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  1. gold don't have compass. just northfainder
  2. etrex is better (IMHO) bigger display, better feels in hand. has possibility to connect to PC/PDA
  3. I’m in the market for my first GPS and finally narrowed my choices to meridians. For similar price I could get New Gold, Used Platinum and Refurbished Color. Witch unit would you recommend? Are compass really useful on platinum? Do colors helps or it’s just eye candy? In FAQ I read that Platinum uses about 25% more energy than gold. How match more Color would use (taking into account necessity to use backlight all the time, as mentioned in FAQ)? All recommendations are welcome.
  4. dude, this price in Europe just for comparison... Magellan Meridian Color in my home counry cost just above 700$
  5. in this case my opinion personal & subjective would be a) if you need GPS for outdoors (hiking, mountain claibing etc.) get etex + good paper maps is best cheap solution. if you need GPS for navigaton in "urban jungle" (cities, higways etc) better solution is PDA + gps c) for geochaching bouth should serv well P.S. take into account that resseler value peobably woulde behiher for etrex P.P.S I currently don't own GPS (yet) but currently in the market for one
  6. I’m looking for Magellan Meridian Gold or Magellan Meridian Platinum unit. It may be used, but not abused . PC interface cable is the must. Will pay up to 150$ + shipping on Gold And up to 200$ + shipping on Platinum. Will pay ONLY with PayPal. (if it matters I’m PayPal Verified) Edit: to make things clear - I'm from Europe (some US sellers don't like it
  7. maybe there are somewhere pictures with side by side magellan and garmin unit sitting arround (for size comparison. In my home country I can look at garmins but no magellans availabe
  8. 60C is a little bit over my price range. and I'm looking in the range of 200$ +/- 50$ units only any other comments ?
  9. It's not relevant, but I can't resist U people form noth USA can't imagine what is poor once was in Kazchstan (former soviet uninion). If I remember right mounthly salary the profesor at local University is below 10$ that I could call poor
  10. U R lucky if you look at e-bay you can find magellan hand springboard module for about 50$ or even mutch less about 1.5 years ago, when comp-usa was clearing them lots of people bouth this units free after rebate. Can't comment on possibility to find maping software. general GPS software is availabe.Resons not to use PDA as GPS - battery life (oh well it's not that relevant for your PDA but still:)
  11. My basic GPS needs: Sightseeing (usually short 6-50h trips without access to power outlets). In same cases – weekend hiking trips (about 40h w/o power). Once a year – 2 weeks trip to mountains. And maybe.. in distant future in car navigation. Currently I narrowed my choices to two: 1. PDA(h2215) & BT GPS (belkin Belkin F8T051) 2. Magelan Gold & (PDA & notebook in some cases) There few things I’m worried about: Absence socket for external anthena (do I need that?) Batteries All comments and suggestions are welcome P.S. I don’t want to spend too munch on it (I already (almost) have PDA:)
  12. I fully agree wit you. I'm still pretty new in GPS, but I use to collect knifes. taking into account shipping cost, prices for quality knifes e-bay was at the same level with some level with regular online shops. Chinese cheapes use to be 2-3 times more expensive on e-bay. and trading in forums was the best way to get stuff cheaper Odcourse from time to time on e-bay you can find some chache in this forum we still lack ratings (bad/good/ugly) for safer traiding.
  13. there 4.06 firmware floating around. it should have fixed problems with 512 cards and smartmedia
  14. It means: No,there are no other differences but memory. and Yes, it is discontinued and woun't get new firmware updates ? embra: thank you for very usefull link !
  15. I’m in the market for PDA and one of the choices I’m looking at is Magellan meridian GPS. What is the difference between Meridian GPS and Meridian Gold (except larger build in maps) One more thing I noticed: latest GPS firmware – 4.x latest Gold firmware 5.12 it means that Meridian GPS isn’t supported anymore ?
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