act True, but this is crazy. I can't believe I've even devoted time to this thread for most of the night..lol Maybe I should think before I act next time!
  4. Duane, If the mods un-archived your caches, would all this madness from you stop? I vote the mods un-archive whatever he's talking about and if he starts anymore "chit" with this website, he and his IP addy be banned forever. This is so weird that this has gone on for so long. Edit: I meant to say, don't un-archive the ones that don't fall within the guidelines, just the ones that do.
  5. I don't understand why anyone has the authority to lock and unlock their own threads anyway. This is the first forum on the internet I have ever seen giving members that feature.
  6. Email me, please before my head explodes....lol Oh sure...laugh here. I'm just glad you weren't sitting here next to me as I was trying to sound it out for the 10th time!
  7. This guy is talking sense. What did you do with the guy that was freaking out on everyone a bit ago???
  8. OMG...I just got it! LMAO yep...that's me! LOL
  9. Email me, please before my head explodes....lol
  10. Ok...nevermind. I just had another one of those "answered my own question" thingys....lol Just realized it doesn't show each individual post, just each thread with all those different posts in them. DUH!
  11. How come when I use the My Assistant feature, it will show 10 new posts have been made but when I view them, only 6 show up? Is there a mod forum or something that any posts there are included in the new posts count?
  12. Me too! Looks like we have more in common then just our love of all things named Duane. I won't tell if you don't? Deal!
  13. Joined the donut shop i see. That's cool, because it keeps you from getting warned. I would have got a warning for that remark. Well why else would your eyes be as big as tomatoes??? I can't believe you haven't been warned again just for this stupid thread.
  14. You know, I never really even looked that closely to his name. I didn't realize what it was even meant until someone said something about it. I would glance at it and all this time I thought it had something to do with yachts....LOL What's a yachit anyway?
  15. You asked for a jury, you got one. This all started out nice and then you blew it when you started taking stabs at people if they didn't give you the answer you wanted. Maybe you should go catch some zzzzz's and come back later when you are sober. will you marry me? LOL....sorry, already taken.
  16. You asked for a jury, you got one. This all started out nice and then you blew it when you started taking stabs at people if they didn't give you the answer you wanted. Maybe you should go catch some zzzzz's and come back later when you are sober.
  17. He's saying we are all kids on this site. I'm not so sure he wasn't just born yesterday...lol
  18. There are people that geocache in wheelchairs and if Terrain 1 doesn't include them, then what cache rating should they be looking for? What's your definition of "handicapped accessible" anyway?
  19. I knew about Navicache the day I found this site. To most members here, it isn't anything new. Editted to say: I've seen Navicache. I don't like it.
  20. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...ndpost&p=873335 You chose to ignore that and now you feel we are being unreasonable. (Edit, needed a comma!) In light of mtn-mans quote from a previous conversation you two had, I find you GUILTY on all four counts. He warned you and you still archived them anyway.
  21. Yeah, that's already been suggested a few times. Geez Louise.....people never cease to amaze me. Being a newbie, I had no idea it's ever been discussed before. Thanks for bringing it up, Rebel. I think it's a fantastic idea. Most people just leave a note in the logs about maintenance, but if this idea wasn't too hard on the admin to perform, it sounds like a pretty cool added feature.
  22. Suppose the guy didn't rate it correctly and a person in a wheelchair ended up getting hurt? Everytime I read a thread like this about someone doing something stupid, I think, everyone is so dead set on not having any rules yet they complain about every aspect of the game. I've done my fair share of complaining as well and I haven't been playing for very long at all. Playing the game without rules is just going to get so ridiculous over time with the non-chalant attitudes, that someone is going to do something someday that is going to put the whole game in jeopardy. There has to be some sort of rules otherwise it leaves it open for someone to ruin it for us all. Believe me, I don't want to see the game change anymore than anyone else but there has to be some sort of set guidelines to follow in order to rein in these dingdong people that don't play fairly like the rest of us. Mark my words, the government or some other official lawmaking department WILL get involved with this game sometime in the future and start making their own rules for the game, disclaimer or no disclaimer, and it will all be because of one stupid jerk who decided not to play the game fairly like the rest of us.
  23. Since your mushrooms are a food item, placing them in a cache would not be such a good idea. I know that. I was just teasing. You don't think I would really give any of these bad boys away, do you!?!?
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