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  1. "Seeking gorgeous, nymphomaniac brewery heiress with a penchant for cooking, giving killer massages and a sports nut to boot. If you don't quite fit the whole bill, I can make minor exceptions eg. - might consider substituting a vineyard heiress for a brewery heiress, or if you only give average massages but have a hot Swedish girlfriend that likes to assist you."



    Not fussy then :D

  2. I have brought stuff from ebay designed for party bags, hopping animals on springs, packs of water balloons, lipstick rubber , pencil sharpeners, and from wilkinsons a shed load of packs of felt tip pens and pencils for under a fiver.

  3. Tonight I set a couple of caches and was bounding about quite the thing till a terrible thought came over me....were theses places DULL? Common sense sort of made me think that, for example, the sidetracked ones were no more duller than the ones I have found myself...and enjoyed nevertheless, but, still it is haunting me. How will I know?

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