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  1. Have fun at the concert!! I will plan a hunt in The Wicked Woods later and you guys can join us for that one.
  2. Wow...it is going to be pretty bad being the only one in the swamp on Halloween Night...other than Ellylidan. My daughter keeps telling me I have to go with her on the hunt. But now I am afraid Ellylidan will have her as a snack and then I will be all along!!!! YIKES!!!!! What will my wife say when I come home without my daughter???
  3. A really good night cache is Wicked Woods. Check it out. It is not wet at all and tons of fun!!!!
  4. Ok... I want to get a count of how many (if anyone) is interested in doing this Hunt on Halloween night around 10pm. I am trying to back out (hehe) but my daughter is not wanting to let me do so. Seem like fun, but looking at the weather forcast, it appears to be a rainy night. Let me know if anyone wants to join us.
  5. My favorite is "The Wicked Woods" near Olympia. This is a night cache and is pretty difficult. There are glints on the trees, but not a well defined trail to get to the cache. You also have to crawl under trees and on occasions we lost our way and had to backtrack. Overall, this was a Great Night Cache!!!!
  6. The micros don't bother me as much as the almost "Impossible" puzzles that some people post. Often after you think you have it solved, there is no way to check to see if you have it correct or not. I normally do all the traditional and Multi caches first and do as many of the puzzles as possible, which is normally NONE.
  7. Lately we have been doing Night Caches and have found them to be lots of fun. We especially like the ones that you have to find Glints to get to the Cache. We recently did "Wicked Woods" near Olympia and found it very challenging. Just wondered how many others hunt caches at night and what are your favorites?
  8. So....looks like I need to bring my "Swimmies". Looks like we may have two more that will join us; GreyGrizley and Mrs. Grey Grizley.
  9. So how does this on compare to "Payback 12: Spider Eyes Night Cache"? We did this one and were in mud above our knees most all of the hunt.
  10. What would be more fun than doing "The Bloated Festering Head of My Last Victim" Cache in DuPont, WA than on Halloween Night??? I want to see if anyone is interested in meeting in DuPont and doing the Hunt at 10:30 pm on Halloween. Or are you too afraid to enter the swampy bliss at night??? Post a reply if you would be interested and I will post the meeting coordinates later. Who knows what will be in the swamp to meet us on our way to the cache. And be prepared to get wet and muddy.
  11. Thanks very much. I have it in mapsource and just did not select the portion that I wanted to download. It is a very cool program.
  12. Well...I guess I must be brain dead; but I can't figure out to save my life how to install it to my GPS. I don't understand how to download the maps to my GPS with Mapsource or the other program they recommend.
  13. Yes. That is the one I am talking about. Thanks very much.
  14. Anyone know how to load Northwest Trails into an Oregon 400t?
  15. We have begun doing Night Caches and they are really fun. The last one we did was in a swamp and you can imagine how much fun that was. I wish more people would begin doing Night Caches in our area.
  16. I think I have found the answer to my own question. After Searching the GSAK Forum, I found a Macro for GSAK called "MarkAttributes" That automates the process of adding attributes to GSAK. The only thing is that you need GSAK Version 7.5.1 or higher. You can find it at the link below: http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=...amp;#entry82203
  17. So there is no way to see the Attribute information in the Oregon?
  18. I think it is in the Pocket Querry, but I can't seem to find it on my 400t.
  19. I have an Oregon 400t and was wondering if there was a way to get the Cache Attributes to be able to be seen on the Caches I load. Currently I cannot see whether a cache is 27/7 or not. I can't see any of it's attributes. Anyone know how to include these when loading pocket queries?
  20. Thanks very much. I have an Oregon 400t but my Brother-in-Law bought a 60CSx and I was helping him load his Queries.
  21. It there a way to do a Pocket Query and download 500 caches at one time to a Garmin 60CSx?
  22. If I load a .gpx file on my external card and I have a file in the memory, will it read the memory one and not see the one on the card? Also, I am not sure how to name the directory on my card to place the .gpx files. What is the directory structure?
  23. This is what I would like to do but not sure if it is possible. I would like to load my normal Caches in the memory of my Oregon. I would like to load different pocket queries on my external card such as "Recomended for Nigh" caches. Then I would like to switch between the two files without haing to delete the ones in memory. That way I could just insert a card for the paticular "special" cache querry that I might want to do.
  24. I have a 400t and it freezes also. I noticed the latest revs of SW has helped some, but there is still some work that needs to be done.
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