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  1. I see all points, so I throw my hat in. I am a sitting board member with the Texas Geocaching Association, so when the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department was having issues, we came forward to educate and work with them on creating a fun yet ecological sensitive criteria for caching. It took a couple of months, but we hammered out some simple paperwork, which is free to file, made the politicians happy, cachers happy, and the parks happy. The form is about five questions and takes two minutes. The parks loved the caching idea so much, they now offer a "passport" competition with free geocoins once completed. Some parks now even have their own pathtags, which comically are selling to more than just cachers.


    So there is a way, without big brother trying to run it. Feel free to check out the TPWD site on geocaching: Texas Parks Geocache Challenge

  2. Hawaii13%252520copy.jpg


    Here is my design. I am sorry for the copyright text, but it is a necessary evil.


    To explain, shaped gecko with all eight hawaiian islands, two hawaiian petroglyphs, and a hibiscus flower. All areas in white will be color, all areas in black will be metal. It is up for final revision. So let me know you thoughts...


    We have settled on a 2" coin, for $10. These will be individually numbered, trackable, and will be the first in a planned series.



  3. Okay, this is forward as can be, but would like everyone's feedback on this. I have designed at 3" x 3.5mm shaped coin that I am in the process of getting finalized and minted with Oakcoins. There will be a run of 100 to start, with a price of $15. Since I lived and started caching in Hawaii, this will have themes of Hawaii in it. Now my questions are:


    Would people be willing to pay $15 for a 3" coin?


    Do you prefer a series of the same coin?


    Would you like them individually numbered?


    What colors and metals would you like to see?


    Now, understand that I am still working on the molding part, so I do not have a picture yet, so as soon as I get the proof, I will post it. Feel free to comment away, would like to get an idea of what to expect. Oh, this will be trackable with its own icon.

  4. A better pic of the Black and Yellow version:



    As a Browns fan, this has gotta be killing you... :P;)





    You may be getting a free on when I see you, granted it will be thrown from my booth to yours aimed precisely at the back of your head....

    If you two cant play nice, then send it to South Texas where it will adorn my home with the rest of my Steeler Nation memorabilia.

  5. I'm been keeping in touch with rangers to review 20 or so locations for the past 2 years. The request has changed hands and I'm assured that my request is always in their mind. But there is always something more pressing on thier agenda, loss of staff, forest fires, avalanches, building fires, rock slides. It puts my request in perspective. Though I would appreciate return calls and/or e-mails.


    Honestly, I started getting that from some parks. So I made it simple for them, I sent them my write up, asked for a review and approval. Within a matter of days, I had their holy blessing. I even went as far as to create the cache, save it, and show them at a meeting. Now, they know when I send one up, it will only take a minute of their time.

  6. Comically, I had this same issue. Did one for the Mt. Saint Helen's area, was almost two months for mine to get found. Happens a gent from Australia was visiting. He joked how much fun it was to get his first FTF in America... Also, I have to take into account seasonal issues. I know the road to my cache can be closed during certain parts of the year, so I wait and watch.

  7. Heard rumor for a reliable source that the new levels were do out at the end of May. Now seeing as it is June, I have not heard or seen anything... Can someone throw me a life line and let me know what happened. Did it get lost in a cave? Too many nights out on the town? or is it being held hostage by a very mean cacher? Either way, whats the status.. I have some newbies who are all about the numbers and they are excited to learn more about this once in a lifetime offer..

  8. Geoaware,


    I am wondering how things are going with the new challenges? I know I am waiting in anticipation, so please, please, drop us another teaser... if you can. Also, if you need any help, please let me know.



  9. Recently, I have been getting a slew of people complaining about the requirements for my EC's. I honestly have had people look at them who have never cached and those who have 10K+ finds, and all say they are simple, concise, and not hard. So I ask the masses, am I the only one who is getting these types of emails? Also, how long do you wait before you delete a log for someone who never answered the questions (I did send a reminder email twice)? What other thoughts do you have, so I can better develop the EC's I am writing and have?



  10. I am excited as I can be, new levels :antenna:! So, I ask, what is the turn around time if we are still submitting for Gold and Platinum levels? When will the new ones be out, officially? Are they going to be similar to the "hands" of Earthtrek?

  11. I tried to resurrect some of Cav's old caches, got the answer below:


    "Hi Tank and Spaz,


    Sorry, but such apparent copy/pasting of the previous Earthcache Listing at this location, and the lack of permission from the Land Manager for the placement, makes this an unsuitable submission for Publication.




    Volunteer Earthcache Reviewer"


    Now here is the funny part, these caches are on public land where, by all accounts, public domain means the use by the public, under the assumption of visitation by individuals. Now granted, I did use a large bit of the original page, but did add and delete some stuff, as well as refine the requirements to be more educational. So I ask the great ones... what is it going to take, when we follow your rules, to get something done. I know Cav was not your star pupil, but 200+ caches gone? Can we please get some clarity here. It is not just cachers that use EC's, I know schools and teachers that use them also. The other thing, even with approval from the manager for one, it was still denied. I am loosing faith in the process......

  12. Folks, I know this is a long shot, but I am looking for the cachers by the name surelylock homes & dr. wantsome. They have a virtual cache that is active, but they have been MIA for some time. I would like to get a chance to talk with them about adopting this, so we don't loose another one. Please pass this one to anyone.


    I am also looking for Shane the Evil Twin, as they have one also that is archived, by GC is willing to possibly unarchive it.



  13. Fine... since everyone else has a good one, here's mine: I cache in San Antonio, so I went looking for a TB Hotel near Seaworld. I parked in a McDonald's, had lunch, grabbed my GPS, and headed into the woods. We actually, I walked around the woods to the cache. I get the cache, head back to my car. I place my GPS and notepad on my hood and start making notes. Drop this bug, took that one, etc... Next thing I know I have two cop cars behind me, two officers, one asking me if I need anything. Not thinking to turn around, I say no, only to hear the loud speaker tell me to place my hands on the top of my head. I look back, thinking something was going on, on to realize I now have four cars, 7 cops, and a police helicopter flying overhead. I get patted down, asked questions, only to give name, rank, serial number, and date of birth. (military training paid of here) They call their Lt to the scene of the perp, telling him everything in route, as they run a ID's and look for crap in my past. This is where is gets funny.... The Lt gets out of his car, walks over to my truck, looks down at my Oregon 300 and asks "Is the accuracy on the better than the 60cs?" I could only start laughing, which to him meant yes. He turns to all the other officers and states "He is geocaching you s***heads, what the hell is your problem?" He looks at me only to say, "Sorry Tank, rookies and idiots never cease to amaze. Oh, did you find that TB hotel, I cant find it!" Well once all the probes and morons left, he tells me a lady passing by called in a man with a gun, walking out of the woods, with blood on him. I look at my arm, sure enough, I have a 1" cut on my elbow, that was bleeding. As for the gun, I guess an Iphone and GPS sure do make a distinctive feature. Only thing I can think it would shoot is digital information. Oh, on an other note, they did lock down McDonald's while this was happening. Employees are still jittery when I go there to eat.

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