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  1. I was just introduced to using Locus Map, which has a free version you can download a couple free maps for and it has an addon specifically for importing Geocaches called Geocaching4Locus. You could import a list made from the 111 mystery caches and dictate your own route through the app. It's very handy.
  2. For an online group, you could post a set of pictures of the puzzle from all angles that will be accessible when you place it (Or video of it unsolved to show how things move if they do), give the same information you would put on your cache page, then ask how people would try to figure it out with maybe a little video on how to open it in a spoiler. Alternatively, if you have a geocachers organization or facebook group for your local area you could always request there or attend an event that's far from home. The issue is that if they visit your cache, then they'll know how to open it and lose the magic. This is why I believe they go for the friends and family option.
  3. I think it definitely depends on the area. As you can see from the notes, a lot of PMO caches aren't much better. Around my area, however, there are quite a few premium caches put out by a certain CO that are an absolute delight to find. (One of my favorites is the one he based off the gold rush.) As for logging NM, please please do! I just recently logged a few NA on caches in my local area that had been complaining about the container being broken or filled with water for YEARS, but absolutely none of them logged a NM, all of them have just been Found logs when I visited despite the log complaints. The CO in question hasn't logged on since 2013 and, unless they put out a great container, most of their caches I've ran into have been either almost completely destroyed or getting to that point. I ended up taking out the cache remains because of this so it didn't end up as the geolitter it already was on the wilderness trail, i doubt they will be coming back to collect it. I'm going to guess that if they had logged them properly they wouldn't have been sitting there disappointing people for so long.
  4. Trade and place inside caches what you would like to see (and be the geocacher you want to be). It may not always pay off on your side, but eventually the geocaching karma will catch up to you or maybe you'll inspire someone else who is new and wants to add new swag. When I first started I was inspired by some good swag I ran into, the forums, and some nice geocaches. I personally find a lot of joy in leaving little surprises for other people, even if I don't get anything (even a thank you) in return. It's the times that I do that make it a little special. I'm currently creating homemade coins for swag I can drop into containers and use in my own puzzle caches I'm currently building to make them just a little more special for people who visit and can figure out how to get in.
  5. I was thinking about getting a trackable for my dog I take with me often, but an account is an even better idea. Thanks! Haha.
  6. Thank you so much for this! I didn't even realize I could use my phone in this manner or what Locus Map was. This is going to help me out a ton in the more rural areas I live in. I wish more people mentioned this.
  7. I would like this as well for when I want to drop off a TB that has goals in that area or type of cache, though doesn't the website (and app) keep any new coordinates you've placed in as waypoints? I might be remembering wrong. I always put in the waypoints anyway for later.
  8. I've seen some pretty creative methods for keeping a cache where it belongs (everything from heavy chain locks to wire, one even changed the theme of their cache to reflect the new security). For my letterboxes you bet I'm going to make that stamp as hard as possible to remove from the containers I'm currently building - letterbox hybrid stamps disappear faster than a geocoin. Apparently people really like stamps. So, there's always that type of option to think about if you want to put out more quality containers again. Generally thieves like an easy mark, not effort. After chatting with some of the locals and finding some stunningly well maintained micros, I've figured out soda preforms are a cheaper container (I can get 30 for about 20 USD) that seem to work really well based on the placement and no one wants to run off with them. I'm not sure what containers in particular you're having problems with though.
  9. A well maintained cache with a bit more care into the container will not be inevitably wet. In my area there are quite a few that will sit for long periods over harsh winters and don't have that issue. If the cache isn't maintained, is moldy or constantly soggy (sometimes both), it might as well just be considered trash in the forest and that goes against many of the principles of geocaching. You want to hear about the wildlife and beautiful views they've seen, but don't care about what your container is doing to affect the environment around it that creates these memories? I care about the container because I are about the environment in which its placed, but maybe that's just me.
  10. I think some of them may be lying to themselves. Basically, "I'll do it this time for sure!" Then that falls apart and they just shrug it off until the next time.
  11. One of my favorite field puzzle caches in my area was inspired by the game Plinko. The current cache I'm working on involves a (immediate/small area) scavenger hunt for letters I've written on things that are need to be decoded to open the wooden combination lock I made for the face of the container. It's nothing too complicated, since I wanted it to be the first in a series and allow children to be able to complete it (even if they needed a little help from their parents.) I'm not very fond of field puzzles that make me look at signs/headstones/plaques, pick out letters, then turn them into numbers for the actual coordinates of the cache because I have trouble with numbers and tend to input the wrong ones, despite what I've physically written down (head injury). I tend to avoid those unless the area or history looks nice, as I think something hands on is much more fun, especially with the cache looking right in front of me, begging to be opened. But, for people who aren't great at wood working or general gadgetry, I can see why they're popular puzzles.
  12. After hearing about the trackables lists troubles when I first started browsing the forums, I'm locking my trackables until I put them into circulation. I've got two I haven't put out yet, but unlock the one I'm personally logging when I would like to put a visit somewhere.
  13. Was very surprised to find one in the mail this morning for me! They've already reached all of their travel goals though, so just a cool trackable now. I need to find a good cache for it since there is no rush now to move it along.
  14. I think it would be neat for all of them. Maybe have a specific souvenir that is a generic solar eclipse to be used for all of them. That would take a lot of work on their part though if they were going for specific locations.
  15. That's awesome! I'm currently converting a cargo van into a camper that pulls my tiny house, looking forward to adventuring around in them both. You're in good campervan company, haha.
  16. I'm driving down to Kentucky to see total, and also grabbing some caches on the way! I think with the amount of people that will be traveling and caching just for this event could possibly warrant a souvenir. I won't be upset if we don't have one, but it would be cute I think.
  17. I think nonsensical logs in general are starting to get popular. This was one I saw today on one of the caches I looked for to show my mom how the hobby worked. The cache wasn't next to a hot dog place or uh.. any other thing that might lead to that sort of comment. The one after it was a simple $.
  18. @arisoft @noncentric @TriciaG Thank you for the suggestions. I'm putting together the cache right now so I'll think about it a little to weigh the pros and cons over the next few days before I put it out. The cache will be in the same cemetery, just on the other side, with a different container size, but this particular cemetery is quite small so there wouldn't be much new experience to be had unless they like my larger cache decorations and swag, haha. I'm leaning more toward keeping the original page because of its age, all the lists its on, and the fact it's a small cemetery (less than an acre and old!) If it was one of the larger local cemeteries I would be leaning the other way. Either way once it's out I'll be keeping a really close eye on it so it stays clean and nice for visitors and the permanent residents.
  19. One of the caches that had turned into a tiny trash bin was adopted over to me. When I'm finished making the new, more water tight, cache, it would be better to just move the coordinates on the new one (or archive and make an entirely new cache, so the old owner doesn't get messages?)? I'm very excited to get the cache back into shape. Thank you for that! I could have sworn I read in the guidelines that it was part of owner maintenance, but I was mistaken.
  20. I sent as nice of note possible through the email function to offer help, since i read in another thread somewhere that people have had luck with that if the user isnt active on the site. (sorry the site is being weird on my phone below is for ku) Thank you for the NA time frame! That seems reasonable to me. I think I'm just a little nervous after finding someones TB just laying outside of a container. Its a real struggle keeping caches safe from non players isnt it? (And some players too from what ive read haha)
  21. I did grab some of the trash out, but I didn't have any bags on me for the logs (guess I'll have to remember to bring them from now on, along with lots of ducktape.) Thanks for the info on the NA. It isn't really explained well. Ah yeah, the trash was actually stuffed into the small containers. (I'm pretty impressed everything fit into one of them honestly.) And i don't mind the issues. I knew that since the area I live in is rural that I was pretty likely to run into caches that may not see many people or could have issues. The hides areas were lovely, so I don't regret visiting even if they're places I already actually visit on my own (I like to go and pick up a little at some of the older cemeteries near me now and then the teenagers hang out at because its spooky and they get poor maintenance to begin with haha)
  22. Because I like the areas a few of them are placed in that are near my home, would visit them on my own without a cache present, and want other people to enjoy them as well. I'd rather not have trash left in the area if no one is going to check on them since they're in forested areas. Some of them are reaching the 10 year mark, which from what I've read is a feat for some. I wasn't cross checking purposefully, I just log on my phone while I do the book. It's easy to notice who logged before you.
  23. A few of them a couple/few years that were fixed either by someone else or not updated by the owner when they were, but then people continued to log in between without mentioning any issues that have clearly been there a while (like the gigantic holes in the bottom of the cache and soaked/full logs), which is what I find odd (armchair loggers maybe? some I noted weren't in the physical wet logs). I sent a message with request to adopt three of them that are near my home I'd happily take care of in hopes of hearing something from the ones who have logged in more recently. EDIT: This is more something preemptive in case I don't hear anything and when I check on them in a week or two nothing has been fixed.
  24. I ran into a couple caches today that people weren't really logging very well to show the maintenance issues. I found caches with gigantic holes in them, TBs just laying on the ground, TBs missing but not logged as missing on the page, wet and full logs, caches filled with trash, and owners not properly updating the cache page when there were past maintenance issues. Despite multiple people over the last month finding one in particular, no ones mentioned the issues at all (which I find odd, though I guess someone was stuffing trash into containers they weren't meant to go in). These problems definitely didn't happen between then and when I got there (sometimes within a few days) When is a good time to suggest an archive? I put up maintenance alerts, but one CO hasn't logged in for several years.
  25. It surprises me how long certain companies have been in the business and know their customer base, but completely forget what they're like sometimes. It's optimism at its finest. Didn't think of the place/retrieve. Min/maxer players would be very into that.
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