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  1. I have a Dell Axim X51 with WM6. I use a GlobalSat BT-359. This is a bluetooth GPS with SiRF III chipset. Very nice and reasonable on E-Bay. For software there are many freeware progs to choose from: BasicGPS is a good GeoCache Prog (no maps, but will display cache info..made for geocaching) OpenMobile Maps is OK but not a GeoCache prog (maps only) NaviComputer is OK and will let you work with GPX files (has the ability to download and display maps). hope this helps.
  2. The following information comes from a South African Ham Radio website: HAM‐CACHING Congratulations, you've found it! Intentionally or not! What is this hidden container sitting here for? What the heck is this thing doing here with all these things in it? It is part of an emergency communications based special event held twice annually by Radio Amateurs (a.k.a. Hams) within South Africa called. This section of the event has been dubbed Ham‐Caching and is based on the popular sport of Geocaching. The game basically involves a Ham, utilising a GPS, hiding "treasure" (this container and its contents), and publishing the exact coordinates so other Hams can come on a "treasure hunt" to find it and then communicate via wireless radio that they have found it. The basic rules are: you must write about your visit in the logbook and contact the CTARC via wireless radio communications and transmit a basic message. Hopefully, the person that hid this container found a good spot that is not easily found by uninterested parties. Sometimes, a good spot turns out to be a bad spot, though. IF YOU FOUND THIS CONTAINER BY ACCIDENT: Great! We ask only that you: • Please do not move or vandalize the container. The real treasure is just finding the container and sharing your thoughts with everyone else who finds it. • If possible, let us know that you found it, by visiting the www.ctarc.org.za. As previously mentioned, this special even cache hide is based on the more popular sport of Geocaching. Geocaching is open to everyone with a GPS and a sense of adventure. There are similar sites all over the world. The organization has its home on the Internet. Visit the website if you want to learn more, or have any comments: http://www.geocaching.com If this container needs to be removed for any reason, please let us know. We apologize, and will be happy to move it. RULES The following are the basic rules for Ham‐Caching. Please follow these rules in order to log your find. 1. Participants can enter as individuals or as teams, teams which include non‐hams get a multiplier. 2. Points are awarded for finding the cache in accordance with the points table at the end of these rules. 3. The team or individual who find the cache are to log their visit by writing a brief note and leaving their names and call‐signs in the logbook. 4. The participants are expected to make radio contacts whilst at the cache site. 5. A maximum number of contacts can be made per cache. This figure can be found on the front page of the logbook and based on the difficulty of the cache find. 6. Radio contact can be made on any band. 7. Logs must consist of time, band, callsign/name contacted. SCORING The scoring is granted as follows: 1. Multiplier for making contact with special event station: ZS1CT special event station 5 Other special event station 2 Other station 1 Table 1 2. Contact method multipliers: UHF 1 VHF 2 HF 3 PMR 4 Table 2 3. The multiplier allocated for finding this cache can be found in the following table: Cache 1 2 Cache 2 5 Cache 3 5 Cache 4 10 Cache 5 10 Table 3 4. Number of contacts multipliers: 1‐5 1 6‐10 2 11‐15 3 15+ 4 Table 4 5. Multiplier for teams types: Individual Ham 1 Team of only Hams 2 Team containing non‐Ham 4 Table 5 HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR SCORE The following calculation will help you work out you overall score for each cache: X Cache score multiplier (Table 3) X Team type multiplier (Table 4) WHAT NOW? Send your score sheet containing your logged contacts to ctarc@ctarc.org.za and you stand a chance to win one or more of the following: • A “Winner’s certificate” will be bestowed on the winner or winning team of the Ham‐Caching contest. • A “Found All” certificate will be issued to all teams or individuals that find all of the caches. • A “Participants” certificate will be issued to all individuals who take part in the Ham‐Caching contest.
  3. another place for a net would be 60 meters orThe FCC has granted amateurs 5332, 5348, 5368, 5373 and 5405 kHz- on HF 3' s N9GGZ de KB9UUQ 60 meters would be OK, but doesn't the FCC limit those channelized freqs to 50 watts ERP? I'd be willing to give it a try on one those 5Mhz channels...anyone else? 73
  4. KB9UUQ here. Been a Ham Radio operator since 1999, and have been geocaching since 2004 (only 22 finds). Both are excellent hobbies. Just wish there were ways to integrate the two. 73
  5. That sounds great. I have ran into many Geocacahers while out looking for caches but have never ran into any hams. I think a geocache net on 20, 40 or 80 meters would be great. Mike. KB9UUQ
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