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  1. She who must not be named.




    I remember what happened to her.

    Ah, the memories...




    Hahahahahaha, oh man, I hadn't thought about, er, uh, "her" in a million years it seems....LOL, LOL.


    Mac McKinney aka Breaktrack


    9Key, I'm sorry I sorta derailed a perfectly good thread with her. I promise this is the last time she will be brought to life by me.



  2. I'm not getting this.




    edit: I found it.


    The top smiley show you "found" the cache in January. The bottom frown face shows that you had logged a

    "No Find back" in 2004.

    Maybe you looked for it once and it was missing and has been replaced since then. I have visited places twice once with a NF and once with a FIND. Not even realizing that I had searched for it before.

    Just a possibility.


    Thanks, kayak-cowboy. That was it mtn-man. Guess I should have said "I'm not seeing this". I just meant I hadn't figured out where it was on the page.

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