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  1. Is there any tablet available that would allow downloading a cache directly to a handheld GPS as I can do from a laptop or PC. I have an Oregon 300 and would like to continue to use it. We geocache while camping and would like to add Caches to my Oregon while camping either from Wi Fi or tether it to my cell phone. :rolleyes:

  2. :huh: I guess I just answered my own question. I just purchased a Tom Tom XXL 530S which is a 5" car GPS. It has a lot of nice features and was on sale for $99. What I like is that it has the capabilty of downloading coordinates manually. Sure is nice to be able to plan some routes to the caches without printing out maps, as we use to do. Of course it won't take you right to the cache, put it will plan the route and get you close enough so that you can use your handeld. I know Garmin has some units that are coordinate capable. However, the Tom Tom was a lot less money and works just fine.
  3. I own an oregon 300 which I love. However I would like to get an automotive GPS that would map a route to the cache. Are there any out there that are capable of downloading the coordinates or that the coordinates could be manually loaded? The Garmin NUVi 500 is capable of downloading, but is a 3.5 inch screen and does have some other features I like in my present GPS.

  4. How do I delete geocaches from my Garmin 550T


    :laughing: As others have stated, to remove a Cache from the "Find Geocache" folder, you need to click "Log Attempt" than click on "Found" this will change the icon on the map and remove it from the "Find Geocache" list. It will place it in the "Show Found" List. The only way I know of to remove either Found or Unfound Caches is to connect to you computer: 1) when Autoplay screen comes up, click on "Open Folder to View Files" (if Autoplay does not come up, go to My Computer double click on the "Garmin" icon) 2) Open "Garmin" Folder, 3) Open "GPX" Folder, 4) all of your cache files will be listed there by GC Code. You can delete any or all. You can also organize your caches.


    You can store a lot of found caches on your GPS


    Waypoints can be removed with "Waypoint Manager"


    Now if I only knew how to view comments entered about a cache. You would think that for the price they get for their GPS, Garmin would have a decent owners manual.

  5. I'm new to trackables and just placed the first two. One has been retreived and the other is still in the cache. I got a notice and saw the log entry stating the TB was retrieved and 6 days later another cacher posted "grabbed" it from the same cache. Supposedly it was no longer in that cache. However, the TB home page shows it is in the possession of the second person. I don't understand this.


    :laughing: Can the original person still drop it? Is it in the hands of 2 people? I want to make sure that the TB continues it's journey.. Are there 2 tracks, one physical and one virtual?


    Please help!!! I don't want my little TB to get lost. It seems like that happens all to often.

  6. :unsure: I just bought an Oregon 300 and have the same problem with the red compass pointer reversing when I get close to the cache. However, I followed the distance indicator and it went to zero right at the cache. I haven't used the 300 enough to know if this is a constant problem or what I'm doing wrong. I only know it really burns batteries in a hurry.
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