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  1. I dont know if anyone else has noticed (i cant find a topic to its effect), if you click onto omeones profile and then the geocaches which have been found by the user.... the order the icons are listed in has changed. Now for some reason Events are at the top and Tradional caches are bottom but 1. Also the DISCOVERED icon has changed.
  2. i never log my own events (i know its slightly off topic but not much)
  3. I must say i have been guilty of this in the past, BUT only for event caches. When an event has finished and everyone who has been has logged as "attended" i will then delete the notes which say "im coming" as it tidies up the cache page and makes it eye friendly. a couple have cachers have contacted me once or twice asking why they have had an email to this effect but when i have explained that its only the notes which have been deleted i havent had any come back from it.
  4. After not posting for a couple of days i have finally returned to find some people sticking up for me. Could i also say thankyou to GAZ for a lovely email. It is a shame that some elements of the forum population still feel (despite other non driving cachers posting) that finding a station is "easy" and "doesnt take much time".
  5. Lincs cache bash was organised in lincoln where it is obvious how to get there (streetmap shows the trainstation) - and someone actually came by train Brum bashes are not exactly good examples are they because 1. they were organised before many of you were caching 2. the 1st brum bash i was still a newbie (living at home with parents (ie) car 3. Both only had 3 people come 4. 1 set of people came by car to second event 5. car share was arranged for 1st event but in the end not needed.
  6. Ok..................... how is someone who cannot drive NOT supposed to take this personally! 1. These are questions 2. Why are events so different from other caches? 3. What is to stop you looking up this information for yourself? 4. I drive, however I regularly give non driving cachers a lift to caches and cache events as do most other cachers I know. If you want to take it as a personal attack please fell free to do so. No skin of my nose. 1. Agreed they are questions but phrased in a manner which after what i had written at the top of the page, feel have been aimed staright at me and others like me who cannot drive. 2. I have not said they are different, but events gather more people together on 1 specific day, unlike a cache which may see 15 visits in a month. 3. As i have explained, looking for yourself if sometimes problamatic when it can be found that stations are hard to work out the closest one (or one which is the easiest walk). 4. Agreed also, but for cachers who live a long distance away, it can sometimes be easier to get a train as you are your own passenger then, not having to worry about someone else, being able to leave when you want to... not when they have to. I have done, will continue too (i have a hard nose too)
  7. I disagree. take for example the 5th Scottish Cache bash. By looking alone at streetmap. No train station is clear (ok distance is greater up there). Also for scafell (which is how this all arose after a convo at bucks meet), there are 3 or 4 stations on the coast but the closest one to the start location was not clear.
  8. Ok..................... how is someone who cannot drive NOT supposed to take this personally!
  9. The attitude of some people on these forums disgusts me. I make a serious point which will help cachers travel to an event, and i get lambasted for it. Whats the point of me even trying. I could at this point leave and never come back (or say something which isnt allowed). I am glad to see that paul understands why i posted this on here, but some people need to start understandning that this is a sport for all not just the snobs who watch these forums and then if a topic comes up which they "dont agree with" start to lambast people who are trying to make things easier. I am really angry with certain comments above and feel that they are totally uneeded. If someone doesnt know the area and then clicks onto street map or another website the nearest train station is not always easy to work out. so 10 ish words on a cache page wouldnt go amiss!
  10. Yeah thanks Pid. Will upload a video to this topic later in day (and my photos to cache page).
  11. When organising an event, please consider the fact that not all attendees could be arriving by car. Some (like myself) may infact not be able to drive, but have a free weekend and so look to attend via train. Because of this (thankyou to Simply Paul, for altering his page), could cachers please identify on the cache page itself, what the nearest train station is. I am not asking that cachers organise meets around pubs close to stations (this is not always possible), but if they could state where the nearest station is, this would help other cachers in my position who look for a day out but then become unsure of how to get there. This possibly something which could be in the criteria for putting on an event - MODS???? (I know your jobs are hard enough already, but there arnt that many events each year so i wouldnt have thought it to be that much of a hinderance!?!?!?
  12. I am pretty sure i know the one you are talking about. It is definatly a 5*, I was there this morning..... i also feel that a torch IS a special piece of equipment IF it is a cache using refective pins, but not if its one which is "recomended at night".
  13. I have to agree. I feel sorry for those cachers whom have this cache at the top of their nearest lists knowing that it will never disappear
  14. I think you have placed two caches since starting that thread, granted one of them is 9 days out of your 6 month ban period. Don't you think it is slightly hypocritical bringing this up again when you wanted a BAN but have still placed caches yourself? Please don't take that the wrong way, if you want to place caches then go ahead, all the more in my opinion. But don't place them and still harp on about a ban being introduced! Not at all. At the end of the day, yes i have placed 2 caches since this topic one 6 days ago, and the other a nano (which is no longer there). This second one was placed 4 months into the 6 month proposed time zone, and so NO i dont feel hypocritical by bringing it back up. This post was asking about when saturation points are reached. This is a perfectly facty based argument which could help the poster understand other points of view. Having spoken to a few cachers at events (who do not post on forums), they agree - especially at lincoln bash, that maybe it is/was time for a placing ban.
  15. Can i also suggest Rose thorn that you have a read of an old thread i started at the start of the year! http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...opic=118180&hl= See what you think
  16. It will fail once, wait, then again, wait, a third fail, then connect
  17. does anyone know what the "sound pads" look like?
  18. whats going on guys i cant connect off either link. I feel like i am missing out! Just got: [12:22] Unable to Connect : Java.Net.NoRouteToHostException : Operation Timed Out
  19. I am coming down for the Tradition bash on Thursday and have planned ahead so that i can try and get the FTF at Bloodshed and Tears (long standing unfound) before i turn up. My train leaves Birmingham at 2pm so will be in London Euston at around 3.30. Anyone wish to meet me at the station?
  20. I'll be coming. Hope to attempt Bloodshed and Tears before getting down there. I really want that FTF
  21. At the end of the day FC have said that no caches can be placed in this region. What is stopping a random cacher (who doesnt frequent the forums) and so doesnt know about the desicion which has been taken, going out into the woods and hiding a cache. Then when they come to submit the site they insert in the permission box someting along the lines of "I spoke to the ranger of the woods and showed him the location of my new cache. He is perfectly happy for this cache to be placed here and has told me that he will monitor the disturbance around it at regular intervals". There is no wy of proving either way if this has taken place. BUT to a reviewers eyes the cache has been placed correctly and permission sort and got. Thus the cache is ok to be published. There are huge flaws in what is being said here - as pointed out just, so maybe we should just ignore the ruling and go on as well have been for ages!
  22. Chat down??? i cant log in. Oh yes BUMP
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