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  1. Where do you find the maps you are talking about? Thought I might try to download them.
  2. Is it possible to load more than 500 caches on a Nuvi 265? I use the 265 to get me to the location and then my Oregon 400t to find the cache.
  3. So I can have 4 .gpx files (of 500 caches each) in my internal flash and it will read all four of them and show up on my GPSr?
  4. I want to be able to put my cache data on my external card so when I go to a different city, all I have to do is change cards. How do I name the directory and is there anything I need to do to set up the 400 so it will know where to look for the gpx files?
  5. Actually the line that is drawn to my cache also freezes. Therefore if you are traveling east to the cache and you turn the GPSr 90 degrees, then the line to the cache moves 90 degrees also and now to follow the line to the cache, you are walking South instead of east which is the real direction to the cache. It's really hard to explain without showing someone. java script:emoticon('',%20'smid_2')
  6. To show distance to Cache and name of cache you have selected to remain on the screen, go to the map. Then touch one of the data fields at the top of the screen. (If you do not have a data screen go to Setup and select Map then select data fields. You can have up to four on the screen at a time.) Once you have the data fields on the Map, simply touch one of them and it will give you a choice of changing the field. This is where you can choose the distance to the cache and the Cache name which will remain on the Map screen.
  7. I noticed a problem with Beta version 3.15 when you select "Map" from the main menu. While looking at the map if you move it with your finger a sub-screen will appear of the map but moved to a different location. This screen freezes the compass and no matter which direction you move the GPSr, the compass direction (N) will move with the GPSr and not point to North. Anyone else seeing this problem?
  8. Stupid question but I will ask anyway....If I download the 3.15 version will it also include the 3.12 changes?????
  9. And that's what makes this game so interesting. I would not want to step on top of the cache every time. I enjoy using my "geosense" to find what I am looking for. My GPSr just gets me in the proximity of the cache.
  10. I want to have one Pocket Query that is for hunting caches in the daytime and one that is only for Night Caches. Is there a way that I can load the Night List on my Micro Sim card and then switch back and forth from the ones that are stored in the unit's memory? Or is there anyway to do this? I would like to have two Queries and be able to select which one I want to use while caching. Oh...btw...I have an Oregon 400t.
  11. Good news is that they are working on the issues we are seeing. I like my Oregon and will Love it when all of the bugs are worked out.
  12. 55 yrs old this December!!!! If you are careful and don't act stupid, you can one day be this old also!!!!
  13. I was having the same issues and even talked to support at Garmin. I downloaded the 3.13 Beta SW and it appears to be working a lot better. My screen was freezing up before I installed the Beta SW and it did not do that last night.
  14. I did not notice what model you have. I have an Oregon 400t and it was freezing up and very unstable. Garmin said I could return or try the 3.13 Beta SW. I tried the SW and it seems to be working correctly. You might try that version of the SW and see what happens. That beats having to send in the GPSr.
  15. I thought about loading 3.13 but did not know how stable it was. I never use automotive mode so if that is one part of the recipe for it to crash, then I should be ok.
  16. First, I would ask for stable SW for the Oregon. Second, I would ask them to design an GPSr with the reliability of the 60CSx incorporated into the features of the Oregon.
  17. I have tried turning the compass off. When I do, both my direction arrow and path to the cache freezes up. You can rotate the GPSr and everything on the screen rotates with the unit. I had a 60CSx (someone stole it a few weeks ago) and never saw this issue with it. But I have to deal with what I have and that is an Oregon.
  18. I have only been using my Oregon 400t for about a month but I am not very satisfied with some of the features. I find that the compas has a hard time determing the correct direction to North which causes the line drawn to my cache to keep moving. Sometimes the North arrow is pointing to the east and sometimes to the west. It seems to jump around alot. Is this a known issue or is it something specific to my unit. I like the paperless feature of the GPSr but I would really like to see the direction to the cache settle down; especially when you get close to the cache. Anyone else having this issue and do you know a soloution?
  19. I bought the 400t because I could not justify the difference in cost for the difference in the two models.
  20. I have an Oregon 400t. Overall, I really like it. The touch screen and paperless caching is GREAT!!!! The screen is not as hard to read as many would tell you. There still are a few SW bugs that need fixing but it seems Garmin is working on it. I call tech support today and they were extremely friendly and tried very hard to help me. I could not have wanted for better assistance. Before this I had a 60CSx and really liked it but someone stole it from me. It was very accurate but did not have the paperless caching. I will give up a little accuracy (and use my geosense) to have the paperless caching.
  21. Is the cutoff time something that Garmin meant to have in the Software? I don't remember this happening on my 60CSx.
  22. I tried what you said.. I do not have the same problem. What version firmware do you have? One bug I did notice though (newest firmware right now 3.10) is when you goto a geocache, then try bringing up the info on the cache, from either geocache menu or clicking on it from the map, it shows a blank page where the cache info should go. It does not have this problem if I am not on a "goto" to a cache. I am using the 3.10 firmware. If I wait a few minutes, the path will correct itself, but you have to wait for it to do so. I have not noticed the bug you are describing.
  23. I am having an issue when I plot the path to the selected cache, when I rotate the GPS, the path rotates with it and does not return to the correct direction to the cache. Is this the same issue you are having?
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