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  1. The first thing I noticed was the How to go Geocaching instructions in the brown on the right side.


    How to Go Geocaching:


    1. Search for Nearby Geocaches


    2. Navigate to the geocache with the Geocaching app or a GPS.


    3. Sign the logbook and log your find online.

  2. If most believe that e-logging is the more appropriate action, then why even have logs in the geocaches if COs rarely check them? Stands to reason one is givin an option, physical log or online log.


    FTR, i have never actually seen a handwritten log in a cache. Granted, I only recently hit the 200 mark...yet I've never seen any written log beyond the 'name', date and occasionally a "Thanks!" or "Finally!" (that last one usually follows multiple DNFs by that cacher). Are handwritten logs really that common? That would be pretty surprising to me...


    If you find an older (pre 2006 or so) regular sized cache with the original logbook intact, you will probably see pages and pages of extensive handwritten logs.


    I recently archived a cache I hid in early 2002 that had the original logbook intact. It was interesting to see the changes over the years. The first year or two, some logs would take an entire page or more. Many more were at least a paragraph. Everybody wrote at least a sentence or two. By about 2004 the written logs started to get shorter, but most were still a sentence or two, with the occasional paragraph and the rare full page log. About 2007 or 2008 the single line logs started to creep in, name and date only. By 2012 when I archived it, most logs were of the name and date only variety, with an occasional log having a sentence or two.

    I think it's somewhat of a sacrilege to compare Geocaching today with what it was in the first year or two.


    Seems silly. If someone is going to take the trouble to send an e-mail or write a note, then why not simply use the tool this website provides for notifying the CO that the cache was found?



    A possible reason might be someone doesn't want their activities publicly tracked.

    I'm thinking that using the internet or a cell phone is not the place for someone that doesn't want their activities publicly tracked.

  4. I have never understood the thinking that if enough people want to make up their own rules then the rest of us get brainwashed into thinking it's OK. Geocaching in the beginning was an internet based game and logging online was an important aspect of the game. It has become accepted that there are no rules for Geocaching. This is not true. The following is from Geocaching 101


    Geocaching 101


    Welcome to the geocaching community! If you still have questions after reviewing this information, we recommend that you search our Help Center or ask a question in the geocaching Forums.

    The Game


    What is geocaching?


    How is the game played?


    What are the rules of geocaching?


    1. If you take something from the geocache (or "cache"), leave something of equal or greater value.

    2. Write about your find in the cache logbook.

    3. Log your experience at www.geocaching.com.

  5. I did have a look on the map and there are no caches in Aukland Park, so if there was one back in 2011 it must have been archived now.


    If you use facebook have join this group, which covers that region :- https://www.facebook.com/groups/128308160626222/ and ask there.


    Someone up there may remember the cache and may even be able to go see if the box is still there with your TB in it.


    Not many people frequent this forum anymore I'm afraid.


    FYI here's the geocaching map centred on Aukland Park:- http://www.geocaching.com/map/default.aspx?lat=50.82633&lng=-1.28167#?ll=54.65497,-1.64726&z=14

    Thanks, I'll try that.


    edit: That didn't work. It's a closed group.

  6. Yeah, I emailed him and he gave it to a friend to take to Australia (I think) but after I emailed him he contacted his friend and was told it was left in a cache in Auckland Park, Bishop Auckland, County Durham, England. I've emailed him again to see if I can get his friends username or the name of the cache it was left in but haven't heard back from him.


    I'll check out the lost Travel Bug link also.


    Thanks, Mike


    edit: I just realized I may have a username. Possibly Team Herod. I'll work on that angle.

  7. I'm hoping to get a little help in locating my lost Travel Bug From Jonjaben. He was last seen supposedly in a Geocache in Auckland Park, Bishop Auckland, County Durham, England. This is a well traveled Bug and I'd really like to get him back in circulation. I might be able to track down the cache he's supposed to be in if anybody thinks that would help.


    Thanks, Mike

  8. Is there any way to know how many Travel Bug Dog Tags there are out there? I have a few of them that are in the 200's, as in TB213. Does this mean this was the 213th one made? Is the number in the address line the number it was activated as? I have more questions than answers.

  9. By the way, maybe the person who told Starbrand 95 left a zero off the end? :laughing:

    Seemed low to me but how often do you get to eat lunch with Jeremy in a Museum café?? :P

    Well, I ate lunch with Jeremy in the kitchen of a restaurant in New Orleans, does that count for anything? Before there were the $30 memberships we were donating to the cause with a PayPal button that was on the site.

  10. A friend contacted me about the same guy. A few minutes later he logged one of my missing travel bugs also:

    Log Date: 1/1/2013

    discovered....normally I didn't log any trackabels anymoore. Now I needed some TB Numbers for a challenge Cache.

    I didn't get any explanation, just "discovered". I guess since his logs are getting deleted he better explain his self and make his logs OK.


    edit: I just looked and he still has 1268 TB logs, a bunch of them today.

  11. Yes, I just had the same issue with a person from Germany - 'horser' logged a travel bug that's been sitting in my desk drawer since 2002. He's also logged other ancient travel bugs on my watchlist from the same era that have long since been marked lost.


    I can only speak for my own, but I strongly suspect he's been brute-forcing the other travel bug ids for one of these 'number/statistics' games.

    Yeah, he's the one.

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