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  1. im going to start this in a week so any applications, get them in now
  2. i think that there is only one situation where you CAN log a find for an cache when you dont sign the logbook. I can remember back in 2003 time, caching around York. I found one cache which had been muggled and everything had been tossed around the place. I photographed the area. logged the cache as a find and then emailed the owner to tell them about the site. I continued to watch the cache and 3 weeks later the box was replaced and a new one installed.
  3. we have had some response. 2 more teams needed, come on have a go!
  4. BUMPING UP Season has finished so now we want new members!
  5. will this be set up as a webcam cache for tomorrow?????????
  6. well the site was down for about 6hrs on the maintainance page and then switched to this one where everything except caches works. so it could be another 6hrs!
  7. Main site and accounst are up. But if you want to view a cache, you cant because it comes up "invalid name "refname"
  8. Holiday cache or not, i think it would be prudent to keep the cache live until after someone has been - as archiving it now could mean that a box is left in the wild and will then never be found.
  9. doing a cache last week, got charged at by bulls, so on the qway back took a diversion to miss them (across private land) and ended up having a fight with a barbed wire fence. All who are going to HH's Harrogate meet and want to see the scars, just ask!
  10. I am bumping this topic back up at season 2 is almost finished and new players will be needed if season 3 is to take place.
  11. i to have had emails asking if cachers could hold onto my coins thus to gain mileage via a holiday, which i dont have a problem with. Sometimes i even contact members (if they are in the army or the RAF - and it states this on their profile, to see if they are off anywhere soon). I have not had members posting notes on coin sites (and if i did i might actually delete them)
  12. If only i live up that way i would go and place another 1 today!
  13. I have recently been working on a mystery cache, which is now almost ready for publishing. Because of this i need to query one thing. The cache will start at a location which is not the cache site and the cache location itself will not be published on the site. Do i have to submit the actuall cache site co-ords to the mods when publishing cache or just the start co-ords?
  14. I can tell you what it is. we use those at uni. Its a Field Archery target. If you look around the area (within 140ft) you would find 3 small wooden posts (pegs) one yellow, one red, one black.
  15. I think its best to keep everything together. keep pushing it throughout the WC and then afterwards organise an event to start at, that should get some interest too
  16. Ok well getting minimal intrest, anyone else?
  17. Has anyone else noticed the new type of cache icon? Well for all of you that havn't, you can now get a MEGA EVENT icon. I suggest you look at Geowoodstock4. This event is catigorised as a mega event!
  18. My suggestions for the cache to be used are: Trinidad and Tobago - GCG1HV Paraguay - (Because it is the only cache found this year) GCQ5QG Sweden - (Centrally located) GC5AFB
  19. I only added the 24hrs bit as some cachers in forgien parts can be known to pick up and place into 20 caches per day. So even though the tb may be on the cacher it never actually spent time in the cache
  20. This is an idea which has only just popped into my head so i am typing and thinking about this at the same time. The basic idea is that we have a number of bugs which all start from an event on the same day after the world cup has finished. They must visit a selected cache in each country which England play during the world cup. So far we know that the desinations will be: Sweden Trinidad and Tobago Paraguay Caches must not be vituals and the tb's must spend at least 24hrs in each one. Whos game????
  21. 2 Questions. 1. Is the full version availbale for download? 2. any future projects?
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