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  1. That's the reason for the "quotes" , I just always select "files of type"=gpx when I open a file in/with Mapsource and always use "save as" and select gpx when saving any file opened in Mapsource.


    I've got very few gdb files. Really, only different groups of maps selected for different areas or, as I call them, and have named them, "Mapset W Colo Topo 2008 and CNV8", "Mapset Custom Topo CO_Ut_Az", etc


    Mapsource sometimes remembers it's supposed to be set on gpx from one time to the next, but sometimes it doesn't.....??? Haven't figured that one out.

  2. Turn the compass off and use strictly the bearing pointer and the problem will go away.


    If you have keyed in the coordinates of the point you are "going to', the compass is totally unnecessary. There are too many things that can influence the compass and confuse the issue.

  3. What you probably ran up against was the "segment" limit not a "size of the card" problem.


    There is a limit of 2025 map segments (someone correct me if that number is not correct) that can be installed. Users run into that more often when using Topo (due to the small segment size) than when installing something like CN or the custom maps.

  4. Ken,


    No conversion !

    Mapsource wil open and use GPX files, just like EGPS., so there's no conversion necessary. It's just using gpx instead of gdb. I can create a gpx file in EGPS and open it in Mapsource. I can create a new file in Mapsource and save it either as a gdb file or a gpx file.....I choose gpx as my Mapsource "default" filetype so that I can use that file directly in EGPS.


    What the original poster wanted really cannot easily be done in Mapsource except maybe by using Chuy's workaround. However, in EGPS I can "select" a track , it will turn yellow and the individual trackpoints will be visible, and there will be an arrow displayed at the selection point showing the direction of travel at that point. Note, I can't print that "yellow selected" track but I can make notes accordingly and add arrows to the map. Add notes and labels to my heart's content.


    A user can have whatever maps installed on their GPS that they personally like the best. They can also have Mapsource with Custom or Above the Timber maps on their PC.


    If you start using EGPS, before long you will probably find yourself using Mapsource only to send maps to your GPS. You'll download your GPS data directly into EGPS and display it over those maps or aerial photos, and when you need to print data or send tracks, waypoints, or routes back to the GPS, you'll use EGPS.

  5. It is a "given" that the only maps that can be put on a Garmin are the Mapsource ones and Custom maps that work thru Mapsource . Like it or not, we don't get to vote.

    On the small GPS screens you really can't tell squat about details anyway.

    On the PC, I zoom way in and pick out trail intersections and hidden trails on the aerial photos, then hand trace in EGPS and save and send to the GPS. Then when I actually travel the road or trail, logging the track, I come back and download the "actual" and delete the previously "hand drawn". Now I have an accurate actual track overlayed on an actual accurate map.


    I don't understand what you mean by "converting back and forth" ????? You download data from GPS to PC or upload data from PC to GPS. Mapsource uses gdb format files or will open and save files to gpx file format. EGPS uses gpx format files. Very straightforward simple transfer. Transfer single or multiple waypoints, or single or multiple tracks or routes.


    Neither do I understand "having to use two completely different sets of maps is a pain"......you can use whatever maps you want on your GPS and whatever maps on your PC. You don't transfer maps back and forth. What you are working with is the waypoint,track,route DATA. That's the only thing that you are working with or moving.

    In EGPS I see the data on USGS topos or aerial photos and save the file ...as a gpx file. Then I can open that same gpx file with Mapsource and see the same data displayed over their "cartoonish" (IMHO) maps. Tracks that look like colored strings of pearls are not my idea of a quality looking map.

  6. You seem to be "knocking" what you apparently don't know anything about.....


    The maps in EGPS are 1:24000 and on the aerials you can zoom in and clearly distinguish trails that are not even shown on Above the Timber maps, or Topo 2008, or Mapsource Topo, or NG TOPO.....I know, because I have ALL of them.....and also have 1:24000 maps on my gps.


    In EGPS, once the maps are downloaded onto your computer as you pan around, they are stored on your computer. It's an automatic process and is not overly time consuming, even with a dialup connection.They do not have to be re-downloaded again the next time you view something in that area.


    Download the free trial of EGPS and try it before you knock it.


    If you would like, attach your gdb file or as a gpx file here on the forum and I'll display it in EGPS and attach some images of it displayed over aerials from EGPS.

  7. ....sigh......


    Me thinks somewhat overly dramatic.


    Forget the almost useless Mapsource (except for loading maps) and just use Expert GPS for everything else. Only one step....download from GPS into EGPS.


    Not only will you have standard USGS quad maps but also aerial photos , and about the best track editing and all around data conversion software going.....IMHO.

  8. The first point is......you don't "download the Updater to your GPS". At least in that respect the poster doesn't know what they are talking about


    The Updater program is downloaded and installed on your computer and then is used to interface with Garmin's website to find and update software and firmware.


    Let the flaming begin......sorry, but facts are facts.

    No flaming, just visual facts:




    Good grief TCP, zoom in where you can at least see SOME detail (for comparison purposes , as stated in the earlier post). At the magnification level you posted , literally ANYTHING would look perfect.

    Zoom in to where the mag level is down to a min of 1-2 m/pixel or even greater if you want to see detail, and actual track logging accuracy.

    Think about it , the width of the track line on the posted map probably covers 50+ feet on the ground!

  10. Forget superimposing a track over ANY imagery...especially GE imagery.


    Take all the argument out of it and just do an out and back track on a singletrack in dense cover (not wide out in the open desert). That's comparing a unit's logging accuracy to only itself in "less than ideal" conditions.


    Using a high mounted external antenna (velcro'd to cap/helmet) a 60CSx or 76CSx will actually superimpose the out and back tracks on a "single track" even when zoomed in (magnified) to the point where contour lines become pixelated. Not so without the X ant and definitely not so with the PN-40. Oh, that's right, the PN-40 doesn't have external antenna capabilities. That, along with the track comparison examples posted on Delorme Forum, is the reason my PN-40 was returned.


    Let the flaming begin......sorry, but facts are facts.

  11. I don't know if Garmin has published the min 1/sec time in a manual but I have software that I can read the timestamp on each logged trackpoint , so I can easily see that that is what it is.


    My 76CSx has slightly different (and more)Auto,Time,Distance choices but, in actual practice ,one of the Auto choices records the smoothest most accurate tracks.....even if you don't have to worry about effeciency or trackpoint limit.


    I also use an external antenna (not possible on some GPS's) velcro'd on top of cap/helmet for best reception to reduce the problem mentioned by Eraseek above. Can also edit obvious erroneous points with Expert Gps to "clean up" any bad areas or remove wrong turn portions and backtracks.


    Happy Track Logging in the New Year

  12. In Mapsource save a file "Mapset x" with maps a,b,c,d,e,f,g selected/highlighted.


    Save Mapset xx with maps h,i,j,k,etc


    Want to add just one map to what's already there (in the unit)?


    Whichever mapset you have in there, just open that file,add (select) the one map and send that set. It will replace whatever maps are in the unit.

  13. You will have to define your opinion of "best".....


    Since you must have a Garmin, the most "trackpoint efficient" method for logging hiking tracks is "Auto" and either "more often" or "most often". The unit logs fewer points when traveling in a straight line and more going around a curve.


    Time- most frequent possible is once per second.


    Distance- so,even if you have it set for 10 ft and get over 6.8 mph (not likely if you are hiking) then the points will be further than the set 10 ft.


    (Increased)Time / Distance settings can be used to record longer tracks at higher speeds to reduce the number of trackpoints logged but do so at a reduced level of accuracy. ( straightens out curves and cuts corners as compared to actual path traveled)

  14. Thanks - I appreciate the feedback. I just wanted to confirm I understood. Can one assume at all that the benchmarks that indicate "GPS OBS" are any more accurate? Meaning, is a benchmark indicating both "Adjusted" and "GPS OBS" any more accurate? I realize, as you mentioned, that in any case these adjusted coordinates are better than the accuracy of the unit. Thanks again.


    Go to any of your local benchmarks that are described on their data sheet(s) as having "Adjusted" horizontal locations.


    Those coordinates have been established to a greater accuracy than your GPS receiver can determine.


    Go strictly by the "Adjusted" coordinates.....GPS OBS coordinates may be coordinates submitted by other than official agencies.


    Also, read GeoBobC's comments above. Different days satellite positioning etc can produce different results.

    In other words,...."one in a row does not make a trend" or prove anything.


    The experimenting yourself and learning is the fun part.

  15. Nothing has been created since the 60X/76X series that OVERALL is better.


    Apparently, even Garmin doesn't like it's own Colorado, and the new brand chipset in the Oregon has a WAAS problem, and the E-Trex H series has a drift problem .........and the Delorme PN-40 has the same WAAS problem as the Oregon.....


    Save your money and enjoy your 60 for a while longer until a clear cut better unit comes out.......it will be a while......

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