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    Sorry, wrong place somehow.
  2. Dan's Stats Yes, accessible stats provided either by GC.Com or some third party would be a welcome addition. I've not seen any references to stat programs that work with Mac OSX How many here even know of Dan's great stats? Not just smilies but all stats sliced and diced any way you'd like them. For me a big part of Geocaching died when Dan's Stats went away.
  3. There's also a small bar code sticker on the top of the box on mine.
  4. Mitsuko was a sock puppet account, as you can see from the pictures "he" was a very attractive woman. Uh-oh, you said her name.
  5. Ah, the memories... Hahahahahaha, oh man, I hadn't thought about, er, uh, "her" in a million years it seems....LOL, LOL. Mac McKinney aka Breaktrack 9Key, I'm sorry I sorta derailed a perfectly good thread with her. I promise this is the last time she will be brought to life by me. Mike
  6. She who must not be named. I remember what happened to her.
  7. We've been there and done that .....a long time ago.
  8. From Jonjaben Bug #106 31,000 miles since October 6, 2001. (I hope I'm not jinxing him by bragging about him in the forums.)
  9. My From Jonjaben is bug #106 and has traveled over 30,000 miles since he went on the road on October 6, 2001. He's had a few narrow escapes but he keeps on hanging in there.
  10. Mitsuko You beat me to it while i was trying to figure out how to build her up slowly. But, I didn't say her name. I've heard one can be banned from the forums and Geocaching and maybe even the internet for saying her name.
  11. I can't remember her name.......but somebody will.
  12. Different game, different players. edited to change wording slightly
  13. I got this from a Kim Komando newsletter. I applied to be a tester. That's all I know about it. http://dash.net/roadtest.php edit: my firewalls's been blocking stuff ever since I was at this site. I don't know if it's coincidence or not.
  14. Just wait till Walmart's the only place to buy stuff and see how much you pay.
  15. The top smiley show you "found" the cache in January. The bottom frown face shows that you had logged a "No Find back" in 2004. Maybe you looked for it once and it was missing and has been replaced since then. I have visited places twice once with a NF and once with a FIND. Not even realizing that I had searched for it before. Just a possibility. Thanks, kayak-cowboy. That was it mtn-man. Guess I should have said "I'm not seeing this". I just meant I hadn't figured out where it was on the page.
  16. I'm not getting this. edit: I found it.
  17. I give up. I guess I'm doing something wrong or not doing something. Greasemonkey installed Script installed Greasemonkey enabled Nothing happens when I open a cache page.
  18. Thanks. Glad to see they're back.
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