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  1. I've been away from caching for a year. Now I've got the time to get out there again, i'm shocked at how many caches are locked to premium members only. I do not feel that this is in the sprit of the game, and has turned it into an elitist hobby. I am going to pay to be a premium member because some of the benefits are very good, but I can see no reason why people do not want there cache to be found by everyone. I really hope this silly trend ends soon.

  2. Im up to 499 finds, am looking at reaching 500 in the next couple of days, I would love to do a special one. Has any one got any ideas on that special cache, with nice views, or just that wow factor. I live just outside Luton but willing to travel. Thanks for any ideas.

  3. We have booked a ferry to come on a caching trip to the Isle of Man for the early man bank holiday. Geotourism - cache setters should be eligible for government Tupperware grants :unsure:

    Anyway does anyone have any advice as to which campsite to use - initial thoughts are to use the Glen lough site as it looks like when the small stonefielders are asleep in the evening us big stonefielders could take it in turns to do some of the hertitage trail caches.

    Also does anyone have any recommendations for caches we really shouldn't miss?



    El Presidente is my favourite cache of all time -and near the calf of man (the sound) cafe wich is spectacular. I wish I was coming with you - there's some great caching to be had!

  4. Can anyone help? Im thinking of getting a new GPS unit possible the Garmin gps 60. At the mo im using a mac osx. I want to use the send to gps option, is it as easy as connecting the gps to my computer using the usb cable and clicking on the send to gps button? will this send all the cache data to the unit?

    Thanks for any help.

  5. Im looking to do my 200th cache by the end of the week. I would love it to be a special cache.... a good challenge, or one with great views. I live in Dunstable (beds). Has any one got a great cache in this area?


  6. I just need a little help. A few months ago I downloaded that program to my phone, The one that shows you all neaby caches when you enter you current co ords, Ive been using this daily and its great, im now a paper free cacher.

    The last couple of days the program has not been working, so I was going to redownload it to see if that helps, 1 problem I cant remember where I got the instructions from, Can someone post a link to the page which tells you how to download it!

    manyt thanks

  7. I have just been to a local army and navy store, and they have ammo boxes in really good condition .... and whats more there only £1.99 .. They have the large ones and the medium size. all they need is a lick of paint, no dents ... all shut and seal. They have a online store www.springfields.co.uk

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