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  1. I'm sure YOU'LL get an invitation Tim because you have ACTUALLY cached in Merced. However.......I don't think the coveralls will ever be seen in Merced.
  2. It's an "invitation only" Event cache. Didn't you get your invitation, Tim? I heard some cachers from Texas will even be there! The date is June 5th around dinner time. I have the coordinates around here somewhere and I will post them when I find them so that ALL the CVCers can be sure to be there. You know me, just trying to help! ps: It's a BBQ dinner and bring your swimsuits because there is a pool there too.
  3. I'm guessing National Treasure Ted. It seems to fit the requirements: large, not found in over a month, a Multi/Puzzle cache. Go for it!
  4. Yes I am. I joined AARP and everything. I'm thinking of getting a red hat and a purple dress for geocaching.
  5. Too nice Tim. That photo was taken a LOOOOOOONG time ago. Third grade in fact, so that was 42 years ago! There's a funny story associated with my avatar: I asked my sister Mrs2For to post a find for me one day, so I gave her my password, and she "helped" me update my avatar without my knowledge. What a laugh she had at that! And me too when I first saw it.
  6. Just go the the coordinates at the appointed time and wander into the coffee shop. They should greet you immediately. But hey everybody, here's a photo of Microtaz so when you all see them you'll know them.
  7. Ryan, maybe this is why no one is looking for it?
  8. Poor Yax-alot... Well I hope she feels better!!! Half adult of OF
  9. You know I think thats right... thanks Camel!!!! half adult OF
  10. Whats LTNC? i am confused... So how are all of you CVCers??? :D ~ali half-adult outrageous fortune
  11. THANK YOU!! Bill! Am i really that smart? Um, hows Yax-alot?? tell her I said hi!
  12. Hey the half adult is here!!! We met some new cachers that go to my sister's school... Microtaz. I will tell them about the Forums! How's Yax-alot? tell her I said hi! This is the other half adult! My rat helped my aunt and uncle find a cache a while ago. . . he was sitting on it! "Buffy the Caching rat" !!!!
  13. Just a notice regarding "Captain Weber" and "Magnetic Tour of Stockton" These two caches are within the footprint of the Asparagus Festival which is this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You could still go for them, but you'll have to pay $10 to get in. The upside is you'll have a great time at the Festival. The Festival Area ps: and "Trom's First" seems like it might be at the Festival too, BUT IT'S NOT!
  14. Ah Grasshopper, you have much to learn. Wise man say, "Often first step of long journey is most difficult." Wise woman say, "Think carefully and the RIGHT idea will CLICK into your head to SAVE you from embarassment of FURTHER explanation of why you delayed your INSPECTION of this cache."
  15. Oh, I'm sorry, are you talking to me? I've been busy elsewhere.
  16. You heard the man Sanruft. Use it however you want.
  17. Does anyone know who designed this logo? I can't even remember where I found it, but I've used it on our banner, and we want to use it on our website. I'd like to give credit where due, so if you designed it, speak up. Thanks.
  18. Oh, now I've heard it all! (Snort! Splutter!) That really takes the cake.
  19. That photo really cracks me up. Thanks to TeamJudd, Camel680 and Sanruft for the fun day. We really had a great time and would have done better on the race if the team in front of us had not cheated so much! Watch out cheater, the girls are in cahoots now (thanks to Yaksalot).
  20. Yes, and that link has the perfect recipe.
  21. I liked Ted's suggestion best - that Lemoncello is a musical instrument that only plays sour notes. But actually it's a liqueur that is made with vodka, lemon zest, sugar and water. You can easily Google a recipe. The important part is to use only the yellow part of the lemon peels, and to let it sit for a total of 80 days. We first had it in Siena, and loved it. It is stored in the freezer and served VERY cold in a tiny tall glass. Typically a summer drink, served after dinner to cleanse the palate. We processed over 100 lemons Saturday, but I'm thinking we could make some more, so let's all head over to GreenAchers with our baskets! Ryan can help pick lemons, but he is too young to drink the stuff so Ara will have to drink his share.
  22. 3-10-05 I was at work all day 3-11-05 I was at work all day 3-12-05 We were making lemoncello and entertaining the neighbors 3-13-05 We were in Livermore caching 3-14-05 I was working/caching in Angels Camp I'm innocent, I tell ya! Do you have a warrant?
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