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  1. Was quite pleased with these two taken with my phone camera yesterday morning... Discovery just after sunrise... ...and Wormit at sunrise....althought, dagnabit, I got the horizon squint again!!!
  2. Luvly jubbly....have downloaded but cant be *****ed going outside to test. Will have a go tomorrow....in between the christmas shopping and card writing. Cheers!
  3. Try this... http://markandlynn.croaghan.com/index.html Edited to say that you need to be looking at the paperless caching bit....the link from the home page is to a pdf, but I think the links from the geocaching section are broke.
  4. You = the general geocaching community. Yep, getting it Edited to say......OK cropped from t'internet, but still.......
  5. A woggle collector, maybe? Ha ha, I can't believe it....
  6. This just makes me so sad! I'm sorry but GC rules or not, who in their right mind would make the effort to go out into the countryside and do such wanton damage? OK it may only have happened one stone at a time, but even so, someone must have made a conscious decision to carry on regardless.
  7. 1) Van Eyck - The Arnolfini Marriage Thank you National Gallery - I love you! Still working on 2
  8. Dagnab it! Missed this one.....never mind, grabbed me a Yorkshire Geocoin instead. A great gesture, ac-p, its a tough thing when someone close is struck with this dreadful illness. There's nothing you can do for them, so raising funds is a great way of giving support.
  9. Just another request ( plea! ) to be added to the list for a coin, if any spares are available. Was hoping to get there in person, but re-read and realised its an evening thing - too late to get back 'oop north' at a reasonable hour for me. Cheers. La Fifi
  10. How fluent are you in cryptic? Just came to mind as I was taking notes on all of Mongoose's Oldham Way caches. Just taking waypoint and encrypted clue and I realised I only ever recognise a couple of words, no matter how often I read encrypted clues! ( OK I've not got a vast number of finds to my name! ) So, I recognise tree and gate and thats about my lot......how fluent are you? p.s. OK, I can't figure out how to change titles either, is there a Geocaching Technophobe of the Year award?
  11. I enjoy wandering round church yards and grave yards for a number of reasons, usually a good time for quiet reflection and often historically interesting. I must admit I find the idea of graveyard hides just for the sake of it to be quite intrusive, but then as I've visited a number of cemetary caches, my very first cache included, it would be hypocritical of me to say I think they should be banned. Particularly as they've taken me to some lovely peaceful or historic spots. I think therefore its back to the old argument, each to his own and if you are looking for a cache which you feel is too intrusive or don't feel its sensitively placed, just walk away, Renee...
  12. A couple of bikers here, 4 between the two of us, but the fourth doesn't count as a bike as its a folding ped, called Little Nell!
  13. Yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, but.....so I'm really organised!!! My bad....note to self....read whole thread! I'm not even blonde...much
  14. Me too, any left? Already made my donation regardless of whether I get one, just 'cos you picked such a great cause! Cheers. La Fifi
  15. Hiya, I've plowed through both Big Quest threads to figure out what's going on and scanned this - if you're still looking for a North Yorkshire volunteer, would be glad to get involved. Cheers!
  16. Hi, I had problems with a batch of 5 yesterday, all with the same activation code, all had the same error to the effect that the TB numbers weren't in the system, or some such. Was partway through composing a support ticket and browsing forums at same time and managed to solve it. You might want to try. Instead of going straight to 'Activate Trackable Item' from the Trackables home page, try entering the TB tracking number in the top box and hit track. The next page then tells you this trackable item hasn't been activated. Hit activate now and enter details again and you then go through the normal steps of activation. It worked for me.
  17. Hi there, we've used www.mapsworldwide.com Very good service and reasonable prices on spanish maps. Cheers. Fifi x
  18. Any chance of popping round this guy's house and get hold of the travel bugs he's kidnapped. I'm especially miffed as it's my first travel bug and he seems to be making a habit of it!
  19. Would I be really sad if I say I can't wait to get home to see if mine's arrived! Well it is my first ever geocoin.
  20. Could someone possible provide a roll call on the photo. Its great to put faces to the names.
  21. Up here in N Yorks the new laws have definitely quieted things down a bit. Tonight we've one cat practically climbing the curtains and the others deaf as a post and sleeping like a baby. We too are being v. grown up and staying in. But might revert to childhood to hang out the upstairs window to catch some of the display across town.
  22. I love this idea – good excuse for messin’ on t’internet when I should be working! My b-day – June 22 – I added Meryl Streep, Billy Wilder, Kris Kristofferson & Puccini to the calendar but also noted Jimmy Somerville of the Communards and Tommy Cunningham of Wet Wet Wet, both of whom I was a fan of in my hey day! Sad….yes. Also, Judy Garland died the same day I was born – 1969. Events – 1941 – In his offensive known as Operation Barbarossa, Hitler invades Russia breaking the non-agression pact signed in 1939 – Russians later foiled the German advance with their ‘scorched earth’ tactic to deprive Germans of supplies. 1981 – Mark Chapman pleads guilty to the murder of John Lennon. He says he heard voices in his head telling him to kill Lennon and later pled guilty because God told him to.
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