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  1. Unfortunately another event has superseded this one so I will not be able to attend.




    Hope everyone else enjoys the event. For those new to geocaching who have never been to an event, geocachers are very friendly towards people new to geocaching so go have some fun!





    P.S. It's Batonka NOT Bakonta, Avroerr! <_<

  2. Hey all,

    Just wanted to say that my first geocaching group event, NOT event cache ;), was awesome. Best of all were Planet's wraps. C'est tres bon!


    Btw, if anyone thinks they're in shape, try following Jonboy up to Where's the trail and Detritus the troll. He's twice my age, carried about ten times what I was carrying in my Camelback in his pack and he still hiked me into the ground.




  3. I'm in as well. If anyone wants to carpool out of Essex county, NJ, fire me an email





    I guess we'll recognize you by that hat?


    Unfortunately, the hat is no longer in my possession. :D I will, of course, explain it tomorrow :P



  4. Just so everyone knows, it's possible to copy paste waypoints from one EasyGPS/ExpertGPS file to another.


    Step 1. Open the first .loc file and select the waypoints you want either Shift + clicking or Ctrl + clickin them like you would files in windows


    Step 2. Go to Edit->Copy


    Step 3. Go to the other file


    Step 4. Go to Edit->Paste

  5. #1. Have a bus or van from park to park or on a loop around all the parks. Teams get on the bus in a first arrive at checkpoint first get on basis. I know adventure races sometimes have this with public transport trains etc.


    #2. Make the teams small or just don't worry about it. In orienteering the attitude is always: "Don't follow someone else. They might be going after a different point/on a different course". The stamp card makes sense though.



  6. Hey all,

    I was out hunting for cache GCD07 aka Beside the grassy Knoll and bumped into another geocacher which was cool.


    BUT WAIT...




    I set off for GC1093 aka Ball's Bluff and I'm about half way there when I see a guy who from far away looks like he's painting something. I think "cool, a landscape painter".


    As I get closer I see he's painting something standing up. At first, I think it's a trunk or maybe a statue or something.


    As I get even closer, it begins to look like a statue of maybe a native american or something and maybe he's painting/carving it.


    then the statue MOVED.


    At this point I realize he's painting a girl so I yell out "Should I leave?" and they both look my way and the girl turns around and she's NAKED and covered in what looked like brown body paint.


    Modesty forced me to avert my gaze and continue on towards the cache as they started laughing and he covered her up with a blanket.


    Not bad for my second day geocaching.


    What a great hobby :)

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